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March 1, 2021

The devil caused the shutdowns, but it makes no sense what he did

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I am a firm believer that the angelic forces are cleaning up the evil in this world. To do so, they had to let the evil come to the surface, or elected to do that. In any case, since about Oct 2019 until now, and according to angelic sources until early April 2021, a lot of evil forces are lingering around causing a lot of trouble.

What they do:
1. Influence politicians to do evil things that make no sense like allowing people to walk on wet sand but not on dry sand, closing businesses, or limiting how many people can come in a building. This is oppression, and the demons love it. It is not for your safety. If they cared about your safety the demons would recommend you take Vitamin D. D for Demon. But, they prefer to see you suffer so they can do their evil laugh. Hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

2. Cause people to go insane or have what I call CovidMania. A mental disease where you can only think about Covid or only be concerned about Covid. No other concerns matter. In real life 20 year olds have almost no chance of dying from Covid yet they run around like maniacs terrified that they will get Covid. They are not afraid of cancer. starvation, persecution, war or other likely causes of death — but, only Covid, Covid, and nothing but the Covid. I know so many people everywhere I go that have subscribed to this demon-induced insanity.

3. Cause depression that leads to suicide, drug use, and lethargic behavior.

4. Cause people to act aggressively towards others, often due to unnecessary or overly oppressive covid restrictions. This happens a lot at supermarkets.

The devil allows marijuana and liquor stores to be open, but not bars or comedy clubs. I thought the devil likes inappropriate and immoral jokes. Perhaps bars cause too much happiness and that is the problem.

The devil allows supermarkets to be open, but with limited quantities of humans allowed. But, why don’t the markets just extend their hours so that there will be less lines and less congestion or have their stores partially outside? It once again makes no sense. I think the devil is not so bright.

If you don’t believe in God, you are much more prone to fall to paranoia, depression, drugs, and aggressive behavior. I believe in God. I am frustrated with the situation, and am moderately depressed. But, I am not engaged in substance abuse, insane paranoia, or aggressive behavior except when I defend myself from other people’s offensive control tactics and harassment. Without God on your side, you leave yourself wide open. And belief is not enough, there needs to be faith of caste iron. I don’t see that in too many people.


January 4, 2021

Many Notaries avoid Reverse & Debt Signings.

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I have to call thousands of Notaries to get their notes sections filled out. The newer Notaries typically have less experience doing Reverse Mortgages, Debt Consolidations, and Debt Settlements. Half of the people who are experienced at these types of signing say they don’t want to do them or list them.

It is true that Reverse Signings and Debt Signings take longer, and that dealing with older folks can be a trying experience getting through 200 pages when they can barely see anything. If you are not patient, you might not last. Some Notaries think that Debt Resolutions or Debt Settlements are corrupt and a rip off. That is NOT for you to decide. Personally, I feel that debt in general spins our economy into extreme imbalances and can lead to financial slavery, ruined economies, etc. Perhaps that is why Jesus forbade it. Usury, gambling, sorcery — these things all lead to disastrous results. But, let he who has not sinned (or in our business — rescinded) throw the first stone.

BTW, I believe that medical marijuana and prescription drugs qualify as sorcery and look — all of America is addicted and controlled by big pharma as a result. Read the old testament and see what they say about sorcery. It is forbidden. So don’t take that aspirin. Natural herbs only. Marijuana by the way is no longer natural — it has been doctored and genetically modified at a lab — hence the term sorcery.

I feel that if you are a mobile Notary, charge for your time, work, and grief. If a particular type of signing or company is hard to deal with, charge accordingly. If you charge $80 for a regular Refinances, but think Reverse Mortgages are a pain, charge $150 or $200. You might not get it, but you might and that change will look good in your pocket. Many will pay because the other Notaries typically either don’t want to do this type of signing or also charge more. So, be practical and realistic and rake it in. Business is good now, so don’t take that for granted because it might slow down eventually, but probably not soon.


January 17, 2019

Notary Etiquette 104 — Humorous Edition

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Here is a humorous version of our etiquette course for your laughing pleasure.
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1. Dress for success
Wearing a smile on your face, but if you are also wearing a polyester jacket from the 70’s with super wide lapels, you might be the only one smiling.

Ladies, if you’re dressed in such a way that on the way to the signing cars pull up to you and ask how much you charge and you say, “$50 for a signing and an extra $25 if it includes eDocuments. I don’t do oral Notary acts like Affirmations though.” — you might need a new wardrobe.

If you wear flip-flips to the signing, you might be able to flip through a lot of documents, but your business will eventually flop.


2. Arrive on time
It’s okay to be fashionably late if you are going to a cocktail party, but not to a signing.


3. Animals at the signing
If there is a parrot in the room that says, “Stop forging his signature — bock!” you might want to get out of there. You should avoid doing Oaths for dogs, they prefer to receive Affirmations (or wuffermations). Cats prefer to take a nap on the documents.


4. Leaving a business card.
When you give clients your business card, if you crossed out the phone number and wrote in a new number in handwriting — it’s time to print out some newly designed cards. If the email address on your business card ends in “” it might be time to consider retiring.


5. Answering the phone during a signing
Its’ a bad idea to have phone calls during the signing. It’s an even worse idea to have them hear your heavy breathing. It’s even worse if the phone call is from your borrower’s ex-girlfriend or mistress.


6. Don’t discuss religion at the signing.
If you start the signing with, “Those damn Quakers, they’re not as friendly as they claim to be, and grey went ou in the 70’s.” — you might be in the wrong profession and should probably convert from Quakerism to Catholicism.


7. If your signer’s mother tongue isn’t English
It is generally a bad idea to mimic your signer’s accent at a signing. Wait until after the signing. Unless you have a document that is going to the Russian Consulate… then read it with thick Russian accent comrade!


8. Confirming the signing
When confirming the signing it is a good idea to ask, “Are you high? Are you going to be high at the signing? Can I have some, man?” But, only do that if you are in a state where marijuana is legal otherwise you might be sorry. If you are going over their ID over the phone ask, “Do you look high in your ID photo?”

9. Middle initials
If the signer doesn’t want to sign with their middle initial, give them the finger… the middle finger! Just kidding. Just explain why they need to sign with their middle initial, and then after you are leaving the house, then give them the finger. There is a proper order to these things.

10. Don’t give opinions about the loan.
When you are at a signing, don’t comment about their interest rate such as, “Wow man, that’s a great rate… My brother just got a loan and his rate was way higher than yours. I’m so bummed out about that. I wish we could have gotten 4.5%. I’m going to call my brother right now and tell him what a loser he is.” It’s also not a good idea to say, “Wow, look at those terms, you’re getting ripped off dude, totally ripped off.”



March 1, 2014

Humorous Posts: What is popular and what is not?

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I spent an hour analyzing which types of humorous posts are popular, which are not and why. My comedy writer enjoys working with movie and sit-com themes. Some of those themes turned out to be popular while others did not. We also had other random ideas. The trick was to categorize these ideas in a logical way. the themes below are fused with notary context in some way to make the plots more interesting to notaries. Here is my conclusion of what works, what doesn’t, and perhaps why.

GOOD: Sitcoms, movies, relationships, virtual topics, tabloid material, illegal things, acupuncture for notarial schlerosis
BAD: Hi-tech, Politics, Haunted, UFO’s, Family Guy, MTM,

Signing Companies
A long list of MOST ACTIVE was very popular in 2011 with 4000+ views based on tag & link clicks.


(B) Cheers
(C) Seinfeld
(C) Two & a half notaries; 1st one: what do you want to be when you grow up? (A) Intercontinental (D-)
(D) I Love Lucy
(D) Talk Show Themes
(F) Family Guy
(F) Notary Trek
(F) Jay Leno

Movie Themes
(A) Honey, I notarized the kids
(C) Notary Bond
(C) Notarize This
(C) The Man with the Golden Seal
(C) Ali Baba
(D) Dye another day
(D) License to Kill
(F) Wizard of Oz
(F) Luke Skywalker has Chinese food
(F) Notarizing Yoda

Virtual themes
(A) Notary Heaven
(A) Notary Hotel
(B) Strange Notary Phenomenon
(C) Signing with invisible ink
(F) Time machine for backdating
(F) Planet of the notaries

Illegal themes
(A) Kidnapping
(A) Notary arrested for accidentally robbing a bank
(B) The Notary, Mafia and the Fedex Drop Box
(B) Marijuana on the table
(D) Sex Offenders
(F) A Notary Bank

Relationship themes
(A) Mannequin
(A) The signing & the mistress
(B) 2nd date with Jeremy
(B) Social Media site for notaries
(C) Gay Lovers
(C) Notary brings girlfriend to a signing
(C) Jeremy doesn’t want to be 44 (real life people you know)
(D) Notaries are from Venus, Signing companies are from Mars
(D) Notary Mingle
(D) Speed Dating & Speed Notarizing
(D) A dating site for notaries
(F) Notary Pick Up Lines
(F) Mating rituals
(F) Men & Women (war between & comparisons)

Tabloid themes
(A) Signs you’re a notary workaholic
(A) The homeless Notary
(B) The woman who couldn’t find a notary
(C) Is this man a notary?
(C) Demolition loans

(A) Notarizing Celebrities 2012
(B) VIP Notary
(D) The Stars and I
(F) Celebrity glossies
(F) Star’s signatures at the Manns

