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June 2, 2019

China’s economic growth and how that affects you

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I always accuse Chinese people living in America of living in an Asian bubble. Only talking to people who are just like them and never expanding their social network to the outside world leaves them in this bubble. In real life it is not exactly like that but it sure seems like it. However, I forget that Americans live in another sort of a bubble. They might know people from foreign countries but they don’t know what is going on in those foreign countries unless they travel to those places themselves. What does this all mean?

For those of you who don’t know, China has been growing at a huge rate for the last forty years. Economic growth was over ten percent per year for decades and has now slowed down to about 7% which is still high. America, due to all the red tape, and aging and tired work force, and an acute labor shortage is only growing around 2% per year. Additionally, China tends to take over entire industries. I remember twelve years ago I knew three ladies in the fashion design business. Their business was ravaged by the Chinese and 90% of their work force became suddenly unemployed unless they wanted to go back and forth to China. China has taken over a lot of the semiconductor business and is likely to take over many more industries as time goes on. But, why should you care?

If China is growing 5% per year faster than we are, that means in 14 years they will be twice as powerful as the USA. There could be mass unemployment in certain industries. There might also be economic projects headed by the Chinese on American soil. We could become subjugated by them in many ways as time goes on.

The other problem which is particularly noticeable with Notaries is that Americans have a poor study ethic and an aversion to technical subjects. This is a problem as the jobs of tomorrow will be increasingly reliant on technology. Chinese not only have a high IQ for technical tasks, but they like studying hard and working in these industries. If they are the only people who can handle technology, that means we will be their servants — if we are lucky. Or we might end up left out of the global economy and die of starvation in slums. I might be completely wrong in my fears, but there is a large basis for my thoughts and worries.

The average American family has their kids study less than an hour per day while Chinese families have their children do triple that. When American kids finish college, they typically don’t know how to do anything — what a waste of money. Personally I think college is a con job unless you want to be a teacher, doctor or lawyer. If you want to do anything practical, you should go to school for that purpose. If the Chinese are the only people who function at a higher level economically and we don’t, what future will we have?

The moral of the story is that if you want your children or grandchildren to have a future, have them study match, science, and programming a lot. Get them tutors, and start them off at a very young age. That way they will be able to do real work when they are sixteen. This takes discipline, and that discipline could help us all avoid a horrible economic crisis in years to come. And in the mean time, if you are a Notary, then spend a little more time studying how to be a great Notary because the average score on my last email quiz was 40%. Would you hire a notary in the 40% competency range?


June 1, 2019

LA COUNTY – Traffic ideas

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Dear County / City of Los Angeles,
My name is Jeremy Belmont. i have lived in this county for 20 years. I love it here, but you have some serious logistical problems. In this article, I will show that there are several principals that can be applied to traffic retrofitting that are easy, low in cost, and effective. Additionally, there are other techniques which might be more invasive and costly that also could prove optimal in certain specific situations. I will divide this article into sections and categories to make it easier to digest.

1. Earthquake preparedness
2. Bicycle & Scooter issues
3. Quick retrofitting for roads & intersections
4. Non-invasive large scale solutions
5. Invasive and costly solutions to serious traffic snags.
6. Downtown considerations

Category 1. Earthquake preparedness.
We live in a city that is prone to earthquakes. Yet since I have been here, we have not had anything more than a tremor. In the event of an unexpected earthquake (such as if mother nature forgets to send a memo), Los Angeles traffic could be crippled not for days, but for years. Highway bridges and overpasses on the 405 and other highways are the most vulnerable crux in our traffic system. Should there be a bad earthquake, and these bridges fall, it could take years to get them all fixed.

My solution is to start fixing the problem long before there is a problem. The worst issue is traffic going over the hill into the valley. East-West traffic from Los Angeles to Santa Monica is another huge issue. Having wide routes that go through the hills that are surface streets makes sense because those will be stable in an earthquake. Such an idea will be unpopular with the local residents as it will tear up their hills, however, for the general good of society it is necessary and it is also necessary to start the project as soon as possible as that may be our online lifeline to the valley. Without it it could take six hours on a good day to make it from Hollywood to Studio City — I kid you not!

