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November 1, 2018

Comedic suggestions for slogans for particular names of notaries on our site

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Every time I look at a Notary’s name, I get ideas for slogans. Sometimes I tell Notaries these slogans. Look for your name here. I am only listing a small percentage of our Notaries, but you might be there.

Carmen Bland — “Call me if you want a truly tasteless Notary.”

Sally Cripps — “Call me for drive by signings.” (I changed the first name so as not to offend anyone.)

Robert Burger — “Over 1 billion signed.”

Sheila Mabry — “Yes, No or Mabry Notary Services.”

Charles Cook — “Kiss the Notary” or “Well-done notarizations with Charles Cook.”

Carmen Towles — “Throw in the Towles Notary Service.”

Jenny Kong — “Queen Kong Notarizations.”

Mary Potter — “Get notarized by me and I’ll use my brother’s magic Notary seal.”

Shirley Silver — “Not quite gold standard mobile notary.”

Mary Jane Jock — “Tired of being notarized by nerds? Call me!”

Catherine Minor — “Have you ever wanted to be notarized by a minor? Now’s your chance!”

Vene Moses — “Let me lead you out from being lost in the Notarial desert.”

Ann Dye — “A Notary Service to Dye for.”

Donna Mooney — “Looney Mooney Notary Services.” or “Full Mooney Notary Services.”

Robert Crouch — “Crouch ain’t no slouch.”

Sharon Wolf — “A Notary service in sheep’s clothing.”

Christine Loya — “You don’t need an Attorney, you need a Loya… Loya Notary Services.”

Kathleen Spies — Shaken not Stirred Notary Services.” or “007 Notary Services.” or “Double Agent Notary Service.”

Paige Borel — “You can’t replace this Paige.” or “Call me and we’ll be on the same Paige.”

Yvonne Blankenship — “My ship might be blank, but I do not notarize documents with blanks.”

Jennifer Winkler — “Get Notarized by the Fonz’s sister and say — eyyyy…”

Leslie Worth — “When you’re tired of those other worthless Notaries, call me!” or “Looking for a Notary where you get value? Look no further.”

Eva Sommer — “All Season Notary.”

Kathryn Reynolds — “The Notary who wraps things up.”

Shelly Booth — “The Notary Booth Notary Service.”

Tresia Burrow — “Ground hog Notary services.” or “A Notary who digs deep into Notary issues?”

Debra Wise — “Wisdom Notary Services — we never wise off to our customers.”

Wendy Gray — “50 Shades of Gray Notary Service.”

Robert Hyatt — “We notarize even after check out time.”

Etta Bell — “A Notary with a nice ring to it.” or “The Notary whose name rings a bell.” or “Heard of Etta? No, but the name rings a bell.”

Pearl Champaign — “Bubbly Notarizations.”

Robert Pratt — “A notary who never falls or clowns around.”

Dorothy Holmes — :Holmes equity line of credit Notary Service.” or “Mortgage your home with Holmes!” or “Your Holmes or mine Notary Service.”

Barb West — :Your business will never go South with me.” or “Call me for a Notary who is the best in the West.”

Tammy Mello – “Call me for a relaxed signing.”

Lucille Frost — “Chill Out Notary Services.”

Brian Quick — “Quick Signings Notary Service.” or “Call me for a quick signing!” or “Call me for the fastest Notary anywhere!”

Denise Lytle — “A lot from a Lytle Notary Services.” or “Call me for a Notary who works a lot, but only charges a Lytle.”

April Risley — “Spring Notary Services, let us spring into action.”

David Love — “You’ll like my work but you’ll love my prices.” or “You’ll love my work. or “For a Notary you’ll love.” or “I love you, man – Notary Services.” or “All is fair in love and Notary work.”

Sandy Moose — “Antlers in the head lights Notary Service.” or “Call me for a Notary who spends three hours parked in the middle of the road blocking traffic for no apparent reason.”

Julie Key — “Let me be your key to a successful notarization.”