(A) Acupuncture for notarial schlerosis
(D) Coma Notarization
(F) Teens forced to get notarized for STD tests
(F) Obamacare

Real Estate
(A) Alaska Real Estate
(D) Realtor
(D) Evil Girl Scouts & Realtor
(D) Real Estate Run-Ins
(F) Real Estate with Insane

Other themes
(F) 1099
(C) 12 things to do on hold
(D) Airline Captain
(D) Apostille
(F) Appidavit – a new app
(D) Armageddon
(F) Asylum
(C) Bar: Bartender Notary (D); 3 notaries walk into a bar (A) 2012 bar (C)
(C) Carrot & Stick
(A) Celebrities
(B) Cheers
(F) Children
(F) Christmas, Christians & Jewish themes
(F) Con Artist
(D) Crayons & Dog Treats
(F) Cursive
(C) Demolition
(F) Dentist
(C) Driving & Notarizing
(F) Dr. Quack
(F) Drunk [intoxicated 2012 (F)]
(D) eNotarization 10 years in garbage
(F) End of the World
(F) Extra Terrestrials
(F) Family Guy
(F) Falling asleep
(F) Food
(D) Ghosts
(D) Grandma’s Paralysis
(D) Guns
(F) Haunted
(D) Her Magesty
(A) Heaven
(A) Hell
(F) Hillbilly
(D) Hippies, Hippie, Hippy
(D) Hi-Tech
(D) Homesless – Live in Car
(A) Hood – notarization in the hood.
(A) Hotel
(?) Horror… see nightmare on ermer street
(D) Immigration
(D) I Love Lucy
(C) Invisible
(F) Karma
(D) Kim Jong Ong
(A) Kidnapping
(F) Leno
(C) Lightbulb joke
(D) Locked In
(D) Lost
(?) Marriage — see relationships
(A) Mannequin
(C+) Meao Notary Service
(D) Messy House / Pigsty
(D) Middle Initial
(C) Monopoly
(C) Movie reviews
(A) Naked (hai-zi)
(C) Nightmare on Ermer Street
(D) Notary Day
(A) Notes – excerpts from great notes sections
(D) Novice
(D) Obituaries
(D) Passport
(D) Pigs
(D) Pit stop
(F) Planet [in charge of the planet (D)]
(F) Politics (includes Palestinians & Israeli Job)
(D) Predict the Future
(B) Printing: free printing service
(D) Quotes
(A) Ready to JUMP
(D) Robot
(D) Rock Climber
(C) Santa
(C) Seinfeld
(D) Self Service Notary
(D) Sex Offenders
(C) Shopping for notaries
(D) Siamese Twins
(D) Social Media
(D) Snowden
(D) Songs
(D) Southern Hospitality
(F) Spiderman
(D) Spy
(F) Star Trek
(C) Stamped – Reality Show
(A) Starbucks Notary ***
(B) Strange Notary Phonomenon
(D) Streetwise
(C) Suicide Hotline
(D) Swat Team
(D) Supermarket
(D) Super Notary / Superhero
(F) Therapist
(F) Time Machine
(C) Trick Questions
(C) Two and a half notaries; 1st one (A) Intercontinental (D-)
(A) Two notaries, same job!
(D) Towles booth
(D) Value menu
(B) Vampires
(F) Voice – notarizing a voice
(F) Yearbook
(F) West Side Story
(F) UFO (based on extra terrestrial post)
(F) Zen (being at one) (zen and the art of)
(F) Zoo


September 18, 2012

Notary Stories From the Edge

Rarely, but sometimes, a notary signing agent will meet people who try to give him or her an unacceptable ID…or people who claim they really do not need an ID at all– because they do not want to sign! An ID must be government-issued; unacceptable forms of ID are fishing licenses, YMCA cards, or medical marijuana cards. Gun permits are government issued, and in some states are the most popular form of ID. You may have read elsewhere here about the mistress who actually had a fake ID made up so she could pass as the man’s wife and they could take all the money out of the home (!). Being sure people are who they say they are can be a real challenge, it seems.

The most unusual situation I’ve heard about is the time that, when asked for his ID, a borrower bragged–foolishly–to an Ohio notary signing agent that his identical twin had once gotten a driver’s license for him! He went to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, posed as his brother, and obtained the license. Our Ohio notary signing agent reports, “This twin I was doing a signing for thought this ‘joke’ was quite funny, and then proceeded to tell me another notary had laughed about it, too…and had presumably accepted his ID without question…but,” says our cautious Ohio notary, “I then made this borrower take an oath that the identification he presented to me was in fact his driver’s license obtained by him–ditto his passport! Otherwise, it would not only be an unacceptable ID; it would be mortgage fraud! I also notified the mortgage company, and they agreed I had done the correct thing by asking the man to take an oath. Of course, this all made a dandy entry in the ‘unusual circumstances’ section of notes in my notary journal, where I recorded the details and the fact I had him sign an oath. I also sent an original page entitled ‘closing notes’ and included it in the package with the documents. I get a lot of work referred to me from this company now because they were impressed by my way of thinking and handling this guy.”

“Sometimes,” says another an Ohio notary signing agent, “I have come across a non-borrowing spouse who does not want to sign. These are often angry people who do not want the spouse to get the loan. In the presence of an Ohio notary, the non-borrowing spouse is usually required to sign the deed of trust; the truth in lending agreement;the itemization of the total amount financed; a document correction statement; an agreement about fees due; and the right to cancel. There may also be affidavits…so it’s always best to check with the title company. In any case, there have been many arguments between spouses where one does not see why he/ she has to sign, or one spouse does not want the non-borrowing spouse to sign and seems ready to dissolve the marriage!

One wife ended up walking out on her husband because he found out how much money she had spent–and why she was refinancing. The moment of truth! One husband punched a hole in the wall when he found out how much his wife had spent. Scary! It is always necessary to write it down in notes in your notary journal–and call the loan officer or a legal adviser–when there are any issues that prevent the signing from happening.”

Another Ohio notary told us, “One time when I asked for copies of a signer’s ID, she got nasty. She was the non-borrowing spouse, and she hated her husband; I can’t print here the awful things she was saying about him. It made me feel really uncomfortable. She also made sure there was no room to sign at the table, and then she put a huge glass of Coke on the table–right next to the documents. I was expecting her to knock it over any minute. When I asked her to be careful, she went to the refrigerator and added even MORE Coke to the glass until it was filled to the very brim. She took a sip– then refused to sign at all and started cursing. Then, I called the loan officer. After he got her all calmed down, we signed everything– but I had to go back the next day because an attachment was missing! The minute I drove into the driveway, she started cursing at me that I was wasting her time: “Are you STUPID?” was her greeting. As an Ohio notary, what did I learn from all this? Always check out the people really well before you take a job. If they seem at all irritable or peculiar, figure out if you really need this particular job.”

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January 15, 2011

Roseanne calls the NNA when she thought she was calling the NRA.

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Speaking of rebooting a show that doesn’t deserve to be rebooted. Here’s what happens when a Trump supporter becomes a Notary Public.

Roseanne was using Google to look up the NRA, but due to a typing error, found the NNA instead, and then started reading.

ROSEANNE: Hmm, this NNA organization sounds really helpful. They teach you everything you need to know to be a Notary, plus they sell ammunition… um, I mean supplies like Acknowledgment pads. I wonder if you can shoot an Acknowledgment.

DAN: Hey, shoot me over an Acknowledgment!

ROSEANNE: Oh, so you can shoot an Acknowledgment. Cool. I’m gonna call the NNA. (ring ring) Hey NNA, what would you carry if you were on a Notary trip?

NNA: Oh, well, we have an NNA carry-all bag.

ROSEANNE: I like these people already (yelling) Hey Dan, these folks have a carry-all bag! Hey NNA, can you fit a dead moose in one of your bags?

NNA: Um, I’m afraid that these bags are more for Notary supplies and can fit a journal, and a few pads of paper, seals, etc.

ROSEANNE: Well can you teach me how to operate one of them seals, take it apart, and clean it real nice… and reload it?

NNA: We can sell you some replacement ink. You just press the seal down to operate it.

ROSEANNE: Ahh (nasal), do I need any ear protection headset when I shoot your seal gun off?

NNA: I think you’re confusing us with the NRA.

ROSEANNE: I just want you people to know that I support second amendment — the right to bear Notarial arms.

DAN: Honey, you have the right to bear arms, but till you lose a little weight I’d wear long sleeves if I were you.

ROSEANNE: Stay out of it. If that ain’t the kettle calling the pot black. And then speaking of pot, can you operate a loaded notary seal under the influence of Marijuana?

NNA: Um, I believe that is a state specific question that is not covered by Notary law. Please consult an Attorney.

ROSEANNE: Do you know any Attorneys who smoke pot, or Attorney Notaries? Well, they’d have to smoke tons of pot if they would want to be Notaries, right?

NNA: The Notary profession is a very respected profession that has been around for hundreds of years. Please do not defile our profession. We gain tremendous pride from reading about our Notaries of the year as they contribute tremendous integrity to our profession.

ROSEANNE: Well, whaddo I gotta do to be Notary of the year?

DAN: Wait for a really crappy year when everybody else really sucks.

NNA: Well, let’s first start with getting a Notary commission and learning our Notary Basics, shall we?