Retrofitting bridges and overpasses is another idea. Having detailed plans and available resources and building materials to rebuild destroyed bridges is something to think about now and NOT after there is a problem.

Category 2. Bicycle & Scooter issues
Bicycles and scooters are very environmentally friendly modes of transportation. There are various problem associated with these modes of transportation.

1. Bicycles & Scooters are not subjected to laws regarding REAR LIGHTS.
I believe that all vehicles on any divided road (with divider or double yellow lines) should be required to obey the same laws of the road that a motorized vehicle does. The laws state that bicycles must obey the laws of the road, but these laws are not enforced much.

2. Bicycles & Scooters are not subjected to laws regarding FRONT LIGHTS
Front lights SHOULD NOT BE FLASHING as this is very disturbing. Yes it gets them noticed, but that is the only thing you notice which means that your attention is distracted which could cause death or bodily injury not to mention annoyance.

3. Bicycles & Scooters should NOT be allowed to be used on a sidewalk unless they are on a designated bike path. Bodily injury happens regularly when bikes & scooters use the sidewalk. It is also very disturbing to walk out of a building only to have a near miss with a scooter. There seems to be no law enforcement for these vehicles and this needs to change.

4. Bike Routes.
The city spends lots of money creating poorly thought out bike routes. The result is that the width of the road available for motor vehicles is restricted to allow for an occasional bike. I was on Figueroa and cars could not move. Yet there was a bike path and bikes coming on schedule every two minutes. This is an inefficient use of space. If you got a fixed fee per vehicle your aggregate revenue would go down as a result of this mis-allocation of resources.

Principals of Bike Routes
(a) Bike routes should be built in places where they will be heavily used. Usage could vary over time depending on how thoughtful the route is. A user-friendly route might experience regular increase in traffic while a dangerous and poorly thought out route might not get used much at all.

(b) Bike routes should NOT be built in places with heavy motor vehicle traffic as those roads are already congested enough. Bike routes can weave around the city and should ideally use roads that typically have light traffic. Or, if car traffic can be re-routed (which is not easy) then bikes might be more suited for streets like Figueroa.

(c) Bike highways are something that exists in Europe and might not be cost effective in America. However, bike riders who I spoke to said that a completely separated route would be attractive to them for safety reasons. A bike highway could be elevated, and only built in places with heavy bike traffic. Kiosks could be built for items that bicyclists might like. Locked parking areas for bikes would be good too.

(d) Share a bike system. These days, more and more cities are having shared vehicle systems. You can rent a scooter by the minute. You can rent a bike in Beverly Hills. These systems use apps and credit cards. It is popular, but not safe as it is not run by the city. My idea is to have the city run a simple system where you can rent a segway, bike or scooter, and use it on a separated road. You can pay a machine with cash, smart card, use an app, or use your iPhone to do the transaction. Payment flexibility is something I like. The system would be designed where you cannot run your vehicle off the established route and cannot steal the vehicles as it might be physically impossible to move them off the route (somehow… that is an engineering question… above my paygrade.)

(e) The slow vehicle route. Imagine a system where you see bikes, segways, scooters, and golf carts. These vehicles do not differ drastically in weight compared to bikes vs. cars or trucks. They go similar speeds as well. If they had their own routes that would be safe. But, to make sure you get enough traffic in the routes, having more options for payment, and vehicle choices would increase traffic. If you could pay a dollar and jump on a golf card with some other people to go two or three miles down the road, how convenient is that?

(f) If the idea of separate bike routes happens, buildings could be constructed near the bike paths where users of the system could live.

The below points are for bike routes integrated with regular roads.
(g) Cars need to turn right, but when they do, they might smash into a bicyclist.