Elizabeth Lock — “Lock & Key Notary Services.” (Maybe she should do a merger with Julie Key…)

Amanda Deel — “Deel me in Notary Services.” or “Great Deel Notary Services.”

Cheryl Bass — “There’s nothing fishy about this Notary.” or “For a Notary who is low key.”

Kelly Ruble — “Dollar for Dollar Notary Services.” or “You’ll never get a bad exchange rate with us.”

Heather Day — “Day or Night Notary Services.” or “24 hour notary services.”

Brittni Couch — “Coach Potato Notary Service.”

Gina Sas — “The Notary Service That Never Talks Back.”

Amber Dates — “Amber Alert Notary Service.” or “Blind Date Notary Service” or “Dates & Times Notary Services.” or “Medjool Notary Service.” or “Get notarized by pitted Dates with us.”

Pamela Knight — “Day or Knight 24 Hour Notary Services.”

Karla Hand — “Lend me a Hand Notary Service.” or “Hands on Notary Service.” or “Witness my Hand and official seal Notary Service.”

Angela Ma — “Not just another Ma & Pa Notary Service.”

Judy Weddle — “Don’t Meddle with Weddle.”

Verna Wright — “Get the Wright Notary at the Wright Price.”

Stephanie Story — “Chapter and verse Notary Service.” or “Once upon a time Notary Service.”

Coleen Ho — “Who you callin’ a Ho Notary Services.” or “Call me for a Notary who is gung ho.” (we changed the first name so as not to offend anyone too badly.)

Karen Wynn — “Wynn Wynn Notary Services.”

La Donna Penny — “Pennies on the Dollar Notary Service.”

Edwin Forte — “Notarizing is my Forte!”

Julia Hill — “Up Hill Notary Services.” or “Over the Hill Notary Services.” or “It’s all down hill from here Notary services.”

Robert Getter — “Getter is Better and will notarize your document or Letter!”

Ricky Salmon — “Wild Alaskan Notary Service.” or “Omega 3 Notary Service.”

Frank Tabacca — “Pipe Dream Notary Service”

Liz Demera — “I’m Liz Demera of Madera County.”

Stoney Wright — “Looking for Mr. Wright? Look no further.” or “Mr. Wright Notary Services.” or “Wrights and Responsibilities Notary Services.”

Julie Sleep — “I’m so experienced I can sign in my sleep.”


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October 28, 2018

Notary Tips vs. Notary Burnt Ends

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At 123notary, we give lots of Notary tips. People browse our blog and learn something. Some people find it entertaining. But, what is the difference between a Notary tip, and a Notary burnt end?

Say, you are notarizing for people at a BBQ joint, (or a Notary BBQ joint which actually exist, but only in my blog articles). They don’t know what to do, but you are the expert. They ask, “How do you explain the APR to a non-borrowing spouse?” If you go through the procedure of explaining how the APR is based on the monthly payments compared to the amount borrower after certain fees and closing costs have been deducted, and calculated on a compounded basis — that is a Notary tip. But, if you start yelling at them that you are not an Attorney and cannot discuss loan term and how dare they ask, that would be more of a Notary burnt end.

On the other hand, if you had a good career as a Notary back from 2004 to 2013 and now left the industry because you couldn’t make a living — that is a bad way to end your career, but is it a bad end or a burnt end?

What if you give your Notary tip over and over to the point where your client is burned out hearing it and then you add a little Mama Sue’s Kansas City sauce to it. Does that make the Notary tip a burnt end?

The last scenario is if you take a notarized document and put it in one of those oil barrel cut in half type of BBQ grills. Is that destroying evidence, or turning a notary tip into a burnt end, or turning a notary document into a burnt end. I am not sure what it makes it, but I don’t know if it is legal to grill an Oath. You can grill an Affiant, but can you grill an Affirmation? Try it and find out.


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October 20, 2018

A trip to a metaphysical bookstore

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I read about Bodhi Tree metaphysical bookstore, a popular place in Los Angeles that is now only an online store. But, while they had a physical location, I called them up and asked what type of bookstore they were.

JEREMY: (ring-ring) Hello? Bodhi Tree? What type of bookstore are you?