ROSEANNE: Is there a way I can become Notary of the year on false pretenses? I’m a good liar. I lie about my age and my sex life. Hey Dan, I’m 30 right?

DAN: Yeah, and you’re really hot too, and I’m not just talking about your flashes.

ROSEANNE: See how good I am at telling the truth about myself in a deceitful way?

NNA: You see maam, the Notary profession is based on integrity. The role of the Notary is to keep accurate records, deter fraud, and be completely honest in all transactions.

ROSEANNE: You missed your calling in life, you should have been a church lady, isn’t that special? Or a mime, that way I wouldn’t have to hear you.

NNA: Well just let us know when you are commissioned, and we’ll take it from there. Just make sure you get this all done before the end of Notary season. (hangs up.)

NNA PERSON #2: There’s no such thing as Notary season.

NNA: You have to make hunting references when you’re talking to this lady otherwise she can’t relate to anything you’re saying.

NNA PERSON #2: Okay, time for lunch. Are you up for anything gamey?

NNA: In Chatsworth, CA? Good luck!


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January 6, 2011

All in the Family – notarization for a drug test

EDITH: Oh Archie, you’re home.

ARCHIE: Yeah Edith I’m home. And I can do without your usual yapping. I just want to sit in my chair, have a beer, and listen to the voices in my head.

EDITH: Is my voice one of them voices?

ARCHIE: If it ever stops yapping I’ll be sure to ask.

EDITH: All right Archie. I’ll get you your beer, and your newspaper.

ARCHIE: Don’t show me the newspaper. It’s just going to be more of those hippies slamming Mr. Richard Milhouse Nixon’s integrity.

EDITH: Integrity? That was in the news? I must have missed that.

ARCHIE: All of those hippy commies and their Mary Jane they keep smoking. I’m telling you Edith. It’s turning this country into a bunch of commie pot-heads. Which is why my boss questioned my unscrutibility by making this WW2 vet take a drug test.

MICHAEL: Arch, you mean inscrutability.

ARCHIE: Inscrutability you!

GLORIA: What’s this about daddy having to take a drug test?

ARCHIE: You heard right little girl. Because your whole generation is flying around high as a kite all the time, my boss is making red blooded Americans like your daddy get neuterized drug tests.

MICHAEL: That’s pretty funny arch. When I think of dope, you are the man!

SALLY: Michael, that’s not nice.

ARCHIE: So, where am I going to find a Noterary Republic?

MICHAEL: Where people find everything instantly these days. The yellow pages.

ARCHIE: Let your fingers do the walking. That’s the only exercise a lazy guy like you gets.

MICHAEL: Oh here’s one that looks good. 123notary. We come to you. Any type of document or loan signing. My psychic said that one day, 123notary would be on this new thing call the world wide web in about twenty-five years.

ARCHIE: Tell your psychic to look into the distant future when you finally find a job.

EDITH: (calling 123notary — ring ring) Hello yes, is this 123notary?

123NOTARY: 123notary, where the peace sign comes to you!

EDITH: Archie, do you want the peace sign to come to us?

ARCHIE: What are you talking about — give me that phone. (talking to 123notary) Is this your 1234notary?

123notary: 123

ARCHIE: Whatever. Am I talking to the Noterary?

123NOTARY: One of them.

ARCHIE: I need a notary to come to 704 Hauser Street. How much do you charge?

123NOTARY: That will be 20 cents per signature plus $4 travel fee.

ARCHIE: $4 travel fee? Rake me over the coals why don’t you. I have a drug test I need notarized.

123NOTARY: Do you have the actual paperwork?

ARCHIE: No, but I’ll get it on Monday.

123NOTARY: We can’t notarize the actual test results, but we can notarize a statement from you regarding the authenticity of the test.

ARCHIE: Yeah, authenticity, whatever.

(Archie goes to the drug test)

NURSE: We just need a blood and urine sample. Could you urinate into this container? Just do your business!

ARCHIE: Aw, couldn’t you be more discreet?

NURSE: Okay. Go tinkle. Is that better?

(2 minutes later)

NURSE: Great. This is a good sample. We’ll let you know your results tomorrow. Just come in anytime after 9am.

(the next day)

ARCHIE: Hi, I need to pick up the drug test results.

NURSE: You realize these results are strictly confidential.

ARCHIE: Tell the whole world, I don’t care. I never touched drugs in my life.

NURSE: (quietly) Your test results show that you have trace amounts of marijuana in your system, but you passed.

ARCHIE: Shh. shh… shhh… Did you grab the wrong cup? How is that even possible?

NURSE: It’s very common to accidentally inhale second hand smoke and it could happen anywhere… at work, at home, or even walking down the street.

ARCHIE: I’ve never been around Mary Jane in my life.

NURSE: Don’t be so soon Mr. Bunker. Drug tests don’t lie!

(an hour later)

123NOTARY: So, you want to sign a statement saying that you never used drugs. And that you don’t know where you accidentally inhaled Marijuana.

ARCHIE: Sure, sure, whatever I need to do to expungulate the record.

123NOTARY: Sign here, and then raise your right hand and repeat after me.

(later that night, Archie confronts Michael and insists that he must have inhaled Michael’s second hand smoke, and then demanded that Michael get a drug test to prove it)



January 5, 2011

When you can’t stamp!

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When You Can’t Stamp – Conditions For Turning Down A Notarization

Notaries fulfill a critical role in our society. If you’ve taken up the stamp yourself, you’ve already gone through plenty of training to familiarize yourself with your responsibilities. It’s always handy to review the situations in which you should turn down a notarization, though. Handling these delicate incidents with care is an important part of your job.

Know Your Statutes And Regulations

While the broad responsibilities of notaries are the same all over the country, specific regulations vary from state to state. For instance, in some states (like California), employers can set restrictions on what employees can and cannot notarize during business hours. In other states, notaries have an ironclad obligation to provide their services to qualified citizens. Make sure you’re thoroughly familiar with the rules governing notaries in your own state so that you’re in full compliance.

Remember that part of your responsibility as a notary is to document the work you perform. If you refuse to perform a notarization or simply have misgivings about one or more points of a particular document, make sure you record the event in detail in your notarial journal.

General Issues That Can Prevent Notarization

Most of the common reasons to turn down a notarization are fairly obvious. In situations where you can’t verify a signer’s identity, communicate with a signer (e.g. language barriers), or where one or more parties are absent, it is both your right and obligation to turn away the signers. You should also refrain from notarizing documents that involve you or your close family members or those that subject you to conflict of interest in some other way. Incomplete documents or improperly formatted ones are grounds for a refusal as well.

There are more questionable areas where you are within your rights to refuse service. If you know or suspect that the documents presented to you represent a fraudulent transaction, or you suspect that one of the signers is being coerced into signing, you have a right to refuse service. Document such cases extensively in your journal, as these are the sort of circumstances that may be investigated by authorities later.

Hot-Button Topics

As public servants, notaries have an obligation to perform their jobs without regard to their personal feelings and biases. This means you can’t refuse service to a client based on their gender, race, religion, or orientation. Modern society can present you with many different documents for notarization whose content makes you uncomfortable. Examples include documents that touch on same-sex marriage, euthanasia, abortion, and legal marijuana.

In situations like this, you have to bear in mind that your responsibilities do not extend to interpreting the laws which govern your state. Set aside your personal bias and remember that your notarial services do not in any way serve as an endorsement of laws you don’t agree with.

Refusing To Serve With Grace

It’s very easy to think about refusing a notarization when you confine yourself to hypothetical scenarios. Matters become more complicated when you’re facing an actual signer and need to turn them away, though. Tact is your strongest ally in these situations.

Remember that you don’t have any obligation to expose yourself to risk. If you’re turning down a notarization because you suspect foul play, you’re entitled to give a less contentious explanation, such as being unfamiliar with the type of documents involved. Fortunately, these situations are few and far between. With most refusals, you’ll have a clear legal basis for refusing to notarize. Explain this as thoroughly and professionally as possible.

Turning away signers who want your services isn’t the easiest part of your job as a notary. As long as you maintain a clear grasp of your obligations and their limits and behave professionally, though, you should be able to keep both yourself and your clients within the bounds of the law.

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March 25, 2010

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Find out who we are! #notary

(2) Saving on gas
Ethanol, Good driving habits & getting a hybrid! #driving

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Being listed on 123notary isn’t enough, you need to make your profile attractive

Everything you need to know about advertising

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Do you background check the companies that call you? You should! #backgroundcheck #notary

(5) Saving money on toner, paper, E&O and more! #insurance #notaries

(6) The art of confirming the signing & going over the numbers

Confirming the signing

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(7) I’m a #notary, but what do I do now?
What to do when your training wasn’t enough!
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(8) Typical things #notaries do wrong!

Typical things notaries do wrong

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(9) Funniest things that happen to signing agents!

Funniest things that happen to Signing Agents

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(10) #Notary #Business Cards

Business Cards

#advertising #marketing

(11) Pricing formulas for #notary work
What to charge for a basic signing + edocs

Pricing formulas for mobile notary work

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(12) Hospital #notary job tips from A to Z

Hospital notary job tips from A to Z


(13) Everything you need to know about #notary journals

Everything you need to know about journals

#notarypublic #notarizing #notarized

(14) #Advertising strategies for mobile #notaries #startup #notary

(15) Stories of notaries that fail and what they did wrong!

