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December 22, 2021

Will there ever be another Carmen?

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We all grieve our loss of Carmen. But, she is resting in the brighter world. I am getting old and ready to do some resting too, but there is much to be done — as they say in the movies.

But, will there ever be another Carmen? Nobody will ever be like her. But, perhaps there will be someone who will do her work. I get so far behind on emails and phone calls, renewals and more. It is hard to keep up.

I wanted to spend 2021 doing quality control, and I brushed up 1000’s of people’s notes sections and quizzed thousands as well. It took forever, but I did a good job refining my procedures and getting my listings straightened out. There are just so many of them.

I need to be at peace with myself and done with whatever projects I am working on to have time to incubate someone else to help me with my work.

I met several people who sounded promising who wanted to help me work. But, I never followed through. Most of them quit the notary industry after a year anyway. Do I want to work with a quitter? Carmen lasted 17 years and has the emotional scars to prove it. I want someone who will last.

But, the other day a nice lady from Florida called me. She said she wanted to work for me. She wasn’t at all like Carmen, but she was charismatic, great with people, had a customer service background, and was black. I was thinking — will she be the next Carmen? I started having that feeling. You know that feeling when you meet that person and you wonder — is she the one?

I had that feeling when I looked under the sofa and found true love. I said hello and she said “meao.” We became instant lifelong friends and I have the claw marks to prove it. Every time I look under that sofa, many years after Mrs. Meao’s demise, I wonder — will I find true love again under a sofa? Of all the unlikely places. But, I don’t think I will find a new and perfect assistant under a sofa. But, perhaps from a referral or unexpected phone call.

An old contact from 2005 or 2008 surfaced with me. She referred someone to me and that person mentioned her name. Nicole Mickel. She was in the settlement industry and then moved to Real Estate and sells houses in Florida to people moving down from New York. Quite a business. I forgot her exact name, I knew it had an N and an M in it. So, I asked for the contact information for Nicole’s number and called her. She was her charismatic old self. She gave me great hiring advice. She taught me how to hire based on personality type and how to decipher what a person’s personality type is. Mrs. Meao’s personality type was that she liked to snooze and claw people, but I don’t know how this applies to humans.

In any case I feel more emotionally ready to deal with this. When Carmen died, I knew she was sick and I knew she was slowing down. I thought she still had a few more years. Her death was not only traumatic, but just left me there high and dry and emotionally unready.

I think when people die, they should give their friends, family and contacts two years notice. I am slow dealing with stuff.

In any case, to sum it up, I am getting more ready to find a replacement. I will be strategic and try to find a great personality who is disciplined about this type of work and good with people. No promises. whomever it is will not have the technical saavy of Carmen, but might be very helpful and have a great personality. Keep your paws crossed… or fingers.


December 6, 2021

Which Notary platform will survive until 2028 with all the natural disasters?

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The prophecies from the various sources are saying the same thing. Fires, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, solar flares, pole shift, countries going bust, people dying, plagues, viruses, etc.

We are at the beginning of this end times prophecy. We had a horrible epidemic (wasn’t a real pandemic despite what people say unless people were dying in the street.) We saw horrible floods in the Northeast, Hurricanes down south, and bad fires (predicted in various parts of the bible) in California.

Much of the population of America and the world will perish in the next 10 years. I think the Notary industry will shrink a lot. It already has. But, what does that mean for us? Is that bad news?

I predict that Notary Rotary and Snapdocs will cease to exist in 2028, but that 123notary will still be there. I think that the boss of Notary Rotary is getting old and will retire soon. I think that the folks who work at Snapdocs probably took the vaccine and will have side effects that will affect their work. They are in San Francisco, and that is a big pro-vaccine place. You cannot eat in a restaurant if you are not vaccinated. I think that I will be doing other businesses too on the side, but that I will still run 123notary. This is my official prediction. This blog was published in 2021, so let’s look back in years to come if the internet still exists.

So, does that mean I will get more business and be rich? I certainly hope so. Maybe our site will become more Snappy with all of the snapper migrating over.

Sorry to be negative, but I have heard from higher spiritual sources that many people who took the vaccine will perish from long term side effects. Vaccine deaths combined with natural disasters will wipe out a big chunk of the American population. This means homes will be cheaper, but you and I will lose family and friends.

I am very upset, because I feel that I will lose most of my family and friends to death soon. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I will find new family and friends. I rely on higher powers to determine these things for me since it seems so out of my control.


December 4, 2021

Notaries will be Notaries

Filed under: Humorous Posts — admin @ 11:52 am

Jeff came over to Brian’s house. But, Brian wanted to see some ID. Jeff said, but we’re friends!!! Brian says, sorry, it is a force of habit. You know how we Notaries are.

Then Sarah came over and said, “Don’t I owe you money?” Brian said, “Could we put it in writing?” Sarah said she already did. But, Brian wanted her to sign it again. He wanted a “wet” signature.