BODHI TREE: We are a metaphysical bookstore.

JEREMY: Super. I’ll be right over.

So, I went into a transe, got my gatekeeper spirit to come… he guards the entry point to my body so that evil spirits do not enter my body while I leave my body. I leave my body, go to a metaphysical car rental place in the astral plain, rent a car, drive over to Bodhi Tree’s metaphysical location and find out that they are not there. What an ordeal! I come back into normal consciousness, and call Bodhi Tree again.

JEREMY: (ring-ring) Hi, Bodhi Tree?

BODHI TREE: Didn’t we hear from you an hour ago?

JEREMY: Yes, um… I went into the astral plain, and try to find your store on a metaphysical level, but it was not there. I rented an astral car and drove all over the metaphysical universe, but you were nowhere to be found.

BODHI TREE: Oh, no. We are a physical store.

JEREMY: Then WHY did you say you were a metaphysical bookstore?

BODHI TREE: Oh, because the books we sell are metaphysical.

JEREMY. (pause…) Oh! So, I need to drive my physical car to your physical store, which will have bookshelves that are all empty because your books are all metaphysical???

BODHI TREE: Ummm, well not exactly. Our books are physical books about metaphysical topics.

JEREMY: (pause…… ) Oh! ….. Now I understand. But, I can’t come this week.

(next week)

JEREMY: (ring ring) Bodhi Tree???

BODHI TREE: Sorry, but we have closed. But, visit our website if you want to order online. We are now an online store.

JEREMY: Looks like I will have to go to the underworld to visit their cyber store. Where is my gate keeper spirit??? I think it would be easier if their store really was a metaphysical store. But, then the lady at the counter might be a talking alligator. That is how the underworld is. Animals that talk, people who have faces that morph into other beings. Really weird. And then you come out of your transe, and everything is normal again. At least the way I do it. But, the way people do it in Peru is a little different. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

NOTARY: Hello, I am a metaphysical notary. Would you like me to notarize something?

JEREMY: Yes, I have a metaphysical document.

NOTARY: Sorry, I can’t notarize it because the certificate has out of state wording.

JEREMY: Darn!!!! At least the document is within our realm of consciousness though — just put that in the venue.

NOTARY: It doesn’t work that way, not if you are an m-Notary.

JEREMY: I’ve heard of an eNotary, but not an mNotary. I guess that is a metaphysical notary.

NOTARY: Yeah. Just make sure your commission doesn’t get terminated down here because that would be an eternity.

JEREMY: I’ll keep that in mind. By the way, there are no counties in the astral world. Only talking alligators!


October 19, 2018

The pro choice movement in the Notary industry

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Notaries are so pro choice these days that they can’t even do their job. I asked a question where the notary was asked, under a particular situation, which type of notary act could you do? The answer typically given by notaries who don’t know their job was that the Notary could not choose the act for the client. I never asked them to choose, only to identify which act would be legal in their state. That is very different. It seems that Notaries are so pro-choice that they cannot see straight.

But, should a signer have the right to abort their notarization, after the right to rescission is in the second quarter or trimester? Would that even be moral? Personally, I think that the signer should have the right to choose, unless they are a man. In America, men aren’t allowed equal rights. The woman has the right to choose, and the man has the responsibility to pay. I think this should be reversed, after all it is part of the man’s body involved in the pregnancy, even if it is a microscopic excretion, right?

Maybe there needs to be a Federal Court case to determine whether or not the signer should have the right to choose. But, how do you decide of the notarization is a fully independent life form? Does it even matter? Christian Notaries are very against the right to abort a Notarization. But, if you look at the situation from alternate points of view, that is exactly why society has so many fatherless documents running around with no guidance causing routine disruptions to society, court cases, and even murder.

Is it worth it to save the life of a document, even though statistically that document might take the life of another? I guess these questions are far too deep for me to ponder.