Stories of notaries that fail and what they did wrong.

#notary #notarization

(16) Typical things #notaries do wrong!
#notary #mortgage

(17) Which signing agents are getting the work on 123notary?
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(18) Credible Witnesses: When ID & docs have different names!

CW’s When ID and Docs Have Different Names

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(19) 12 points on e-notarizations

12 Points On e-Notarizations

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(20) Just say no #2
When to say no as a #notary when given illegal requests!

Just Say No Article #2

(21) e-notarization & e-signing definitions

e-notarization definition

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(22) How to make your notary crazy!
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(23) Everything you need to know about signature by X

Signature By X

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(24) What are notaries saying about E&O insurance?
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(25) Notaries in the crisis
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(26) Loan Modifications, what you need to know!
Should you claim you “represent” the company? Is it legal?

(27) Jail notary jobs from A to Z

Jail Notary Jobs from A to Z

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(28) Should I take the call?
Do you answer your phone when you are at a signing?

(29) Just say no #3
When to decline illegal notary requests

Notary Public: Just Say No #3


(30) Your old vital records are often useless!
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(31) Names on notary listings
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(32) Notary etiquette from A to Z

Notary Etiquette from A to Z

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(33) Best older discussions on our notary forum!
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(34) Meeting #notary clients at a jail!

Meeting Clients at a Jail

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(35) Reverse Mortgages General Information
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(36) Pets at signings!
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(1) A tale of four notaries in hospitals
Different approaches to typical problems

A tale of four notaries in hospitals


(2) Just say no #4
What if someone wants to use your notary seal?

(3) Credible witnesses from A to Z

Credible Witnesses from A to Z

#notary #mortgage

(4) Networking with notaries
#notary #notarization #smallbiz

(5) Interesting and uncommon #notary acts
Ever heard of a Marine Protest?

Interesting and uncommon notary acts

#jurat #notarization

(6) Things that get notaries complaints
Rudeness & not showing up top the list

Things that get notaries complaints

(7) What to say and what not to say as a signing agent

What to say and what not to say.

#etiquette #notary

(8) One lady kept me waiting 45 minutes and then asked me, “Do you like your job?”

Do you like your job?

#hospital #notary

(9) Dragging the person’s arm
A tale about a #notary hospital signing gone wrong!

Dragging the person’s arm


(10) How to lose half of your #notary clients while on #vacation!

Going on vacation?

(11) Pricing formulas and time spent for notary signing agents!

Pricing Formulas & Time Spent

#mortgage #realestate #notarization

(12) Don’t park in the driveway
A guide to parking #etiquette for notaries

Don’t park in the driveway?

(13) Mobile Offices from A to Z

Mobile Offices from A to Z

#notary #notarization #notarized

(14) Price fixing, what is it really all about?
#notaryfee #notarizing #mortgage

(15) Sticky situations for notaries from A to Z
#notary #notarized

(16) Immigration documents for a large family
#notary #legal #notarization

(17) Low ball signing companies

Low Ball Signing Companies

#mortgage #realestate

(18) The check is in the mail?
Dealing with signing companies who pay late or not at all.

(19) Protect yourself from shoddy #notarizations

(20) Seal #forgery, it happened to me

Seal Forgery – it happened to me!

#notary #notarized

(21) Leave a few spaces open in your journal?

Leave a few spaces open in your journal?

#notary #fraud

(22) The story of
It was late on a Friday night in 1999….

The Story of

#notary #notarypublic

(23) A few testimonials about

A few testimonials on 123notary

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(24) Pricing for notary work: different strokes for different folks

Pricing for notary work: different strokes for different folks

#notaryfee #notaryprice

(25) Notarizing a kidnapper

Notarizing a kidnapper

#notarization #notary

(26) Notarizing a potential scam!
Fingerprints kept me out of court!
#notary #fraud

(27) Notarizing an arsonist who blew his fingers off!

Notarizing an arsonist who blew his fingers off

#notary #notarized #notarization #jail

(28) Kidnapping case #2, the convict refused to sign!
#notary #notarization

(29) Just say no #5
Were you asked to skip the thumbprint? Think again!
#notary #notarization

(30) Same document different day!

(31) NNA certified signers who failed our test
Many couldn’t answer simple questions without a long pause

NNA Certified Signers who failed our test!

(32) Notarizing with fluffy the cat!
#notarization #notary

(33) The notary and the asylum
#notarized #notarizing

(34) Notarizing two sex offenders
#notary #notaryjob

(35) Notary witness information
#notarizgion #witnessing

(36) Fax backs are a pain

Fax Backs are a Pain!

#mortgage #notary #notarization

(37) Get reviews or perish!
Being listed on 123notary isn’t enough, you need reviews!

(38) A doc-jacker who took a loan hostage!
#mortgage #signingagent #notary

(39) The signing from hell!

The signing from hell

#notary #notarization #mortgage

(40) Notary in Louisiana murdered in home invasion

Notary in Louisiana murdered in home invasion

#notarization #notarize

(41) Tantrums of a borrower
#mortgage #realestate #notary

(42) Phone etiquette examined
#notary #notaries #notarized

(43) Notarization on a movie set!
#notary #notarizing

(44) Call back etiquette examined!
Do you call people back and refused to announce yourself?

(45) Good companies gone bad!
#signingcompanies #notary #mortgage

(46) Answering machine etiquette
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(47) Threatening for payment!

Threatening for payment?

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(48) Two notaries assigned the same job?

Two notaries assigned the same job?

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(49) No shows, ways that notaries get into trouble!
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(50) Notarizing someone who did check fraud
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(51) Excerpts from great notes sections

Excerpts from Great Notes Sections

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(52) e-signings: faster or shorter than paper signings?
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(53) How many reviews makes the difference?
#notary #marketing

(54) It’s easier to get a review from an individual than a signing company!
#notary #marketing

(55) Erica’s mobile office story

Erica’s Mobile Office Story

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(56) Notary pushed off stairs by borrower!

Notary is pushed off stairs by borrower!

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(57) Deceptive identities: companies that change their names!

Deceptive Identities – Companies that change their names

#fraud #notary

(58) Notarization in the ‘Hood
#notary #notarization

(59) Notarizing celebrities
#notary #notarization

(60) What goes where in your notes?

What goes WHERE in your notes?

#notary #advertising #marketing

(61) Problems with credible witnesses
#notary #notarization

(62) Can a notary be a witness?

Can a notary be a witness?

#notarization #notarized

(63) My first loan signing
#notary #notarize #notarized #notarization

(64) Fixing botched signings

Fixing Botched Signings

#mortgage #realestate #notary

(65) Best notary suppliers

Best Notary Supplies

#notarization #notarize

(66) Notary Acknowledgment Information
Everything you need to know about this notary act

Notary Acknowledgment Information


(67) Going the extra mile
A guide to standing out as a mobile notary
#notarization #notarized

(68) I was accused of price gouging!
#notary #notarization #mortgage

(69) Can a notary perform a wedding or a marriage?

Can a notary perform a wedding or marriage?

#weddingofficiant #notarize

(70) How do I find a notary public?
#notarization #mortgage #realestate

(71) General Notary Q&A Topics
#notarization #notarized

(72) Notary certificates, Notary wording & Notary verbiage

Notary Certificates, Notary Wording & Notary Verbiage

#notarization #jurat #acknowledgment

(73) Payment terms set by the buyer or seller in notary signings?

Payment terms – set by the Buyer or Seller?

#notary #marketing

(74) How do I get an #Apostille or #Authentication?

How do I get an Apostille or Authentication?

#notary #secretaryofstate

(75) go straight to mobile search to look up signing companies
#mortgage #notary

(76) Make your own notary certificate forms!

Make your own notary certificate forms!

#notarization #legal

(77) Can a notary get in trouble? By doing what?

Can a notary get in trouble?

#notarylaw #notarization #notarized

(78) Pitfalls in the notary loan signing process

The Notary Signing Agent Loan Signing Process & Pitfalls

#notary #mortgage

(79) How do I fill out a notary journal entry?

How do I fill out a Notary Journal Entry?

#notarylaw #notarization

(80) Uses for notaries (other than notarizing)
Process serving, witnessing, inspections, etc.
#notary #notarypublic

(81) Notarizing multi-page documents

Notarizing multi-page documents

#notary #notarized

(82) Thumbprint taking – step by step

Thumbprint Taking – Step by Step

#fingerprinting #notary

(83) Everything a notary needs to know about Power of Attorney signings

Power of Attorney Signings

#legal #legaldocument

(84) Can a notary witness a will or notarize one?

Can a notary witness a will or notarize one?

#witnessing #notarize

(85) Notary journal thumbprints – they can save your neck!

Notary Journal Thumbprints – they can save your neck!

#legal #notarylaw #notarization

(86) Notary procedure for Affidavit of Support documents

Notary Procedure for Affidavit of Support Documents

#legaldocument #legal #notarized

(87) Guns and Pit Bulls at signings!
#mortgage #realestate

(88) Beneficial interest and notary law
If you lose money if the document doesn’t get signed, you have beneficial interest.

(89) Notary pushed off stairs by borrower part 2

Notary pushed off stairs PART 2

#mortgage #notarizing

(90) When is it permissible to use a Credible Witness?
#notary #mortgage #realestate #notarizing

(91) Penalties for notary misdeeds & misconduct!

