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January 10, 2011

Russian notary Hacks Hillary’s Emails!

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FBI director Comey thinks the Russians may have hacked Hilary Clinton’s emails. (And that’s pronounced “Comey,” not “commie.”) And it could very well be a Russian notary! Then again, it might not be a Russian notary. Or it might be somebody who wants you to think he’s a Russian notary. And these could be duplicates of emails Comey has already seen. Comey is sure of one thing. That he’s not sure of this one thing.

Nevertheless, speculation continues that a Soviet notary public has hacked into Clinton’s most sensitive emails. How do we know they’re sensitive? The smiley faces aren’t quite smiling. More like biting their tongues.

Since some of the emails were duplicates, the notary wanted to charge extra for duplicates. (A buck’s a buck, or as the Russian notary put it, a ruble’s a ruble.) But the government refused to pay more, so the notary suggested a nice game of Russian roulette instead. And being a gentleman, he’d let the government “go” first. The notary lived to complain in the 123Notary form about not being paid enough.

A sign it could be a notary who did the hacking: They fixated on one of the terms in one of the emails, “executor,” a person in charge of carrying out the provisions of a will. One sign it could be a Russian notary approved by Putin: Their fixation on “executor” as it relates to a person in charge of causing another person to need a will… namely, the person who executes the other person! Let’s not forget Putin was former member of the KGB.

Hillary’s emails were found on a computer used by her assistant, Huma Abedin, and notorious sexter, Anthony Weiner. The same computer on which Weiner wrote about his no longer private parts to various women. In one email, the Russian notary validated they were indeed Weiner’s private parts, and that he was of full age and capacity to perform as a sleaze by stamping it with his seal of disapproval.

Other classified emails of Hillary’s the Russian notary is interested in… when she accused Trump of being a puppet for Putin. The notary asked which kind of puppet she accused Trump of being, a hand puppet, or marionette? If the latter, the notary wondered why Hillary wouldn’t thereby feel a kinship with the Donald since there are always strings attached with Hillary as well, something the notary had acknowledged in an acknowledgment certificate.

If Hillary becomes president, instead of the Chief Justice witnessing her taking the oath of office, the Russian notary asked why not a professional? Namely, a notary? Plus he’d be able to witness her signature on her first veto – when Republicans in Congress vote to make America grating again.


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