Later on Jen went shopping with Brian. Brian said, “Check out this steak.” Jen asked, “Is it certified?” Brian said it was. Then Jen asked, “By which agency is it certified? I’m NNA, Fidelity, Old Republic, Notary2Notary, and Blueprint certified.”

Once again — “Notaries will be Notaries.”

What about you? Do you have any weird quirks because you are a notary?


October 31, 2021

In 2028, will there still be a notary industry?

Filed under: General Articles — admin @ 7:32 am

I am working so hard, that sometimes I often lose track of how what is going on in the world is going to play out. I feel that the Messiah is going to reveal himself in 2034 (my guru says that is the year. I feel that society as we know it will be wiped out before that. Of course not all of it will be destroyed. God likes to wipe out civilizations with wars, invasions, plagues, diseases, floods, earthquakes.

All of the crazy things happening now have historical precedents in the bible, or were discussed in the Bible. Isaiah discusses a lot of the social realities of today, believe it or not, and that was written about 2700 years ago.

Covid was the appetizer. People were all afraid of Covid but not the economic consequences. Inflation, labor shortages, supply chain backups — who would have guessed. I thought we would have deflation, unemployment problems, and warehouses full of stuff that nobody wanted. Boy was I wrong. I think whenever I predict the future, I should just reverse what I predict, and that will be the accurate representation of the future. Just like the Seinfeld episode — The Opposite.

I feel that in this unpredictable environment, if there is something I really want to do, I better do it now, because I might not be able to later. On the other hand, going to China was my long term goal, and now is by far the worst time to go to China with all of the vaccine nonsense going on.

So, if Covid was the appetizer, then what is the meal? Asteroids, Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, WW3, starvation? All of these thoughts run through my head. My psychic channeled the angels and they said we would also have volcanoes — good God! If these things happen, they will happen in the next ten years. My guru said that the asteroid will come in 2028 and it will rain fire and God knows if our satellites will survive this. Our banking system is tied to satellites, so I wonder how safe our assets will be.

And if these things happen, what will happen to the Notary industry? If half of Americans die in the next ten years due to the various plagues, will there still be a Notary industry? What will I do? Will I do business with China? How many Chinese will still be alive? 98% of Chinese are atheists. I don’t think God will let too many atheists survive the plagues before the coming of the Messiah or as the Hebrews call him, “Mechiach Ben David.”

I think there will be a remnant of what once was in 2028 as far as the Notary industry goes. There will be a lot fewer people if my prediction is correct. I predict that America will have a population of 140 million in 2028 which is generous compared to what I think God will do to most of the rest of the world, especially places that lack faith in God or decency. Most of Asia will be completely wiped out including most of Israel if I guess correctly. But, some of Israel has to survive otherwise where will the Messiah live. There has to be a logic to my train of thought.

So, I am afraid. Sometimes I want to just scream in terror. I don’t know what to expect. Perhaps I should just not think about it. The death of an industry and a nation — both of which are my home and economic stability.

When my father was in his early 50’s, my mother died. His friends told him that he was getting older — and that if there was anything he really wanted to do, he should do that now. I am giving this advice to myself. I think I want to spend more time with the cactuses in Tucson and work on my health.

I’m not sure what I will do for a living in 2028 if the Notary industry is over. I better learn more Chinese so I can do some trade work. That has always been my dream.


June 3, 2021

Will the restrictions ever end?

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 8:03 am

Masks give us alleged “safety.”
Most people generally like mask restrictions because they give us the illusion of “safety.” The science doesn’t show any proof that paper masks do anything significant to slow the spread of Covid-19, and the statistics don’t show that states with mask mandates were any safe than those without. However, they give us theater and political restrictions which is what the people want — anything to avoid freedom! Now you can take people’s rights away not for safety, but for the illusion of safety — that’s even better!

The Vaccine
So, we have gotten to a new stage in our paranoia where the only thing that can save us is the vaccine. It is like living in a horror movie, that doesn’t end after two hours and fifteen minutes and where you can get no popcorn. The movie keeps going and going and going and nobody ever gets sick of it either.

But, we still have to wear masks
The problem is, now that many people have taken their vaccine, we still have to wear masks. Even the very people who took the vaccine have to wear masks for their safety. What is the point of taking the vaccine if you still have to wear a mask?

If you took the vaccine and the other person you are with also did, THEN you don’t have to wear a mask. But, if one or more of you didn’t take the vaccine then you both have to wear a mask. That makes no sense.

The moving goalpost just never ends. We have to wear masks because not everyone has taken the vaccine. So, we have to go around pressuring everyone we know to take the vaccine because somehow our lives will be better if they take a vaccine that in itself doesn’t keep us safe. So taking the vaccine didn’t keep you safe, but by me taking it too, that will help make the useless vaccine you took somehow more effective — it all makes sense.