Next thing you know, thousands of female Notaries will be marching the streets of Washington DC demanding new legislation that will protect female signers right to choose anything from pen color, which notary act to use, and the right to abort a botched notarization. You will hear about the pro choice movement in Notary newsletters throughout the land, and in conversations in forums everywhere. The movement will breed controversy between men and women, liberals and conservatives, parents and their children. On the other hand, it isn’t the 60′ anymore, so maybe people will stick to knocking down statues of our nation’s not so equal heritage instead.

In any case, next time you need another fellow notary, ask them if they are pro choice.


October 3, 2018

Have you ever had a Notary burger?

What is a Notary burger? Sounds good.

It has certified Angus beef
An embossed flat bread bun
Onions from Affianto Farms
Mortgage-sturd, ketchup and a little mayo.
Lettuce from a commissioned farm
You can have the option to add bacon

But you can get a special type of mushroom that looks like a Notary seal. It is rectangular on top.
Don’t forget to order a drink or you’ll really be in a pickle
You can also get a small fries if you are a small fry.
After you order, don’t forget to put down in your journal that you ordered a Notary burger, it’s considered a Notary act in some states. Except you pay the fee instead of receiving a fee.

Finish off your meal with some ice cream from Jen & Sherry’s like some Rescinded Rum Raisin, or Vanilla Venue.

I’m sure you’ll love this burger so much that you will swear (or affirm) by it.

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September 25, 2018

The glass Notary seal-ing.

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Women in the Notary industry have been complaining about the glass Notary seal-ing. They feel they can never get ahead in this industry. The high paying title companies won’t hire them enough and they get too much low-balling work from $50 signing companies who require fax backs. What can they do?

One Notary made a statement by purchasing a glass, see through Notary seal to protest this glass ceiling. Another took to the streets and picketed the Secretary of State Notary Division’s office. A third rebelled by passing the 123notary Elite Test and got elite certified. That last Notary started getting a lot more work.

The secret here is to become a master of your skill set instead of letting the industry drag you around like a prisoner handcuffed to the back of a train. Study more and be the best Notary you can. And one more thought. Instead of complaining about a glass ceiling, have some glass noodles at a local Chinese spot.


September 24, 2018

Want to stay in shape as a Notary? Try Notar-cizing

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What is Notar-cizing? It is a way Notaries can get their exercise in. They can read the Secretary of State’s handbook over and over while jogging in place. They can practice lifting their seal up and down. Or they can staple certificates to documents again and again. It sounds kind of lame and insane, actually, but many Notaries claim they have lost weight doing these exercises.

Another suggestion is to answer Notary questions while walking. You could have your friend call you while you are doing your daily five miles and think your way through dozens of Notary questions.

If you really want to get in shape, job down to the Secretary of State’s office in your state capitol. You will be just like Forrest Gump jogging day after day. If that doesn’t get you slim, then it’s time for a visit to the Notary gym.


August 17, 2018

The Emergency Button

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JOHNNY: I’m doing a Notary in the hood, but every time I go there, I get followed by these characters. The harrassment never ends.

WIZARD: No problem. We developed this device. Just press the button and we will teleport ourselves to wherever you are and show up in our klan outfits to protect you.

JOHNNY (White Liberal Notary): Hmm, I don’t know. I don’t exactly approve of your organization.

WIZARD: Well when the police are nowhere to be found you might reconsider.

DARIAN (Confident Black Notary): Hey man, don’t worry about these guys. They ain’t no problem. I ain’t afraid of nothin’.

(The next day. Johnny walks through the hood and gets followed.)

THUGS: What are you doing in our hood, white boy?

JOHNNY: Uh -oh… (presses button)

WIZARD: Stop following my friend Johnny, or I’ll be back with my boys!

THUGS: Hmmm. We better see our connections about this.

(The thugs go to see their contact who gives them an emergency button for backup.)

THUGS: We need an emergency button!

SALESMAN: Just watch this video. “When I have thug back up, it doesn’t matter if I don’t know where I am… THEY know where I am. It detects if I fall, and they have a file on what my medical (or legal) problems are.

THUGS: Sold!

(The next day. Johnny has another notary appointment in the hood and once again gets followed.)

