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October 2, 2016

Notary Dating & Romance from A to Z (Compilation)

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Over the years, we’ve written many comedy posts on the subject of Notary dating. Here is a compilation of our best romantic Notary posts.


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June 11, 2015

She learned more just by dating a Notary

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At the interview:

BOSS: So, have you ever notarized something before?

ANN: Well, actually I haven’t

BOSS: But, you talk about the profession as if you have been in it for years.

ANN: Well, actually I sort of have. You see, my boyfriend is a Notary, and we do everything together.

BOSS: Everything?

ANN: Last week, he took me to a Notary job for an elderly woman who couldn’t sign her name. I explained how they could do a Signature by X procedure using two subscribing witnesses. They asked which one of us was the Notary. I said, he is, but I am always around, so I learn by osmosis. I explained how the subscribing witnesses would have to both sign in the journal, have their printed names & phone #’s documented in the journal, and also sign and print their names in the signature section of the document. It is a slightly involved procedure, so proper record keeping is critical.

BOSS: Wow, I’m impressed. I’ve never done a Signature by X.

ANN: Well, you’re not missing much. There’s also Signature by G.

BOSS: Signature by G? I’ve never heard of that before.

ANN: I did one of those in the ‘hood for a notorious gangster who signed his name as “G.”

BOSS: Oh, sounds like you have an interesting life.

ANN: Yes, well, he offered to pay us in illegal contraband, but we politely declined. It’s bad enough being guilty by association.

BOSS: Right. Have you ever signed a loan with spousal documents?

ANN: Actually, I was the one who had to confirm the appointment. The wife was only on five documents, but the signing company omitted to inform us that she needed to be at the signing. Of course, I was a step ahead of the game since I had inspected all of the documents one by one to make sure of who the various signers would be. Sometimes they sneak in a Quit Claim or Grant Deed that has multiple signers.

BOSS: I’m very impressed. So you are thorough, think ahead, and know your stuff.

ANN: Well, I don’t like to brag, but yes.

BOSS: So, are you also, “certified?”

ANN: Well, there are those notaries who are merely “certified” by an unknown entity and then there are those who are 123notary certified. I am the latter.

BOSS; Oh, good. I’ve heard of 123notary. They have some top notch notaries over there. Notary Cafe is not bad either although they have a lot fewer notaries than 123notary.

ANN: This is true. The Notaries on 123notary also often have better notes sections than the competition because Jeremy is always nagging them about that — and he will actually help a notary rewrite their notes section for free.

BOSS: Sounds like a nice guy.

ANN: Well, he is more demanding than nice — but, demanding in a nice way — providing you do what he asks.

BOSS: Oh, sounds like me!

ANN: Sounds like all bosses. I can start tomorrow.

BOSS: Tomorrow won’t work. I was asked to go to an art class. The teacher asked me to paint a man with a mustache, but I don’t have a mustache, so I’ll have to use a brush.

ANN: I see we both watch the Burns & Allen show.

BOSS: You even catch my references!


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