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January 25, 2011

Notary Pick Up Lines Part 1

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Here are some great notary pick up lines, just in case you ever join a notary dating site.

What’s your sign?
Can I buy you a journal?
So, do you stamp here often?
That’s a nice embosser, is it gold, or gold plated?
Do you shake hands, or shake right thumbprints on the first date?
My signing or yours?
Should we do the signing at my house, your house, or at a Starbucks?
Are you into backdating?
What’s the weirdest ID you ever saw?
I would shake hands, but I can’t because I have a bad case of Notorial Sclerosis.
I just got my expiration date extended, what about you?
Is your APR higher than your rate?
Have you ever hired two notaries at the same time?
Gee, I just love this venue, wonder what county we’re in!
Do you think you could personally appear before me?
I had to initial a form before I could get an open tab!
So, you have ever exercised your right to cancel on a date?
There was a long line at the Fedex station this evening — what a night!
Don’t you hate it when the signer has a middle initial they never told you about?
So, are you a member of 123notary.com? A certified member?

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