THUGS: So, you came back to our hood. What brought you back?

JOHNNY: Work. (presses button several times)

WIZARD: (appears out of thin air) Okay, I’m here with my gang of six. Back off and don’t bother our friend Johnny.

THUGS: Well we have a little surprise for you. (presses button and twelve more thugs show up and beat up the klan guys). Take that (bash) and that (clash). You guys are a bunch of racists.

WIZARD’s ASSISTANT: Well we wouldn’t be here if you weren’t racially harassing and beating up OUR people.

THUGS: Good point.

WIZARD: When we defend our people it’s okay, but when you do your business, it’s racist.

THUGS: What a double standard!

WIZARD: Uh-oh. Time to leave. (presses button and disappears.)

JOHNNY: Uh oh. Time to call 911. (911 comes)

THUGS: Uh-oh, police on the scene, you know what I mean. Time to press the disappear button.

(Meanwhile Darius the other Notary who ain’t afraid of nothin’ got jumped and is currently in the hospital.)

DARIAN: I can’t believe this happened. I felt so secure. And now I’m in the hospital.

WIZARD: I can’t believe I’m in here as well. Can’t we all just get along?

DARIUS: Am I hearing this correctly? YOU want to get along?


(Meanwhile, the police confront the gang.)

POLICE: Freeze, we have you surrounded.

THUGS: That’s what you think. (presses button and twelve more thugs arrive and engage in shoot out.)

POLICE: We better press our back up button. (presses button and twenty more police arrive.)

THUGS: We need more backup, but our button is malfunctioning.

POLICE: This is just like the Los Angeles riots of 1992. We better get out of here. It’s too dangerous. We’ll just tell the Korean merchants or whomever is in trouble that we can’t make it and that we hope they have insurance. See ya!

THUGS: Before you go, isn’t confronting danger to make society safer the whole point of your job?

POLICE: Not in our book. Getting home by 6pm to our loving wives and getting paid overtime is the main priority, not to mention getting my damn steering wheel fixed.




WIZARD: If you wouldn’t go to that hood, we wouldn’t have this problem to begin with.

NOTARY: Hey, I’m an equal opportunity Notary. Now you’re being racist.

WIZARD: If those intolerant thugs were not in the hood, you would not have called us in the first place. You can’t change the world, but you can change your habits.

NOTARY: Good point.


(The next day after a quick recovery with a few bandages the Wizard goes to one of the thug’s house to protest what happened.)

WIZARD: I am burning this cross as a candle light vigil to protest the unfair racial discrimination that our people have faced due to the thug that lives in this here building. Hey, what are you guys doing here?

JEW KLUX KLAN GUY: Jewish power! I am burning this star of David to protest also. But, because someone else in this complex married out of our faith. Such a disgrace.

ISLAMIC EXTREMIST GUY: I saw you guys and decided to join the party. I’m burning a crescent. It’s our way of doing things. But, I actually have nothing to protest today. After all, Israel didn’t build any new settlements recently.

(Meanwhile a very angry lady from nearby in the ‘hood drove by and started shooting.)

WIZARD: We are being persecuted all over again while having a peaceful protest. The unfairness of it all — ouch, I’m hit. Back to the hospital.

(In Hospital)

WIZARD: Hey, it’s you again

DARIAN: You’re back. Getting beat up wasn’t enough for you, you had to get shot.

WIZARD: I could have died in that there ‘hood. We’re being persecuted (sniffle.)

(Another angry lady from the same ‘hood as the thugs comes to the hospital room and starts shooting, but gets arrested)

LADY: I’m shooting these people because they are racists!

WIZARD: We didn’t do anything racist… at least not in the last few years. We were protesting being persecuted by thugs from your ‘hood, and the result is to be violently persecuted two more times. Do I need to fill out a permission slip to have freedom of speech and expression?

POLICE: How unfair, and especially for these things to happen to you of all people sarcastically). I’m sure a good half a percent of the population in Los Angeles will have sympathy and feel your pain.

WIZARD: Well they should (whimper.) And I’m sure they just love paying over time for you to have donuts.

