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January 21, 2017

National Debt Direct

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Here is what Notaries are saying about this company. I rewrote some of the commentary to condense and simplify it.

(1) Abbondanza claims they used to be a good company to work for that paid within 30 days, but then got stiffed for seven jobs.

(2) esnotary was called to drive 50 miles for a last minute signing for a debt consolidation. They promised payment in 45-60 days but the notary bargained for 30 days. Later on the Notary found out that the guy who promised 30 days admitted to not having authority to get payment out that fast. People will say anything to get a Notary for a loan. So, they Notary feels lied to and will never work for Nationwide Debt Direct again!

(3) 17408 is still waiting for a payment done two and a half months before and is not happy.

(4) wponsot started with them in mid 2015 but stopped working for them because of a non-payment issue. The manager was completely unsympathetic when the Notary announced he had not been paid.

(5) 21008 claimed he/she had done three signings for them, but back in 2013 which got paid quickly. However, things seem to have changed in the meantime — at least for other Notaries.

This company’s reviews are typical of a good company gone sluggish in the payment department. I’ve seen this too many times which is why I will stress — don’t have faith in a company just because they have been reliable so far. You don’t know what stunts they will pull in the future which is why you should limit the credit you offer to companies. Once again, it is not bad to demand money up front as you are a Notary, and not a pawn shop.

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  1. You talk about an itty bitty greatly under-capitalized industry???? I had Lehman Brothers – A financial GIANT fold on me with an unpaid balance. Phooey on playing bank, PayPal “up front” or find someone else who likes to be stiffed. Sure, I know that most are honest and pay eventually – it’s the hassle of being a collection agent that makes me shudder. And, I have NO patience for waiting. 30 plus days for payment – not me. With “signings” I earn my fee by printing and giving them the opportunity to sign. If they “don’t like the numbers” and refuse to sign – it’s no issue to me. After hearing a few “if we don’t make money, you don’t make money” I totally simplified my life by demanding (yup that’s the right word) my fee “up front”. My way or the highway.

    Comment by Kenneth Edelstein — January 23, 2017 @ 12:41 am

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