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June 3, 2021

Will the restrictions ever end?

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Masks give us alleged “safety.”
Most people generally like mask restrictions because they give us the illusion of “safety.” The science doesn’t show any proof that paper masks do anything significant to slow the spread of Covid-19, and the statistics don’t show that states with mask mandates were any safe than those without. However, they give us theater and political restrictions which is what the people want — anything to avoid freedom! Now you can take people’s rights away not for safety, but for the illusion of safety — that’s even better!

The Vaccine
So, we have gotten to a new stage in our paranoia where the only thing that can save us is the vaccine. It is like living in a horror movie, that doesn’t end after two hours and fifteen minutes and where you can get no popcorn. The movie keeps going and going and going and nobody ever gets sick of it either.

But, we still have to wear masks
The problem is, now that many people have taken their vaccine, we still have to wear masks. Even the very people who took the vaccine have to wear masks for their safety. What is the point of taking the vaccine if you still have to wear a mask?

If you took the vaccine and the other person you are with also did, THEN you don’t have to wear a mask. But, if one or more of you didn’t take the vaccine then you both have to wear a mask. That makes no sense.

The moving goalpost just never ends. We have to wear masks because not everyone has taken the vaccine. So, we have to go around pressuring everyone we know to take the vaccine because somehow our lives will be better if they take a vaccine that in itself doesn’t keep us safe. So taking the vaccine didn’t keep you safe, but by me taking it too, that will help make the useless vaccine you took somehow more effective — it all makes sense.

So, once everyone has taken the vaccine, then I predict that we will still have to wear masks indefinitely because there will be a new threat — VARIANTS. And for the next several years we will have to worry about variants.

It doesn’t matter what happens in the future, people like Fauci will go to any lengths to keep us in a permanent state of fear and restriction. It doesn’t matter if there are logical reasons for the restrictions or not. It doesn’t matter if Fauci will lose his professional credibility or not either. He will make endless suggestions for restriction after restriction after restriction until the people stand up and say — enough.

Personally, when they lengthened the initial two week shut down, my initial thought was, they could string us along forever, and God knows what their motivations are. What puzzles me is — why are the majority of the people not only going along with endless and nonsensical restrictions which ruin our lives and the character of our formerly free nation? How long will it take before people say, “enough” or will this just drag on for years?

I think that vaccine is toxic and dangerous and we will start seeing serious illnesses from that vaccine. The question is will those illnesses happen in a few months, or will they not start for years? It takes your RNA time to crank out weird proteins in unnatural amounts. This vaccine amounts to no less than genetic engineering. And there are no long term studies done on humans to see what the long term results will be. So, half the world basically signed up for an experiment. Fun. But, if the experiment doesn’t end so well, it might not be fun for the half the planet that signed up for it.



  1. I don’t mind wearing a mask. I’ve had to wear one at work for the past 1.5 years, eight hours a day. My mother died last year because her aide spread the virus to her. I wear one at every signing I do even though I’ve been vaccinated. I do it out of courtesy in another person’s home and also to protect myself since I know it’s possible I may get it again. The only difference is that the next time I’d probably not end up in the hospital.

    Comment by June — September 24, 2021 @ 5:10 pm

  2. Stop! Just Stop! You’re not a scientist because if you were, you’d back up what you call statistics with cites from credible sources where you found the ‘statistics’. As it stands, you are only sprouting out a political talking point with no empirical evidence from data to back it up. This is not only dangerous but it’s stupid. Everyone knows or should know that with each infection from the virus; the virus will mutate slightly over and over and over again. That said, as a result of the people who think like you, the virus had a field day in the south from the variant and it has taken over as the dominant variant in the US. Therefore, common sense mitigation MUST be taken to slow the spread, which in turn, slows the number of infections, which in turn slows the mutations so we don’t continue to get dominant variants. It’s a mitigation strategy much like you mitigate some unwanted people from entering your house by having doors and windows that lock so they can’t get in, which is akin to the vaccine. With the locked doors and windows your house is secure for the most part. However, some burglars just want to get in which is where you have a second level of mitigation called a security system, which is akin to the mask. A properly worn mask and the right kind of mask (not paper as you spoke of) stops the release of the particles into the air and stops you from breathing in the particles already in the air from others. That said, do you need a mask or a security system for your house? Probably not, (depending upon where you live), but it is peace of mind knowing that you have a deterrent for burglars and it’s peace of mind for this country’s citizens to know they have a deterrent from a deadly virus.

    Comment by Richard Jackson — September 25, 2021 @ 1:23 pm

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