Penalties for notary misdeeds & misconduct!

#notarylaw #notarization

(92) Is a Living Will or Living Trust the same as a Will?
#powerofattorney #notary #advancedhealthcaredirective

(93) Can a notary help draft documents?

Can a notary help draft documents?

#notarylaw #notarized #legal

(94) Notary’s name on the Settlement Statement?
#loan #mortgage #notarization

(95) Can a notary assist in filling out an I-9?
#notarization #notarize

(96) Scary results when a notary uses our letter from hell to collect from a deadbeat signing co.

Scary results when a notary uses our letter from hell

#collectionletter #mortgage #notarize

(97) Contact info for all notary divisions

Contact information for state notary divisions 2011 & 2012

#notarypublic #secretaryofstate


(1) Can a notary serve bordering states?
#notarylaw #notarypublic

(2) When can I use 2 credible witnesses?
#notarylaw #notarypublic #notarized

(3) Rules for notarizing a bedridden person

Rules for notarizing a bedridden person

#notary #hospital #notarization

(4) Do I need to know English to get notarized?
#notary #notarization #notarizing

(5) How to fix notary mistakes
Most mistakes would be in the journal or certificate area.

How to fix notary mistakes

(6) How to be a thorough mobile notary
#notarization #notarized #notarizing

(7) A New Jersey Notary gets locked in someone’s house!
#notarized #notarization

(8) The husband and the stolen license!
#notary #notarized #mortgage

(9) Borrowers and their filthy homes. A notary gets sick from visiting a house with dangerous bacteria!

Borrowers and their filthy homes

#mortgage #notaries

(10) Backdating from A to Z

Backdating from A to Z

#notary #mortgage #realestate

(11) Here are some things that the rudest notaries on 123notary have done

Rude notaries?

#notary #notarizing

(12) Notary victim of hit and run accident!
#notarization #notarize

(13) Does (name of) signing company pay their notaries?
How do I find out?

(14) Rules for notarizing minors

Rules for Notarizing Minors

#notarylaw #notarypublic #notary

(15) Being ready to jump as a mobile notary public.
Deciding ahead of time when you are going to be available

(16) A list of bad #identification for #notary jobs
#passport #notarization

(17) Which gets the work? Skills or Certification?
#mortgage #notary #notaries

(18) Immigration documents for gay lovers
#affidavitofsupport #legal #notary

(19) What does it really mean to be “certified?”

Certified Signing Agent – what does it mean?

#mortgage #notary

(20) Power of Attorney at a nursing home

Power of Attorney at a nursing home

#hospital #notary

(21) Can a notary notarize a birth certificate?

Can a notary notarize a birth certificate?

#vitalrecord #notarization

(22) Background checking notaries and signing companies
#backgroundscreening #notary

(23) Fraud & Forgery in the Notary Profession

Fraud & Forgery related to the notary profession

#notarize #notarization

(24) Do I notarize every page of a document?

Do I notarize every page of a document?

#notarylaw #legal #notary

(25) How much E&O is normal or practical?
#insurance #notary #notaries

(26) Notarization Dates, Document Dates & Signature Dates!

Notarization Dates, Document Dates & Signature Dates!

#notarylaw #legal #documents #notary

(27) Electronic #Notary #Journal Information

Electronic Notary Journal Information

#enotary #esigning #notarization

(28) How to get low ballers to stop calling you!
#mortgage #notary

(29) Death and the #Notary
I’ve heard that it is best to get some things done sooner than later…

(30) The signing from heaven

The Signing from Heaven

#mortgage #realestate

(31) Notary dragged into court!
#legal #notarization

(32) Sending loose certificates is #illegal.
Yet this is a very common request!

Sending loose certificates is illegal


(33) Do #notary journals need to be kept under lock and key?

Do notary journals need to be kept under lock and key?

#notarylaw #notarypublic #notarization

(34) Can a notary sign on a different day?

Can a notary sign on a different day?

#notarylaw #legal #notarization

(35) Don’t put the Fedex in the drop box?
If there is a cashier’s check in the package – be careful!

Don’t put the Fedex in the drop box!


(36) Your purpose is NOT to notarize?
#notary #notaries

(37) How much should a notary charge for swearing in a …

How much should a notary charge for swearing in a…

#notaryfee #notary

(38) Where do credible witnesses sign the notary journal book?

Where do credible witnesses sign the notary journal book

#crediblewitness #notarization

(39) 123notary behind the scenes!

123notary behind the scenes

#mortgage #notary #smallbiz

(40) Notarizing your foreign language document

Notarizing your foreign language document!

#notary #notarization

(41) There was a bear blocking us in the driveway!
#mortgage #notary

(42) How many notaries does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
#mortgage #notary

(43) Dr. Jeckle & Dr. Hyde
An emotionally charged signing with people who you thought you knew!
#mortgage #realestate

(44) Which states allow e-notarizations?

Which states allow e-notarizations?

#enotary #enotarization #esigning

(45) 20 stories about animals at signings

20 stories about animals at signings

#mortgage #notary

(46) How many witnesses do you need when signing a Will?
#notary #legal

(47) Got notes?
Tips for writing a great notes section in your 123notary profile!
#mortgage #notary

(48) The technique — for getting notary reviews!
#notary #advertising #marketing

(49) I would need a new notary journal every week!
#notarylaw #legal #notarization

(50) The Attorney General is the place to report bad signing companies!
#mortgage #notary

(51) I got beaten up by Spiderman at a closing!
#mortgage #realestate

(52) Protecting yourself with a contract!
Companies use contracts, why shouldn’t notaries?

Protecting yourself with a contract

(53) Don’t call until the documents are ready?
#mortgage #loan #notary #notarized

(54) An unreasonable client!
Some people just don’t understand how difficult parking can be in NYC!

(55) Do criminals deserve to be notarized?
#notary #notarization

(56) Who answers your phone?
#notary #marketing

(57) The borrower and the fallen book shelf
#mortgage #notary

(58) The chicken & egg: Birth certificate problem solved

The chicken & egg: Birth certificate problem solved

(59) The missing stamp
A story about a forgetful notary!

(60) Notarizing documents for the elderly

Notarizing Documents for the Elderly

#notary #notarization

(61) Borrowers with guns
If the borrowers have them, maybe notaries should too

(62) Ask, but don’t beg for a review?
#notary #marketing

(63) Overseas companies hiring notaries in America
#international #business #notary

(64) Stealing a business name!
A notary was accused of stealing a client’s biz name right before he registered it!

Stealing a Business Name

(65) What are your hours?
Do you have to think for a while to answer this question?

(66) The signer had a dark & dirty energy about him.
#mortgage #notary

(67) Power of Attorney and verifying capacity!

Power of Attorney and Verifying Capacity

#legaldocument #notary

(68) There was a person in the basement
#mortgage #notary

(69) Two crazy situations that lead to non-payment
#mortgage #notary

(70) Can you do the 3rd signing for free?
#mortgage #notary

(71) The dog ate my journal
#notarylaw #legal #notary

(72) Prison signings
Notarizing bank robbers & pornographers

(73) Double booking notary appointments
#notary #scheduling #smallbiz

(74) Attacked by an octogenarian lady with Dimentia!

(75) Over my dead body: a signing that was one person’s last!

(76) How to gain experience as a notary!
#notarizing #mortgage #startup

(77) Hostage situation on the way to a signing!
#notary #notarization

(78) Top 5 books every notary should own (and read)

Top 5 books every notary should own (and read)

(79) 3 notaries walk into a bar
The notaries wanted to ID the bartender.

3 Notaries walk into a bar

(80) The well, Chlorine, and diarrhea!
The pipes had broken and her well water was no longer pure!

(81) “You will be all alone with me”
Attn. women signers: don’t sign for this guy!

(82) Is it safe? Do I need an escort to this notary job?
#notarization #mortgage

(83) What is that god awful smell?
#mortgage #realestate #notary

(84) A notary steals oxicotton from a borrower’s house!
#theft #notarization

(85) Are they crazy? $70 for e-docs with fax backs?
#notary #mortgage #notarization #notarized

(86) They won’t pay me, so whose responsibility is it?
#mortgage #notary

(87) Notary needed, but the signer is in a coma!
#notarylaw #legal #notarization

(88) Borrower etiquette from A to Z

Borrower etiquette from A to Z

#mortgage #notary

(89) The reluctant husband
A story about a signing where the husband wanted to watch TV

(90) When to dump a signing!
We all have to draw the line somewhere

(91) OMG, there was alcohol on her breath
#mortgage #loan #notary

(92) She brought her children to the signing and thought nothing of it!
#mortgage #notary


(1) I saw who, I saw when, I say where!
Signing companies that have too many demands

(2) 12 tips for notaries
How do you get the job done!
#notary #marketing

(3) Time management for notaries
#notary #scheduling

(4) From 3 jobs per week to 3 jobs per day!

From 3 jobs per week to 3 jobs per day!

#notary #marketing

(5) No street lights
A story about a notary trying to find an address in the dark

(6) Hold harmless: good idea or not?
#notary #notarization #mortgage

(7) Moonshine and catfish at a signing
#notary #notarization

(8) The 1099 was too high!
One notary got the shock of their life when they say their 1099

(9) No place to sit
There was junk all over the place, but not a single chair

(10) Two faced — duplexed
The notary got blamed for the mistake of the lender

Two-Faced… Duplexed

(11) Do you ramble? What do your clients think?
#notary #communication

(12) 2013 analytics: which notaries are getting more business?

