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March 22, 2018

Notary Marketing 102 — Reviews

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It is critical for your success as a Signing Agent to get reviews on your profile. Any Notary who is any good has reviews. By not having a single review you are telling the world that you are not a good person to hire. Additionally, if you only have old reviews, you are telling the world that you are tired and washed out. The secret is to make it a habit to always ask for reviews from anyone who likes your work. Here are my basic principles for getting reviews.


12 tips for getting reviews on your notary listing


1. Gee, I love your work!
The minute anyone says, “Gee, I love your work”, ask them for a review and send them a LINK to your review page so that they don’t have to search for it.

2. Read our comprehensive guide to reviews!
Read 123notary’s comprehensive guide to getting reviews before you inhale your next breath.

3. Five or six reviews doubles your incoming calls.
You don’t need a million reviews on 123notary, just five or six reviews in the last three years is enough.

4. Reviews from Title companies count more.
In general reviews are good. But reviews from Title companies carry more credibility.

5. Reviews from Jeremy mean a lot.
Since I am an impartial source of information about how good Notaries are, if you pass my Notary quiz with a high score, I will write a good review.

6. Reviews that are well written or emotionally charged mean more.
“My dog was dying and Jeff the Notary came running and saved the day. Fluffy would have died if it were not for Jeff (sob). I am crying tears of relief. I recommend Jeff to anyone, and so does Fluffy.”

7. Try to get a new review every quarter.
That is all you need. The more the merrier, but once per quarter puts you in the top 1% of Notaries on our site in terms of reviews, although Ken Edelstein in NYC will still have outdone you because he is special and has more than 400 reviews which are all legit.

8. The 8% rule.
On average only 8% of people you ask for a review will actually write it, so don’t be disappointed if you asketh more than you receiveth. Ask lots of people who like you for reviews and take what you get. But, each review is like platinum. On the other hand, if you are a really bad Notary, you might need to ask thirty people to get one review.

9. Offer amazing service
Being a considerate and competent Notary who arrives on time, dresses well, answers questions in a helpful and educated sounding way, and gets the job done on time will help you get reviews. People write reviews for people who gave them the best service they’ve ever had and the worst — not for the most average service.

10. Try to space your reviews out.
If you get five reviews within minutes of each other, I won’t publish them and it looks fake.

11. Old reviews carry very little weight.
If all your reviews are old, you look washed out and like a hasbeen. Reviews are only potent for attracting business if they were written in the last two or three years. The newer the better.

12. Your city page will benefit from your review.
Having reviews not only strengthens your listing, but strengthens your search results for your entire city on Google for 123notary.



123notary’s comprehensive guide to getting reviews (mentioned above)
This guide includes many supplemental and highly relevant and helpful links.

You lose $333 every time you don’t ask for a review.

5-6 reviews doubles your business!

The link is the missing link to getting reviews on 123notary.

Don’t ask for a review at the wrong time.



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  1. In order to make it simple for the reviewer is there a “Review Form” available so they can they can fill in the blanks and make a comment either good or bad?

    Comment by C Gary Bowers — July 21, 2018 @ 3:19 pm

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