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January 19, 2019

Notary Etiquette 104 – Contents

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Doing well in the Mobile Notary business involves more than just stamping documents. You have to be on time, develop contacts, do more than claim to know what you are doing, and use proper etiquette. 123notary has written many articles on Notary etiquette before, but this one is a course with multiple sections that is intended to be a well organized reference guide.



1. Phone Etiquette for initial calls – http://blog.123notary.com/?p=21134

2. Confirming the signing & At the signing – http://blog.123notary.com/?p=21136

3. General Etiquette Tips – http://blog.123notary.com/?p=21197

4. Answering questions the way they were asked – http://blog.123notary.com/?p=21138

5. Miscellaneous – http://blog.123notary.com/?p=21142

6. A humorous guide to Notary etiquette – http://blog.123notary.com/?p=21208

7. Relevant links about etiquette – http://blog.123notary.com/?p=20505



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