2013 analytics: which notaries are getting more business?

#notary #marketing

(13) Which tasks can you do which are worth $1000 per minute?

What tasks can you do which are worth $1000 per minute?

#notary #marketing

(14) Notarizing for an adoption

Notarizing for an adoption

#notary #notarization

(15) The notary called me back to tell me she couldn’t talk
#notaries #communication

(16) Notarizing a child who was abducted
#kidnapping #notary

(17) Identification requirements for being notarized

Identification requirements for being notarized

(18) Vampire notaries: 24 hour service
2 seemingly normal men were at the door…

Vampire Notaries: 24 hour service

(19) Why notaries don’t last

Why Notaries Don’t Last

#notary #notarizing

(20) Signing agent best practices: 63 points

Signing agent best practices: 63 points

#mortgage #realestate #notary

(21) The brothel notary
#notarization #notarized

(22) Bartender notary: a reverse mortgage on the rocks!

Bartender Notary: A reverse mortgage on the rocks!

(23) Do signing reviews get companies to pay?

(24) Feb 2013 Phoninar quick course

2013 Phoninar Quick Course

#mortgage #notary

(25) Why do they lie?
#mortgage #notaries

(26) Top 12 things to do when you are on hold!

Top 12 things to do when you are on hold

#notary #marketing

(27) Sexagenarian’s revenge: Put that lender away!

(28) Signing at a 14-room Victorian house
The notary didn’t have a ghost of a chance

(29) Free printing service: hire a notary on

(30) March Phoninar
When NOT to call the lender

(31) How to write a notes section if you have ho experience

How to write a notes section if you have no experience

(32) The top 1% and the 99% on
Why do particular notaries get more work?

(33) They always accepted this in the past
#mortgage #notary

(34) Meao notary service!
No strings attached, otherwise I’d chase them!

(35) Crayons and dog treats at a signing

Crayons and dog treats at the signing

#mortgage #notary #notarization

(36) Notes sections gone bad
#notary #marketing

(37) Help, I’m being sued, and E&O won’t help!

Help, I’m being sued, and E&O won’t help

#insurance #notary #notarization

(38) When is it legal to notarize a document twice?

Best Practices: When it is legal to notarize a document twice?

#notarization #notary #attorney

(39) What about notaries who work at mail box places?

(40) Are you too factual or too personal in your notary notes section?
#notaries #marketing

(41) Mistakes notaries make with Title Companies that cost them!

Mistakes notaries make w/ Title Companies

#mortgage #notary #notarized

(42) Types of witnesses in the notary profession

Types of witnesses in the notary profession

#legal #mortgage #notarization

(43) A detailed look at the Ninja notary signing agent course!

A detailed look at the NINJA course

#notary #notarycourse

(44) Phone interaction tutorial
What to say and what not to say on the phone if you’re a notary!

Phone interaction tutorial

(45) Personality and expressing your uniqueness in your notes section
#notary #marketing

(46) I now carry a weapon in my car!
#notary #notarization

(47) Swat team notarization
I arrived at the notary job, and guess who was outside the house with guns?

(48) How do I purchase a #notary #bond?
#notarization #notarized

(49) Minimum competency guide to be a signing agent.
ID’s, when to call the LO, communication, more…

Minimum Competency Test Study Guide

(50) Late documents = more money?
#notarypublic #mortgage #loan

(51) Getting what is due: a clever plan!
One notary finds an unusual way to collect!

Getting what is due! A clever plan!

(52) Does Elite Certification help on 123notary?
Is it worth it?
#notary #signingagent

(53) A client tries to blackmail a very seasoned notary
#mortgage #notaries

(54) I am dependable reliable and accurate, yeah right!
#notary #marketing

(55) How to get something notarized that doesn’t have a signature

How to get something notarized that doesn’t have a signature

#legal #notarylaw #notary

(56) The Starbucks notary wises up after allowing a client to save on travel fee
by coming to him (& keeping him waiting forever)

The Starbucks notary wises up!

(57) How many years is a notary commission good for? (in your state)

How many years is a notary commission good for?

#notarylaw #legal #notarized

(58) Make them do the waiting if they do the driving
#notaryfee #notary

(59) April Phoninar
The legals, Administering Oaths, The APR, Revoked Commissions

(60) Our fees seem to go into other people’s pockets

(61) My date with Jeremy
The date ends being dropped off at a Fedex drop box

My date with Jeremy

(62) What to explain and what not to explain at a loan signing

(63) Is a p#20 really superior to a lower ranked notary?
#notary #123notary

(64) How do you explain the APR to a non-borrowing spouse?

How do you explain the APR to a non-borrowing spouse?

#mortgage #mortgageterm #notary

(65) Why do I have to sign with my middle initial?

Why do I have to sign with my middle initial?

#mortgage #notary

(66) A 2am Signing
We all met for a transfer or a car title. But, the buyer had some words to say…

(67) Cross out happy, not a good idea

Cross-out happy; Not a good idea

#mortgage #notary #notarized

(68) The carrot, the stick, the notary and the bag

The carrot, the stick, the notary, and the bag


(69) What is a notary public?
Identification, journals, certificates & more explained!

What is a notary public?

(70) One person, many names, quite legal
#notary #identification

(71) The prepayment penalty
Which document do you look for it first?

(72) Which documents are recorded?
Maybe a few that you never heard of before

(73) Notaries should be setting the fees, not the other way around

We should be setting the fees, not the other way around!

#notary #notaryfee #notariztion #mortgage

(74) The notary and the tragedy
The signer seemed nervous. A few weeks later the boyfriend shot himself.

(75) Clarifying vague claims in your notes section
A step by step guide

Clarifying vague claims in your notes section

(76) Optional information on notary certificates
Why it’s important and how to fill it out

Optional info on Acknowledgment Certificate

(77) The lady and the handwritten will

The lady and the handwritten will

#notary #notarized #notarization

(78) The signer won’t sign the disclosure?
#notary #mortgage #notarization

(79) She ran through the house like a mad woman
A story about a signing gone crazy!

She ran through the house like a mad woman…

(80) Industry standards in the notary business
Cross outs, initialing, unsigned docs, instructions, more.

Industry Standards in the Notary Business

(81) Getting respect as a notary part 2
#notarization #mortgage

(82) A tough act to follow!
Administering a presidential oath of office!

A Tough Act to Follow

(83) Tomorrow’s notary publics
Kids dream of becoming firemen and superheros, but notary publics?

Tomorrow’s Notary Publics

(84) Health care power of attorney
Same as a living will?

(85) Having Emmy’s for notaries!

The Notaries! Having Emmys for Notaries!

#notarized #notarization #notary

(86) Notarizing an ax-murderer in San Ysidro
#notary #notarization

(87) Interview with Jennifer
A mobile notary who started out with a bang!

(88) Interview with a Title company
Learn why those documents sometimes come late!

Interview with a Title Company

(89) Protecting ourselves and our notary commissions

(90) 6 free things 123notary does for its clients

6 FREE things 123notary does for its clients

(91) The power of attorney was rejected by a bank!

The Power of Attorney was rejected by a bank

#legal #notarization

(92) How to get something notarized if you don’t have ID

How to get something notarized if you don’t have ID

#notary #notarization #notarize #identification

(93) A notary was accused of tricking the borrowers

(94) The police wanted to know about e-notary documents
#notary #notarypublic #notarization

(95) What is a Jurat?
When is it used and what does it entail?

What is a Jurat?

#notary #notarization

(96) Her magesty’s secret notary service

(97) Do not resuscitate?
If you sign advanced health care directives, you might deal with this issue

(98) Know-taries in Heaven and Hell

(99) Notary fines & penalties
Find out what happens if you overcharge or worse!

Notary Fines & Notary Penalties (gulp)

(100) He took out his gun because he wanted you to stay!
#notary #signing

(101) Types of powers of attorney

Power of Attorney: Types Often Created

#legaldocs #legaldocuments #notary

(102) A notary public cures lying

Notary Public Cures Lying!

#comedy #comedian #notaries

(103) Sign-Feld and the Notary Nazi
#notaries #notarization

(104) Has the notary industry slowed down again?

(105) The Notary, the Mafia, and the Fedex Drop Box.

The Notary, The Mafia & The Fedex Drop Box

#notaries #notarization

(106) The Alaska Notary wanted to get paid in Salmon!

(107) The Anti-Notary

(108) Get your will notarized, in a coma!
#notary #notarization

(109) The Real Estate Agent and the evil girl scouts

(110) How to get notarized
#notary #notarypublic #notarization

(111) Notary license to kill
#notaries #notarization

(112) Notary asked NOT to thumbprint?
#legal #notarylaw #notaries

(113) Getting Acupuncture for notorial schlerosis
Repetetive use of your stamp can cause this rare but serious condition

(114) Reasons why notaries won’t lower their fees
#notary #marketing

(115) $10,000 a month on a bad month

$10,000 per month on a bad month

#notary #marketing

(116) Notary accidentally gets arrested for robbing a bank
#notaries #notarization

(117) A great attitude gets the most jobs!

A great attitude gets the most jobs

#notary #notarized #marketing

(118) Companies that hire NEW signers!