So, once everyone has taken the vaccine, then I predict that we will still have to wear masks indefinitely because there will be a new threat — VARIANTS. And for the next several years we will have to worry about variants.

It doesn’t matter what happens in the future, people like Fauci will go to any lengths to keep us in a permanent state of fear and restriction. It doesn’t matter if there are logical reasons for the restrictions or not. It doesn’t matter if Fauci will lose his professional credibility or not either. He will make endless suggestions for restriction after restriction after restriction until the people stand up and say — enough.

Personally, when they lengthened the initial two week shut down, my initial thought was, they could string us along forever, and God knows what their motivations are. What puzzles me is — why are the majority of the people not only going along with endless and nonsensical restrictions which ruin our lives and the character of our formerly free nation? How long will it take before people say, “enough” or will this just drag on for years?

I think that vaccine is toxic and dangerous and we will start seeing serious illnesses from that vaccine. The question is will those illnesses happen in a few months, or will they not start for years? It takes your RNA time to crank out weird proteins in unnatural amounts. This vaccine amounts to no less than genetic engineering. And there are no long term studies done on humans to see what the long term results will be. So, half the world basically signed up for an experiment. Fun. But, if the experiment doesn’t end so well, it might not be fun for the half the planet that signed up for it.


May 13, 2021

Video from Mark Wills – how to do a loan signing

Filed under: Business Tips — admin @ 12:22 pm

Mark from Loan Signing Systems (LSS) does a thorough job on this one. Clear and detailed. He goes over all of the nitpicky fees and specifications too.


March 21, 2021

With shutdowns galore, will there be a boom in Foreclosures?

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 12:08 am

The economy has been traumatized in much of America, particularly Democrat run areas where it is much worse. Keeping people out of business is a democratic strategy as it is somehow good for the people. I’m not sure how it is good for the common people, but I will take their word for it. Or perhaps they work for the elites and the hyper-educated who are more than happy to watch the common man starve.

In any case, there will be a huge boom in foreclosures when the courts open up for this type of case. If you have never done one, or never done a Deed in Lieu, it might be time to learn.

The housing market has gone down a little, but for some reason still has not crashed. If it does crash badly I might purchase something, somewhere, somehow. Not sure how!


March 20, 2021

If you do well on our email quizzes, will you do well on clicks?

Filed under: Certification & Communication Skills — admin @ 4:47 am

Number Crunching
Based on previous number crunching sessions, I learned that those who do well on our certification tests or email quizzes tend to do well in life and getting clicks, jobs, etc. Knowledge is power — and you must make sure never to misuse your power. Just kidding — you can misuse it. Just don’t do anything illegal.

20% More Clicks?
However! I decided to learn if any particular questions influence your fate more than other questions and I was blown away by what I found. I analyzed about 30 listings that had taken my email quiz. I learned that people who answered questions about how to ID a person correctly did a lot better on click results. Those who followed directions fared well too. Those who could give proper oaths got more clicks as well. With these questions, a single correctly answered question resulted in 20% more clicks — wow!

The Fedex Question
But, there was one question where you got more clicks by answering it wrong — what gives? It was my infamous drop the package question that most people to this day disagree with me about. Basically, if you almost finish a signing, but the signer refuses to sign a particular disclosure, you call your contact person, send texts, leave messages, etc., but don’t hear back from him, then what? How long do you wait to drop the package because of a single non-notary document that is sitting on the borrower’s table after you leave?

My Answer
My answer is that ideally you should wait 90 minutes from your initial message, and feel free to keep calling after that. Drop it, because if you don’t, you might forget to drop it, get sidetracked by another last minute job, get in an accident, or get caught up in something else. If you don’t drop it, chances are the docs will go back at least one day late and you will get in trouble. But, there is a one percent chance it will be two or more days late for a variety of reasons in which case you will be in big big trouble.

Most Notaries prefer to wait until right before pick up at Fedex and then drop the package or wait until they get a return call. If the Loan Officer is in the hospital, you might never get that return call, meanwhile the loan docs will be collecting dust in your car. These situations happen, although not that often

The irony is that those who answered this wrong according to my analysis, who held on to the documents got a lot more clicks as a result. But, why? I feel that these Notaries exhibited conscientiousness by waiting for instructions even though it was not in good judgement to do so. They exhibited caring and responsibility to do a wrong thing that seemed like a right thing. However, I feel that these Notaries did not think the situation through carefully and are more likely to get their clients in trouble in the long run.

It is my practice to elevate free listings higher on the list if they get high clicks, and then to lower their placement if they score poorly on my quizzes. It looks like this is the ideal question for those with high clicks who are a danger to the public who need their placement lowered.