(h) Going through intersections is dangerous as someone running a red light might hit you. For roads with bike routes that the city would like people to actually use, you need a safe way for bikes to go through intersections.

(i) Having fewer intersections on bike routes makes sense. Less intersections = less danger.

(j) Having a bike route temporarily go in the middle of the street separated by curbs would be good so that at intersections cars could be in the lane to the right and not pose a danger to the bikes. To get into that middle lane, bikes might need to cross a cross walk, or cross through heavy traffic which once again is dangerous. Streets that intersect with one way streets would pose less issues for bike traffic as bikes could travel on the left on intersections with right turn possibilities and then cross over and be on the right when the left turn avails. This way bikes would not have a conflict of interest with cars at the point of intersections. I would need to draw a diagram to clearly show this point.

The other way to do this is to have a bike route that is always in a middle lane, but have stop lights for the bikes so that the cars can turn into the right lane so that they can prepare for a turn. Using this approach the bikes would stop while the cars are going and vice versa which would cause a lot of delays. On long streets, having cross-overs only every two to three blocks would reduce time lost.

(k) Having bike fly-overs at major intersections would be safe. However, this is expensive. But, by sharing the cross over with pedestrians, scooters, etc., it might be more efficient or cost effective overall.

(l) Allowing bikes to swerve in and out of traffic, from roads to sidewalks and all over is very dangerous and a problem. Bikes need to follow rules and behave orderly.

(m) Bikes should ideally be registered and operators should need a license to operate on a divided road (i.e. with double yellow lines). This will increase the level of safety and education about the rules of the road. Right now we have anarchy which is annoying and dangerous.

Category 3. Quick Retrofitting for Roads to increase traffic.
Roads in Los Angeles are typically overused, and clogged most of the day, particularly during rush hour. There are various causes for this situation. Not having enough road space, clogged intersections, parking on major streets, valets, etc. I have a list of solutions to this type of problem.

1. Building more roads is a solution to the issue of road space. This involves knocking down large swaths of territory and destroying many homes. In the long run it would really help the city, but there would be many complaints in the short run.

2. Having multi-purpose roads is the main reason why traffic is so bad. Roads are used for driving, parking, bus stops, bikes, turning on short distance trips, and other purposes. By having certain roads focus on certain purposes, that might allow traffic to flow. If certain roads are optimized for driving straight for three or more miles, those roads would really move quickly, especially if the traffic lights were optimized. To achieve this goal, parking would need to happen on side streets or alleys and those who want to do lots of left turns should probably not use a long distance optimized road.

3. Unclogging intersections is an interesting problem. There are various ways to do this. Here are some ideas. Some of these ideas I learned about by reading about logistics and city planning on the internet.

(a) Move bus stops away from major intersections. They clog lanes so that only middle lanes can flow. Moving a bus stop a block and a quarter down the street will allow cars to get in and out of the bigger intersections and bus takers will only have to walk an extra block. I think they need the exercise, what do you think?

(b) Don’t allow parking within a block of a major intersection. Having side streets accommodate more parking is a good idea. It is common to have difficult parking restrictions on side streets to please the residents. The consequences is that that main arteries get clogged with parking and that causes traffic congestion, and causes heart attacks in humans if your arteries get blocked by plaque.

(c) Don’t allow parking on major streets in general. Traffic is safer and faster without parking.

(d) Having modified roads that can accommodate a smooth passage for utilizing the “three rights = a left” idea might be good.

(e) Additionally, right turns could be done by entering onto a ramp a block before a major intersection. You would have to knock down a few buildings for this, but it would eliminate the normal congestion at intersections caused by too many turns.

(f) Pedestrians typically cross while people are trying to turn right. this is dangerous and annoying. Having the pedestrians cross 200 feet down the road means more walking, but that reduces the amount of activity at the intersection itself which is good for safety.

