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March 21, 2018

Notary Marketing 102 — Notary Profiles

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If you advertise on online directories, you are well aware of how important and effective it is to have online profiles advertising your Notary services. However, there is a difference between an effective advertisement and one that merely collects dust. I am going to gear this section towards those advertising with us on 123notary.com. However, many of the principles I am going to teach could apply to any online advertising on any medium. Basically, there are a variety of reasons why an advertisement might attract large amounts of business, and reasons why it might not. Here they are.


High Placement on 123notary
High placements on 123notary not only attract a lot more quantity of business, but a lot more title & escrow business which typically pays a lot more than average work. Email us for a quote for a particular county at info@123notary.com

If you advertise with 123notary, but your listing is buried at the bottom of the list as is the case with free and economy listings, you might find that you do not attract much business simply because clients do not easily find you. Being buried is not a good business strategy for growing your business, but is a good strategy for those who want to maintain a presence while their business slows down little by little. The Notary business has those starting up, maturing, slowing down, and quitting. Your business strategy should be appropriate to your stage in the business.

For those who are starting up in business, the first step is education. Studying to be an expert Notary and expert Loan Signer should come before investing in advertising. 123notary can help you become an expert Notary, so don’t be afraid to ask how. After you have proven your knowledge to us at 123notary, then a high placed listing is the next step in my prescribed route to Notarial success.

High-placed listings are for sale in all counties on 123notary.com. We sell placements based on county, and not based on zip code. We sell fixed high spots in all counties of the United States and prices are customized based on what area, what spot, and how good your overall score is in our algorithm, which matters a lot to us. By being high on the list, clients can see you without trying because your information will be in their face which is highly effective. But, there is more…


Creating a Great Notes Section
You also need to create a well-organized and informative notes section on your listing. Read about that in the next chapter in this course.


Getting Reviews on your Notary Profile
Getting reviews on your listing is a matter of doing great work, waiting for compliments and then asking for a review. Please read our section on getting reviews.


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