Companies that will hire NEW signers!

#mortgage #realestate

(119) Don’t get volume sucker punched as a #notary
#notarization #mortgage

(120) Marijuana at the table during a notary signing!

(121) Notary fines relating to advertising and fraud

(122) How to notarize a copy of a passport

How to Notarize a Copy of a Passport

#notary #notarization

(123) $35,000 a month his first year in business?

He made $35,000 a month his first year in business?

#notary #smallbiz #startup

(124) What makes a mobile notary a mobile notary?

What makes a mobile notary a mobile notary?

#notaries #notarization

(125) The notarization afterlife

(126) A Seinfeld episode about a notary!

A Seinfeld Episode about a Notary

#notaries #comedy #notarization

(127) Can a Resident Alien card or permanent resident card be used for notarization?

Can a resident alien card or permanent resident card be used for being notarized?

#notary #identification

(128) Using expired identification cards.
Is it legal?
#notarypublic #notary #notarization

(129) Cross out and initial

Cross Out and Initial

#mortgage #notary #notarized

(130) Can you notarize someone’s initials?

Can you notarize someone’s initials?

#notarized #notarylaw #legal

(131) The Notary, the Realtor and the half bathroom

(132) Using an automated notary machine at CVS
“Did you say representative?”

(133) Fedex moved the drop box, but where are the contents?

(134) Clever Florida Notary commended by the FBI

(135) Don’t hate the playa, hate the notary game

(136) Does Real Estate experience help as a notary?

Does Real Estate experience help as a notary?


(137) Sworn Oath information
#notarypublic #notarylaw #notaryact

(138) Are you a point and sign notary?
#mortgage #notarization #loandocs

(139) Ahoy mate, I have the docs!
#mortgage #loansigning

(140) Interview with Timios Title

Interview with Timios title

#mortgage #notary

(141) 10 quick changes to your notes that could double your calls!

10 quick changes to your notes that double your calls!

#notary 3marketing

(142) Common mistakes with the 1003, RTC, TIL & APR

Common Mistakes with: 1003, Crossing out, RTC, TIL & APR

#mortgage #notary

(143) First number loses
Don’t bid first when negotiating prices for mobile notary work.

(144) Affidavits, what you need to know!

Affidavits — What do you need to know?

#legaldocuments #jurat #notary

(145) Rich Man Poor Man: #Marketing your notary services to the wealthy

Rich man poor man: Market Yourself to the Wealthy

#notary #notaries

(146) How much can a California Notary charge?

How much can a California Notary Public Charge?

#notaryprice #notaryfee

(147) Notary journals from A to Z

Notary Journals from A to Z

#notarypublic #notaries

(148) Notary seal information from A to Z

Notary Seal Information from A to Z

#notaries #notarypublic

(149) Notarize This!
A satire on a movie about a mafia boss notary and a shrink!

(150) How often do you update your # of signings?

(151) Notary suicide hotline!

Notary Suicide Hotline

#comedy #notaries #notarization

(152) I get paid enough to get something on the value menu at McDonalds.
#notaryfee #settlementstatement

(153) People shopping for notaries want to know the same things as guys looking for a date

(154) Speed notarizing and speed dating
#notary #notaries

(155) Many banks prefer to hire someone who is a notary
#banknotary #notaries

(156) Jeremy loses at Notary Monopoly
#notaries #humor #comedy

(157) A veteran notary interviewed gives advice to new notaries!

Advice to new notaries: Interview with a Veteran Notary

#notarization #notarized

(158) If your boss pays for your notary commission, it still belongs to you!

(159) General vs. specific information in notes sections
#notary #marketing

(160) The man with the golden seal
#notary #notaries #notarization

(161) How to get paid by out of business signing companies!

How to get paid by out of biz signing companies!

#notary #collection #mortgage

2014: Jan to Sept 30th

(1) If your name is everywhere then people will find you
#notary #marketing

(2) When the phone does not ring.
There are marketing & maintenance tasks notaries can do!

(3) No money callers
What to do with people who want to talk, but not pay!

(4) Superman found out he needed a notarized affidavit at the last minute and didn’t know who to turn to.

(5) Affidavit of Support and direct communication with the signer

Affidavit of Support and direct communication with the signer

#notarylaw #legal

(6) You could get sued if you don’t have a business license

You could get sued if you don’t have a business license

#legal #notary

(7) Honey I notarized the kids!
Don’t try this at home

Honey, I notarized the kids (don’t try this at home)


(8) I go over the HUD first
Learn what pro loan signers do!

I go over the HUD-1 first


(9) 10 ways to find the perfect notary!
#notaries #notarized

(10) Can I notarize a Will or a Living Will?

Can a Notary notarize a Will or Living Will?

#legal #notarylaws

(11) Fear of retaliation in the Notary business
Sherry was accused of misusing her notary commission!

(12) Reverse Blackmail at a notary signing

Reverse Blackmail at a Notary Signing

#mortgage #notaries #notarization

(13) A social media site for notaries — affiant

A social media site for Notaries — Affiant

#comedy #notary #notarization

(14) A 2nd date with Jeremy
“We know each other so well, we complete each other’s Jurat verbiage”

A 2nd Date With jeremy

(15) The Notary Olympics
#notaries #comedy #notarization

(16) Notary insults
The customer wanted a quantity discount and ignored the hour Ken spent in transit!

(17) Witnessing the Star’s signatures at Mann’s Chinese Theater
Notarizing VIP’s!

(18) Ken’s list of bad things that notaries do
#notary #notarypublic #notarization

(19) The notary who loved me.
1 notary kept calling to see if he needed anything!

(20) Notarizing affidavits of support
#legal #notarylaw #notary

(21) The homeless notary
#notaries #notarization

(22) Get the job specifications
#mortgage #notary

(23) Help, I’m getting married, my husband is in jail, and I need a #notary!

(24) Playing the cancer card after you made a blunder
#notary #mortgage

(25) She learned more from our blog than any course she ever took
#mortgage #notary #notaries

(26) We require notaries to be registered on our approved list

We require notaries to be registered on our approved list

#notary #titlecompany

(27) Welcome to the Notary Hotel
It’s so comfortable, many notaries stay there their entire commission

Welcome to the Notary Hotel

(28) Double and Nothing
Offering to do double the work for the same price!

(29) Notary reviews vs. movie reviews
“I didn’t like the ending of the signing — too predictable”

Notary Reviews vs. Movie Reviews

(30) What to write in your notes section

What to Write in Your Notes Section

#notary #marketing

(31) Many of the borrowers say, “That was painless!”
#mortgage #notary

(32) Administering an #Oath to an athiest
#legal #comedy #notary

(33) Who really needs who in the notary business.
Do notaries need signing companies or vice versa?

Who really needs who?

(34) The signing and the mistress
#notary #comedy

(35) – a dating site for notaries!
#socialmedia #notary

(36) Perhaps I should have titled this notary blog “A Recipe for Disaster”.

(37) Most notaries would rather die than go back to the 9-5 routine.

(38) Doing a signing with a gun sitting at the table
#mortgage #notary

(39) The acunotary: an #acupuncturist becomes a #notary!

(40) The flip side of your business card.
Ken’s guide to notary marketing

(41) Notaries who make more than Attorneys
#notary #smallbiz

(42) Witnessing intake forms for Notary Heaven

Witnessing the intake forms for Notary Heaven

#comedy #notaries

(43) A signing in the freezing rain
#mortgage #notary

(44) Going to a signing with your girlfriend can put the pressure on the signer to get on with it and sign!

(45) How my high school yearbook predicted I’d be a Notary Public

(46) Notarizing a female accessory to murder!
#notary #notarization

(47) If you are a VIP notary, read this!
#notaries #notarization

(48) Dress British, Think Yiddish

Dress British, Think Yiddish

#notary #marketing

(49) Signs you’re a notary workaholic
#notaries #notarization

(50) An easy collection remedy!
#notary #collections

(51) Do you have to be a CSS to get work these days?

Do you have to be a CSS to get work these days?

(52) Elite signers
Who are these lucky notary customers?

(53) Preparation, the key to notary success
#notaries #notarized

(54) Thank you excuse me, I’m sorry.
A guide to Notarial manners.

Thank You – Excuse Me – I’m Sorry

(55) The 24 hour icon and those who need their sleep
Do you mind being called at 3am?

(56) A Russian lady lists on 123notary and says, “It is terrible, I get called day and night. Make it stop!”

(57) Why do I have to pay when I went to the Title Office?

(58) Unprofitable requests.
How do you figure out which notary jobs are worth it?

(59) Notary Cheers: Sammy gets a name change #notarized

Notary Cheers: Sammy gets a name change form notarized

(60) She was dying of cancer and needed to get #notarized

(61) The Towles Booth — pronounced “Tolls”
Some come to pay a toll, others come for advice

The Towles Booth (pronounced “tolls”)

(62) Should 123notary accept other certifications?

(63) — a dating site for #notaries! — a dating site for notaries!


(64) When you goof as a notary public
#notaries #notarylaw

(65) The customers can tell if you don’t login to your profile on 123notary regularly

(66) If a pizza can get there in 30 minutes, why not a notary?

(67) Poo picking, getting the best notary jobs

Poo Picking – getting the best notary jobs

(68) Signing loans isn’t rocket science!
#notary #notaries #mortgage

(69) Teens forced to get notarized parental consent for STD tests

(70) Did you get chumped in a double booking?