(g) Pedestrians could also wait longer to cross, but then have crossing in all directions including diagonally. This would reduce the danger of cars hitting you or startling you by coming too close. This is by far the easiest of all of my suggestions.

(h) There are more complicated logistics solutions. If cards turning left turn left a block or two before the intersection onto a side street at an intersection where there is a lot less going on, and then make a right and then another left onto their main street, that is one way of reducing traffic at major intersections.

(i) Right/Left crossover sections of streets are a new method of traffic reduction that are growing in popularity. If right and left are reversed at an intersection on a cross street, then making a left turn becomes easy. Making a right turn would be more effectively done by turning off to the right a block early, going a block or two, and then making a left and then another right onto the main street which at that point would have reverted back to traffic on the right.

(j) Having rotaries at intersections or rotaries after intersections for those who want to turn around and then go a direction which would otherwise have involved a left turn… This is a way to achieve such a goal without a left turn signal, or a bridge.

(k) Having underground routes for people going through an intersection would free up road space for those doing a right or left turn.

Category 4. Non-invasive large scale solutions.
Going from downtown to Santa Monica during traffic can take forever. Just going two blocks downtown can be a nightmare due to the fact that traffic gets stuck and pedestrians are always blocking your turns which is an issue I addressed above. Building more highways is costly and there is no space. So, what is the solution? Having roads that are designed to move quickly, with optimized traffic lights makes sense. If certain roads are designed to go East quickly and other roads are designed to go West quickly, the city can move. South of the 10 freeway, there is less congestion on those roads.

My idea is to have certain streets downtown be optimized to just get cars out of the city as fast as possible with lights that keep turning green. Those roads could feed into streets South of the 10 such as Adams, etc., that could be optimized to go fast in a particular directions, again with lights that keep turning green. Whether those roads become one way or remain two way, they could focus on people going East on certain roads and West on others. Such a system would reduce load on the 10 freeway and get people where they are going in minutes instead of hours. It might also be an ideal way to get to Culver City or Torrance.

Category 5. Invasive and costly traffic solutions.
Building rotaries is expensive. Large rotaries that are bigger than what is conventional might be a real boon for fast moving traffic. This would involve tearing things down. But, would allow for a fast moving city.

One idea I had would be a rotary that is two miles in diameter with a completely rebuilt city in the middle, or the same old city in the middle. A controversial idea to be sure, but very interesting to think about.

Silver Lake near the 101 is such a place where a rotary or underground road would reduce the huge snags. There are too many intersections and roads going diagonal. The entire are is a mess that could be cleaned up with some expense. Regardless of the solution, the area’s logistics need to be simplified somehow. And there is more than one way to build a rotary. There are convoluted multi-rotaries that are connected to each other with different types of turnaround techniques too.

Hollywood & Highland and crossing over to Burbank have horrible traffic. Creating some underground routes and solutions to traffic snags that would make traffic move smoothly to Burbank would be wonderful. It would probably be possible to achieve this goal without any more bridges going over the 101

Tearing down huge swaths of buildings and creating routes that go straight through the city is controversial but would solve a lot of congestion. Bike routes could be built on these routes and maybe parking solutions as well. The city needs roads that are designed to get people across the city fast without too many intersections. Rebuilding allows for this. Additionally for bikes, long passages with no interruptions are safer and more convenient. This route could go underground near intersections as well. The problem comes when an uncongested new route interfaces with a highway that is badly congested. The uncongested route will become congested trying to take ramps onto the highway. So, what is the solution? Perhaps not connecting to the highways makes more sense. There is no sense in spending billions to create yet another traffic jam.

As a general rule, my strategy for invasive solutions would be to make a list of the city’s worst traffic snags and then to itemize them in order of how critical they are. Those areas should be worked on one by one finding the most sensible and cost effective solution on an individual basis. Cities across the United States are not known for their logistical skills, so it might be necessary to call in professionals from other areas to help with decision making skills.