POLICE: Actually, we switched to bagels for health reasons. It is sort of a culture shift in the department.

DARIAN: Hey man, this guy is just defending his people. Wait. Why am I defending you?

This skit was thought of when watching the commercial for the emergency health button. It detects if you fell, and you can press the button, and help will be on the way.

“I don’t need to know where I am… THEY know where I am. If I called 911 they wouldn’t know what to do, but emergency button has my health information on file.”


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August 11, 2018

Names for Notaries to name their children

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We think of Notary work as something that we just do. But, what if we encourage our children to become Notaries? It might help if they had a Notarial sounding name to do well in the industry. Here are my ideas.

Affi-David — you can name his brother Affi-Goliath
Rescinda / Rescindo
Affirma — sounds like a health product or hair care.
Embosston — sounds more like a city.
S. Crow
S.S. — comes next to the venue.
Journal — keep it simple
Notario — just don’t use this name in Texas without a disclaimer.
Ginnie Mae
Paula Ursula Davenport — initials would be PUD.
Ferdinand Harry Armstrong — initials would be FHA.
A. Paul Steele

Feel free to leave your comments if you have any other ideas.


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July 28, 2018

Shark Tank: A signing company wants to sell shares on Shark Tank

Filed under: Humorous Posts — admin @ 12:40 am

CONTESTANT: Hello Sharks, my name is Dave and I want to sell 50% of my company on Shark Tank. We are a signing company that caters to nationwide title companies. We get Notaries around the country to do signings for us, and then keep them waiting forever to get paid to improve upon our cash flow. There is nothing new or innovative about our business practices. It is similar to most other signing companies.

Mr. WONDERFUL: I have a great idea. Since you take forever to pay people who have done work for you, I’ll buy 50% of your business and then take forever to pay you for it.

CONTESTANT: Oh, well, I’m not sure I like that idea.

LORI: If you don’t like being treated that way, don’t treat others that way. What comes around goes around.

CONTESTANT: Well, that’s just the way our industry works. I don’t always get paid on time by title either.

LORI: As I was saying, refer to my last statement.

Mr. WONDERFUL: It seems like you are participating more in the bad karma business than the signing business. Maybe you should change your business model.

MARK: Yeah, perhaps you should pay people a day before they do the work and then they can keep you waiting indefinitely to actually do the work. That is how it is hiring programmers.

CONTESTANT: Please don’t bring up the “p” word.

LORI: The “p” word? Programmers? Why? Did you pay them and then they didn’t do their work? That is a business model for most programming companies in the industry who cater to small clients. That’s why I get an air-tight contract before I hire a programmer to even write a single line of code.

BARBARA: Sounds like you need a better business model. I’m out by the way. But, if you consider paying people upon proof of having finished service by having them fax you a few pages of the work, that might be a reasonable system for having work done and paid for quickly.

CONTESTANT: Yeah. The problem is that if I pay the Notary before I get paid by Title, I might just be out the money.

LORI: That’s a cost of doing business. Pay the Notary whatever you can afford after you calculate the percentage chance that you won’t get paid. At least you will still have good Notaries working for you in this case.

CONTESTANT: Okay. I’m out.

Mr. WONDERFUL: You can’t be out. You’re the contestant. By the way I’m out.

CONTESTANT: Well, it sounds like I’m not going to get paid on time which is why I’m out.

LORI: We could paypal you the funds right away.

CONTESTANT: But, funds can be reversed and the policies are wishy-washy for non-tangibles.

LORI: But, I don’t want anything to do with your type of business model paying people late and not being innovative. Why not a more cutting edge business model where Title is forced to pay within 72 hours of you paying the notary or you either cut them as a client or raise their rates accordingly. You could have the whole pay structure as part of an automated system.

CONTESTANT: Snapdocs is the only intelligent business model these days. The rest of us use technology from the 90’s.

Mr. WONDERFUL: It’s time to get with the times. I’m out. Ooops. I said that already. Oh, running out of time speaking of time. It’s time for our next contestant.

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