(71) The Seinfeld episode about a Notary

The Seinfeld Episode About a Notary

#notaries #comedy

(72) Two and a half Notaries
What’s the difference between a Notary and a Notary experience?

Two and a half notaries! A Notarization Experience

(73) She took all my business away!
A signing company gets listed on 123notary & gets a monopoly!

(74) I didn’t notarize that!
#notary #notarized #notarization

(75) 123notary can change your county or state in a snap. It’s easy!

(76) An unhappy client pays again (family of Italians)

(77) I’ll stay here all day until I get paid!
A notary went to a signing company and raised hell.

(78) Put up or shut up!
A guide to dealing with Title companies!

(79) New Notary apps that you really need!
Lookup signing co reviews, find cheap gas, road conditions…

New Notary Apps that you really need!

(80) A frustrating four hour signing!

(81) Is this man a Notary?

Is this man a notary?

(82) Signing services take a portion of the notary fee

Signing Services take a portion of the notary fee

(83) Loan signing at a high school reunion

(84) I-9 verification requests for $20?

(85) A closing on my boat!
#notary #notaries #mortgage

(86) Cattle Call Notary Offers
Ken’s rant on how offensive and demeaning this is to notaries

Cattle call Notary offers

(87) Welcome to Notary Jail — don’t drop the embosser!

(88) How to become a successful mobile #notary from scratch!

How to become a successful mobile notary from scratch

#mortgage #notarization

(89) Wanted: Notary Punching Bags

(90) New Notary apps for the iPhone7 that you’ve never dreamed of!

New Notary Apps for the iPhone 7 that you’ve never dreamed of!

(91) Notary Hotel 2:
Even the notepad comes with Jurat wording!

Notary Hotel 2 — the sequel

(92) Become a process server to make additional income!

(93) Don’t die trying when your schedule is tight!
#notary #scheduling

(94) Why can’t a notary host their own late night talk show?
#comedy #notaries

(95) $30 loan signings. Is it even worth it under the best of circumstances?

$30 loan signings. Is it worth it even in the best of circumstances?

() More than half of notaries on are female. So much for the old boys club!


State Tweets

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est State Tweets
(C) AL: In Alabama, a probate judge collects $1/notary commission issued. And you thought American Idol Judges raked it in.

(C) AK: There’s no set fee for Acknowledgments for an Alaska Notary & no set term for an Alaska Governor if her name is Sarah

(C) AK: A notary in Anchorage, AK says, “We sign loans in 8 different languages!” That doesn’t count rubbing noses together.

(C) AZ: Arizona Notary: There’s a max mileage fee for notary work set by the state which is really low. Actualmileagemayvary.

(C) An AZ Notary may only charge a small mileage fee: not enough 2make a living. Hence the signs: Will Notarize For Food.

(C) In Arkansas, attestation to a document is an official notary act. As for unofficial notary acts, catch Arkansan Idol.

(A-) CA: How long is a notary commission or term of office good for? It varies from state to state. In California & Florida it is 4 years.

(C) California has more mobile notaries than any other state #notary. If you call stuck in rush hour all day “mobile”.

(C) We helped many California Notaries rewrite their notes sections. We took out all the Hey, Dudes. Nice Makeover

(C) CA notaries must THUMBPRINT signers of POA & Deeds. Their thumbs w/be too dark to notice if hitchiking home!

(C) Personal knowledge of the signer is still acceptable in Delaware. Unless the signer is named “John Doe.”

(C) CO: A Colorado notary was asked to notarize medical marijuana docs. The signer asked, “So, what FORM of payment would you like?”

(C) CO notary law lets a notary charge for making copies. Wish they could make copies of the laughter on 2 ½ Men.

(C) CT notaries are appointed to a 5 year term! $120 application fee.
1 year more than the President.

(A) DC: If you live in Maryland, DC, or Virginia you could become a dual or triple commissioned notary in multiple states!

(A) If you work for the federal gov, you can be a DC notary yet live in ANY state you like! .

(A-) FL: We helped many Florida notary publics rewrite their notes section recently!
Nice makeover!

(C) You can be a dual commissioned notary if you live IN Florida near AL/GA, but not the other way around. Sorry…

(A) FL, CA & TN allow expired drivers licenses as acceptable ID if less than five years after the ISSUE DATE

(C) Non-atty notaries in GA cannot sign loans, but there is big $ in regular notary work! Especially if you’re Beyoncé.

(C) A Hawaii notary public can get a tax deduction for their boating hobby! Then their ship really will come in!

(A-) ID: We have dozens of dual state notary in Idaho & Washington. They get 2x the jobs!

(?++) ID: A Washington State Notary can become an Idaho Notary & vice versa. Make 2x the $ with a dual commission.

(C) IL: An Illinois notary public tells us this story about how her journal saved a man’s home. Keep good records!

(C) IN: You should ideally get a TPL if you want to sign loans in Indiana. Or at least the title: Hoosier.

(B+) IA: Many notaries in Iowa are discussing their Real Estate background at the top of their notary notes.

(A) KS: We have dozens of dual state notary in Kansas & Missouri. They get 2x the jobs!

(?++) We have dozens of dual state notaries in KS & MO. They get 2x the jobs. Finally, multi-tasking that isn’t annoying!

(C) KY: Kentucky notaries can notarize outside of their state providing the documents are recorded in state.

(C) The Louisiana notary exam is the hardest in the nation. Or maybe it seems harder in Louisiana because they’re high.

(C) LA: Many Louisiana notaries can only work within their Parish or reciprocal Parishes

(C) MA: A Massachusetts notary public can NOT do loan signings unless they are a licensed Attorney

(C) MA: There is very little competition among notaries in MA. There are very few traveling notaries there #notarypublic

(C) Maine Notaries can solemnize marriages w/a license. If the in-laws don’t grant their seal of approval, notaries can!

(C) MI: Our Detroit notaries are some of the best QUALIFIED in the nation. Hope they can witness a Detroit resurgence!

(?+) MS: Many Mississippi notaries get dual commissioned in Tennessee too so they can service Memphis! #notarypublic

(?) MD: Maryland Notary Public: You need a Title Producer License to sign loans in this state.

(A) MO: We have dozens of dual state notary in Kansas & Missouri. They get 2x the jobs!

(C) Make a whopping $1 per signature as a Minnesota Notary. That’s a buck more than celebrities get for their autographs!

(C) Many MN notaries are dual commissioned in WI & make extra $ on other side of border. Talk about a borderline killing.

(C) Hire a Montana Notary who is great at performing shotgun weddings & notarizing gun permit applications.
(C) A spaceship landed.
A NM notary asked, “are you going to abduct me?”
“No, but can you LIKE us on Facebook?”

(?) OH: Find a notary who offers happy-hour specials on our Ohio Notary Public search page.
(?) OK: Find a notary in Broken Arrow or Broken Seal on our Oklahoma Notary page. If it ain’t broken, don’t affix it.
(?) OR: Find an Oregon notary who covers strange sounding places like Walla Walla, Tillamook or Madras.
(?) PA: Find a notary near the Liberty Bell in our Pennsylvania notary public search page. It’s all it’s “cracked” up to be!
(?) PA: Find a notary near the Liberty Bell in our Pennsylvania notary public search page. Nothing cheesy but the steaks.
(?) PA: Find “notar-ly like” in the city of brotherly love in our Pennsylvania notary public search page.

(?) Find a notary who services all five counties of Rhode Island & can “musical note-arize” at the Newport Jazz Festival!

(?+) SC: To perform loan signings in SC, MA or GA, you need to be an Attorney, but there is plenty of regular notary public work!

(A-) TN: One Tennessee notary was offered some moonshine at a signing

(?++)Please inform TN notaries: it is bad manners to bring a gun to a signing. Chew on that (with your mouth closed).

(?++) TX: A Texas Notary was offered MOONSHINE at his last signing! He could have witnessed a hangover.

(?) TX: We have several notaries in Texas who claim to cover all 254 counties. #notarypublic

(?) UT: A notary public in Utah can charge no more than the Federal mileage rate as a travel fee

(?) Ben & Jerry’s idea 4new SIGNATURE flavor for notaries:
Notorious ribbon — vanilla sealed w/ dark chocolate ink.

(?) VT: Please ask Ben & Jerry’s to create a new flavor for notaries such as VANILLA VENUE, or Vanilla Almond Affiant

(?) VT: Please ask Ben & Jerry’s to create a new flavor like Rocky Gravel Driveway or Personallly appearing pistachio

(?+) VA: Virginia notaries can notarize outside their state providing the documents are to be recorded in state. #notarypublic

(A-) VA: Many Virginia notaries in Fairfax County choose to be dual commissioned in DC to make extra money

(A-) WA: We have dozens of dual state notary in Oregon & Washington. They get 2x the jobs!

(A-) WA: A Washington State notary can make extra money by getting a dual commission in Idaho and going to Coeur D’alene!

(?) There are so few notaries in WV, if you cover a wide range, you’ll have a monopoly! Then you can buy Marvin Gardens.

(?) WI: Many Wisconsin notaries choose to make 2x the money and get commissioned in Illinois as well

(?) WY: Distances are huge, but there are only a few dozen active mobile notaries Until I had to go & open my big mouth.