Category 6. Downtown considerations.
There is too much going on downtown. Too many pedestrians clogging intersections. Too many buses, and too many cards. To simplify, if particular streets would cater to bikes, pedestrians and buses, and other streets would cater to cars, traffic might actually move. If certain streets allow pedestrians to cross without waiting long then pedestrians could move through the city with ease. You only need a few streets to be optimized for pedestrians, so they would not monopolize the whole city center. On streets optimized for cars. you might have pedestrian bridges, but pedestrians would have to wait a lot longer. This way cars could get in and out of the city.

I also like the idea of an elevated pedestrian and bike route. This way you could walk through the city without cars trying to run you down. Expensive, and the bike traffic does not merit this expense, but when you combine pedestrians which come by the thousand, it suddenly becomes a worthwhile investment.


May 28, 2019

Sometimes I feel like Charlie Hebdo

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I remember two years ago where half of France was saying, “I am Charlie.” The fact was that Charlie was obnoxious and offensive. He did not deserve to die, but there is no dignity in mocking prophets either. A muslim cop lost his life defending people during that attack. Talk about irony.

In any case, I write blog articles that are not any more offensive than prime time television which is intended for children to watch. When TV makes a harmless joke, they are not criticized at all, but when I do the same thing, I have a lynch mob of intolerant leftists using intimidation to get me to stop publishing the type of posts that get clicks. They think they are the boss of what I write and they think they can call me horrible names and intimidate me to control me. This is very offensive.

America is a land of freedom of speech. I disagree with the abuse of this freedom to call people offensive names or make false accusations. But, we do have freedom of press and speech. If you attack people verbally or in writing for writing something you don’t like, you are endangering the very freedoms our national forefathers risked or sacrificed their lives for. Do you really want to life in a country where we either don’t have freedom of speech or people can’t use their freedom of speech because of a bunch of bullies who bully anyone who is (a) caucasian and (b) opens their mouth and says what they think or makes any small joke, or makes any reference to race offensive or not? This is the reality of contemporary American culture. We no longer have freedom of speech, especially if you are white. Talk about unfair color lines.

If you don’t like racism to happen to you, then don’t enforce color lines on whites. Suppressing whites might seem fair to you based on the horrors that happened in American history, but suppressing white speech is racism, not fair, and a violation of my constitutional rights. Freedom of speech and press means I can say what I like without being intimidated, harassed, or put in jail.

In Europe, due to Muslim extremists, whites no longer have freedom of speech. If they say anything against Islam they could be threatened or killed. Many of you are turning America into that kind of reality. If you see the long term effects of this bullying you would reconsider. The bullying is really disgusting. I don’t know what goes on in some of your heads, but you really feel justified demeaning people and its just plain wrong — and also dangerous if you value freedom.

Also read: What are Jeremy’s favorite blog entries?


May 25, 2019

What is the most valuable thing I can do with an hour of my time?

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I do a lot of activities at 123notary.

I do data entry to put more people on the site.
I do welcome calls to help new members fill in information and introduce them to how we do things.
I write blogs
I create content for social media
I answer emails
I do sales and renewals, although Carmen does most of that.
I also can teach and test people on notary issues.

Any idiot can do data entry, and most of the people who do data entry are not too bright. Yet I spend 20% of my time doing exactly that. Any idiot can do welcome calls. However, to find someone dependable to do that job who will do it in the long run is almost impossible. Blog creation and social media is something anyone can do, but few can do well, and few are willing to do in the long run. I think this is something I can do where I do stand out in a positive way. Anyone can answer easy business emails. Sales and renewals involve some skill, but any educated person can do that.

I think that what I can do that is on a higher level that others cannot do so easily is teaching Notaries how to be better signing agents and blogging. The problem is that Notaries by and large think that their years of experience constitute knowledge (which is very far from the truth.) On the other hand Title companies only care about your years of experience and also don’t care if you actually know anything. So, my teaching skills, although a skill that put me above others in this industry are not valued. At least not in 2018. They used to be valued in 2002-2012. I guess that the end of the world for valuing Notary education was 2012 — the Mayans were right once again.