My Question to Myself
My question to myself is — should I not ask questions that lower your clicks by answering them correctly, or ask more questions with the same attribute, or not care either way? After all, I am measuring the safety of the notary and not how popular they are by quizzing them so why should it matter? Hmm. A question to chew on.


November 8, 2020

Elite Certification will benefit you for the rest of your life

It sounds ominous, but could be good too. Like if it were a goose that laid golden eggs. How can one possibly get such a goose? Easy — from 123notary!

Many Notaries say, “I studied already, why do I have to study again?” The answer is that in any profession, to keep you up to the highest standards you have to keep studying. And we have raised our standards and want to raise you with our standards. In the old days, we only asked a few questions to elite certify people because we were not organized about that particular test simply because so few people would take it. Now, we are giving it for free to many, and asking several dozen well organized questions falling into several categories. But, let’s do a cost and benefit analysis.

Cost – Free, but you need to invest 5 hours
It might take a few hours to study for the elite quiz. However, it does not cost money now. We used to charge $179, but now it is free, and lazy Notaries are not jumping at the opportunity because they want to get paid for services when they don’t understand what they are doing (despite their claims of being an expert.) I quiz people all day long and only 3% of you guys know what you are doing regardless of how many decades you have been doing Notary work incorrectly or illegally.

Just review basic notary acts and procedures. Review which documents cover what topics. Review the advanced elite topics in our study guide. It is not that hard and you can learn it.


1. Elite Certification is something you can keep for life.
We might want to do brush up quizzes from time to time, and you might have to review, but it is given with the intention of being a life designation. Whatever studying you do will benefit you with this icon for the rest of your career — day after day, month after month, year after year. You will get more money and jobs for the rest of your career.

2. Make $14 more per signing.
A poll of three hundred Notaries revealed that those who passed our elite certification made $14 more per signing than those who were not 123notary certified. Most Notaries complain that they don’t get paid enough and that they want to find a way to get paid more. Meriting the pay by proving your knowledge is the key. Our elite certification is highly prized and will get you more pay

3. Get more work
Those who are elite certified get a lot more clicks to their listing and a lot more work. I would estimate that they get close to double the work and more money per job. That translates into perhaps triple the income after expenses are paid such as car, printing, phone, etc.

4. Get favors from 123notary
We don’t always do people favors, and sometimes we do unfavors if you don’t login for 120 days (I’m sure you heard about that.) But, Elite Certified Notaries are a special breed, and if we can find a way to raise them up the list, we will. I am not promising anything, but we regularly reward Elite Certified members.

5. Get more respect from title companies
Title companies prefer our Elite members. If you are tired of signing services, get elite!

6. Legal safety
Most Notaries are not aware that being a Notary has legal liabilities. Some of the liability comes because of fraud or misunderstandings that can happen to you that is beyond your control. However, a lot of the danger that happens to Notaries happens because they do not take safety precautions in their paperwork, nor do they follow the law in many instances. Our elite program helps you be cautious and law abiding which could save you from being a witness or defendant in court. Being subpoenaed to court happens to 15% of full time Notaries eventually and is more common that you think. Reduce the chances of this happening to you by being safe and taking all the possible precautions.

7. Knowledge and pride
Most Notaries are proud of themselves thinking that they know it all when they know close to nothing. Having our Elite Certification proves that you are in the top 2% of our Notaries and really know your stuff up to a very high standard. You can feel pride based on real knowledge and not on an arrogant misconception of knowledge.

Elite Certification can change your life. It only takes a few hours of study. I assure you that it is more than worth it.

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July 9, 2020

Copying your notes will not get you clicks

Filed under: Your Notes Section — admin @ 9:22 am

I make welcome calls to all of our notaries. I often inform people that their notes section is blank. They say, “No problem, I’ll just copy my bio from such and such another site.” Or they say, “The bio should already be on there.” I am looking at a blank notes section on their listing and they are assuring me that it is not blank. I wonder which one of us is correct?

In any case, your notes section is one of the most critical parts of your listing. If you describe yourself well, you get more clicks and more jobs. If you leave it blank, write a one liner, or create a poorly organized notes section, you will get few clicks.

Copying your notes section is a problem simply because of the programming on The top of your notes section shows up on the search results. If your copied notes say, “Hi, my name is Julia.” then that is what will show up on the search results when people see your listing along with the other local listings. Since they already know your name is Julia, you are wasting precious space telling them something redundant.

It is more effective to put your experience and selling features at the top. Mention what makes you stand out. Do you do jail signings, last minute signings, and what types of loans have you signed before?

Additionally, I have found that notes sections on perform better if they are in a particular format. Your copied notes will not be in that order or format. We have written countless blog articles in the category called, “Your notes section.”

So, try to read lots of our articles on notes sections and don’t copy and paste your notes. But, copying your notes is a lot better than leaving your notes blank. It is also good to touch up your notes a few times per year to keep them fresh.

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