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January 28, 2017

WFG National Title Insurance Company

Here is a condensed version of the more interesting comments about this company on our forum.

(1) Penny
“I have not received payment since my assignment and invoice to WFG on November 28. Despite numerous emails saying it’s in the mail, or will be in the mail, zero.
Penny 1-17-17”

(2) Joan
“WFG in Westlake Village, CA is giving me the run around with my fee being received. Completed signing on 9-30-16, it is now 11-29-16. Unacceptable. They claim they are going through a transitional period since Michael Crowder is no longer with them. What has that got to do with A/P getting my money to me?”

(3) DanNotary
“May not be dealing with them again. Huge packages, lots of work, difficult to get through to anyone and get a response. They pay $125 but if I do anything again its going to be $150.”

(4) 29993
“I have noticed that the loan packages are getting very large…so I have begun to notify, particularly WFG whose files average 170 copies…that my minimum fee is increased by another $20.00..As I mentioned before I have had no problems getting paid and have asked each time if the file is larger than 120 pages to add in another $20…but I’ve had to followup to make sure that it was…..so this week I am sending out notifications to most of the companies I work for to increase my minimum fee to include the $20. Whenever I accept a signing…they will need to include it in the order or I will return the assignment right there and then………We all have to begin to hold the line on our fees or if you accept less then you only have yourself to blame….Good Luck!”

(5) Garyw148
“I agreed to perform a signing for WFG for 10:30am the next day. At 8am I had yet to receive any documents. WFG did not answer any of the 4 phone numbers I called. Nor did they respond to the emails I sent to 3 different people. My last email was that I was going to call the borrower and let them know the signing was cancelled. Moments later (10am) I received a response not to call the borrower that the documents were coming. Then I got an email stating the day would be changed. I called the borrower and basically said to stand by. I requested to be paid via PayPal. I got a call from Mike stating they never pay via PayPal and he would remove me from there list of notaries. I said fine. Be carful here folks. Read the other reviews.”

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  1. I do quite a bit of work with WFG and have never had a problem getting paid. Always 30-45 days.

    Comment by Kendall Leigh — February 1, 2017 @ 3:25 pm

  2. Earlier this month I decided to give WFG another chance and performed a signing for them. I was paid in less than 30 days. So I will take it one signing at a time and see how they do going forward.

    Comment by Gary Williamson — February 1, 2017 @ 5:25 pm

  3. WFG a.k.a Wellington Financial Group , Are talking about one and the same thing?
    IF so , folks , get couple things right.

    Docs can be and will be delayed for any reason what so ever. It is something beyond our control.
    WFG gives you an order sheet which serves are invoice. They are prompt on payment and I have never had issues.
    If document or complexity of signing increases ( in one case 4 signiers for a REFI) … I asked for and received a re-negotiated fee.
    So Far I have done around 10 signings for them. Got paid all .. Some got delayed,

    I dug my order sheet, emailed it every one on that order sheet and all other emails I could find. Eventually check arrived in next payment cycle.

    So when contact them for payment, ” DIG OUT THAT ORDER SHEET ” Only then it is EASY to track internally and get paid. So most of you all NOT getting paid seems like some issue that is mysterious.

    WFG is a Large title insurer & various other entities , in the same league as Fidelity, American , Chicago Title

    So.. Good luck in getting paid, But your experiences are unique.

    People always write about bad things, but then something good happens , we never report it.

    So i am making it a point to give my side of experience, which has been mostly good.

    Comment by NotaryN — February 1, 2017 @ 6:03 pm

  4. I haven’t received payment from 8/23/16 and it is 2/1 /17

    Comment by Howard Diggins — February 1, 2017 @ 9:15 pm

  5. I have done a lot of work for/with WFG and have never had a problem getting paid. I do agree though that the packages are increasing and that our fees should increase as well.

    Comment by C. D. Walker — March 2, 2017 @ 5:14 pm

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