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January 29, 2016

Pastor Notary – can you Pastorize a document?

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We have many Notaries on 123notary who are members of the clergy. I always wonder when we will get a good Rabbi who can specialize in Kosher notarizations. But, I don’t think that the laws of Judaism discuss notarial acts just as long as you don’t notarize false gods or golden bulls. But, if Judaism did, I wonder what kind of picky rules they would have. In any case, we have many Christian clergymen who are in the Notary business. The perform marriages, and do general Notary work as well.

One borrower found it nice to have a member of the clergy at his signing. He had been waiting his entire life to say something to a clergyman during a signing. “Forgive me father, for I have rescinded!”

But, my question (sorry to sound tongue and cheek) is if these religious types only notarize documents, can they Pastorize a document as well? And if so, what would the Pastorization process be like. Would they plant some grass on the document to make it more like a pasture? Add a few cows? Or cook it briefly to kill the germs. Or would they make tacos al pastor? I guess the world will never know. But, if you ever come across a Pastor Notary, as him/her/them and relay what you learned to us over here at 123notary. We’re dying to know.


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  1. I’m an ordained pastor. And I also am a NSA and do general notary work. I treat all people the way that I wish to be treated. With Love and Respect.
    Matthew 7:10 tells us- so in everything do to others as they would have done to you, so this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

    Also, Jesus said in John 15:12 this is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

    And in John 15:17 jesus said – these things I command you, that you may love one another.

    Why is it so important to love?

    Because if you don’t love you can’t serve.

    After all, That is the business we’re in. To serve, and to love everyone that you come in contact with.

    As a pastor m, That’s my food for thought.

    Many blessings to all!

    Comment by Scott Berman — May 19, 2020 @ 2:53 am

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