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January 14, 2017

Jan New Signing Companies

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Barristers of Ohio

Carteret Title

Choice Notary

Consumer’s Title

Elite Settlements

Kopel and Spinner, LLC

Notaries Across the USA

Notary Cloud

Optimum Notary Signing Services

Sombrero Capital

Statewide Document Services

Tiago Title



June 25, 2016

June New Signing Companies

Here are some new signing companies we found mentioned on our forum!

Exclusive Title

Traveling Signatures

Diamond Star Notaries

Fremont Law Group

Eye Witness Signing

Sam’s Signing Service

Signing Carolina


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June 4, 2016

May New Signing Companies

Here are some new signing companies that we recently added to our list…

AAAA Notary Public Service

Accurate Group

America’s Notary Network

Coast2Coast Signings, Inc.

Dagaloo, LLC

Executive Notary Group

Ganser Mobile Notaries

Goot Financial

Greenberg Mellinger

NPN Services

One Stop Notary Shop

TCB Closing Service

Title Helpers

Xome Signings


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January 9, 2016

January List of New Signing Companies

Here are some new signing companies we recently added to our list.

Avanti Notary

Rocket Title

Sensible Signing

Choices Nationwide Notaries

American Home Title

Main Street National Title

ALO Closing Services

Sign Doc USA


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December 12, 2015

December New Signing Companies

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Here are some more signing companies that are new on our list.

Novation Settlement Solutions

Expert Notary Signing, Inc. (ENS)

Trusted Signing
Is this company related to NationStar and SolutionStar? That’s a lot of stars.

Legacy Signing Services

Olympia Law

Prestige Escrow

Blackburn Settlement Group

Knowledge Splice Services



June 13, 2015

JUNE New Signing Companies

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Here are some new signing companies that we added to our list.

Apple Law Group
ME/NJ did a job for them and then reported not getting replies to emails or phone calls.

Echo Team USA
SanKen/MN did a job for them, did not get paid in time and then emailed the company who ignored this Notary.

Ink Technologies
This company sells toner. But, according to one Notary, the quality of the toner went down hill as Julie/MI got a few defective toners from them. Hmmm…

Jet Title
Ireneky claims to have done a signing for this company a few years ago and got paid well and got paid quickly!

Malibu Funding
Has anyone worked for this company before? They offer Refinance notarizations.

Setco Services, LLC
Find out what it is like to work for them.

State Farm Insurance
Has anyone worked for this company before?

USA National Title
Has anyone worked for this company before?


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May 16, 2015

New Signing Co’s

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May New Signing Companies

XP Notary
One notary claims they are nice to work for.

Global Title Services
One notary had to threaten a small claims action.

One notary was removed from their list for working for another competitor. Bizarre. I’ve never heard this before.

Global Equity Finance
One Notary just had a smooth signing with this company.

Superior Abstract & Title
One Notary just did a VA for this company. Read all about it.

Phynix Management Group
One Notary got paid within 30 days from this company.


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August 2, 2014

August NEW signing companies: Signing Company Saturday!

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Signing Company Saturday!
We are going to try to publish content about signing companies on Saturdays from now on. I might miss a few if there is nothing to write about, but I will do my best. We’ll write about new companies, popular companies, and companies with gossip every Saturday!

There were many new signing companies that I found on Notary Rotary, however few had any meaningful commentary about them. There were a handful of companies on our forum that had some decent feedback. So, here is my compilation of new signing companies for August!

Equity Settlement Services
45 day payment? One notary claims that their late check was $10 less than what was agreed upon!

Executive Notary Service
Notaries are reporting friendly interactions and no problems with this newer signing company.

Nationwide Debt Direct, LLC
20 page packages and 30 day pay? Wow, this is the company for me! If there are any questions, just call the main office and let them do the talking!

Triton National Title
One notary said, “I just did a sellers package about 3 weeks ago and got paid in two weeks!

Creative signings
One notary said, “This used to be a great company, small packages and great pay, associated with Hilton Grand Vacations.”
Notary wanted an apology for being owed for four signings which resulted in an argument with the staff. Rumors that the used to be Vital signings.

Paradise Settlement Services
One notary did a signing for them in June and was paid promptly after

Cosmopolitan Title — Winter Park FL
One notary had to send two truth in lendings and eight right to cancels? How many times can a person possibly cancel?

Signon Service
Notaries responding in 2011 had more trouble getting paid. But, as of 2013, we are getting better reviews about this company’s payment speed.


June 17, 2013

June NEW list of signing companies

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Here is another small list of signing companies that are new to our list!

Notary Delivery, LLC
They never sent the paypal to Ken. Hmmm.

Premier Notary
Payment issues, or record keeping issues? You decide!

Notaries think that they are not so quick about paying for their signings

Ravenswood Title
One thumb up

Sign N Seal Notary Service
There are mixed reviews on this company

Is this company owned by another company with a history that you should know about?

Low ball fees and fax backs? Sounds familiar. Might be a good place for newbies to apply!

Wise Settlement Services
How difficult did it used to be to get paid, and how hard is it now?