So, maybe I should focus on blogging. The problem is, as imaginative as I am, there is a limit to topics I can discuss that will get mega clicks. To do well in social media, you need a large supply of hot topics and reference type materials that will keep your readers coming back in droves. This is not easy to do. Wish me luck.

To end this article, I would also like to state that the most valuable thing you can do with an hour of your time is to study and get certified, ask clients for reviews and work on your notes section. Each hour you do these activities is actually worth thousands of dollars if you do the math. The problem is that Notaries in 2018 are too busy commiserating with other Notaries instead of just doing the best they can.


May 19, 2019

Testing Carmen on a bridge in 2003.

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Ah, another trip down memory lane. Notaries got very upset about my testing in 2017 and 2018. What they need to realize is that 123notary has been testing people from the very beginning, just not so frequently. Since there was so much hostility to my testing and so little appreciation from title companies, as of August 2018 I am cutting the testing to a minimum and doing it mainly by email.

But, back in 2003, I wanted to get Carmen certified. I am the kind of guy who just wants to get it done so I can move on to the next thing. but, Carmen wasn’t ready. She was driving over this huge long bridge down near the port of San Pedro. She was lost, confused, afraid, and not sure what to do once she got to the end of the bridge. Which way should she turn, where do we go now, where do we go now?

I was in a hurry to get Carmen certified, so I asked her a bunch of questions. She was a bit flustered, but she passed. Oh, what a relief. Sometimes when you just want to get the job done you have to just get it done. But, thinking back, next time I test someone on a bridge, I’ll give them the abridged version.

My philosophy is that if you know your stuff, you should be able to test anytime and anywhere – even in your sleep. But, I won’t call after 9pm unless you advertise as a 24 hour notary.


May 15, 2019

The NNA is copying our style with Notary 101

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A few years ago 123notary created a blog course entitled Notary Public 101. But, now I see that on the NNA’s site they have something called Notary 101 which is basic information reference material about what notaries do. I feel that they are copying my style. On the other hand, neither 101 of us invented the concept. I think that colleges or authors long time ago invented this style. In any case, what they wrote about is very different than our course and please do not confuse the two (or the 202). NNA and 123notary are NOT the same thing, our certifications, advertising and writing styles are NOT the same. Please do not confuse us and most of all, please do not call us Notary123 as that just sounds ignorant kind of like how Archie Bunker says ay-talian.


May 13, 2019

Notaries over 50

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If you are a Notary over 50, it is time to get your colon tested for colon cancer. Eating kale and cabbage just doesn’t cut it anymore, but chopping the cabbage does chop it. What if you have a polyps? Those store fecal matter for long periods of time and that is toxic and can cause cancer.

If you don’t maintain your intestines properly, you might end up with what grammarians refer to as a semi-colon.

Also, don’t ignore daily colon health. Most Americans don’t get enough figure. Salads, veggie soups, and stir fries with cabbage should be part of your diet. Certain foods have fiber which you need. But, you also need foods that nurture the colon energetically and chemically. Here are my suggestions.


Psyllium Husks – this is a great source of fiber in capsules. It is not a substitute for a good diet, but will give you shapely bowel movements that are not at all gunky. This supplement can dehydrate you a little, so drink lots of water if you take these.

Blackberries – This is the food source with the highest grams of fiber per serving. They also are good for keeping your blood vessels cleaned out. Or try blackberry jam. This food has roughly 8 grams of fiber per serving.

Avocados – These are next in line for having almost 7 grams of fiber per serving and is considered a super food.

Nuts — Any type of nuts have good fiber and lots of other minerals. As with any other high calorie food, consume in moderation.

Veggies – Vegetables have fiber, but not as much as you might think, so you have to eat a lot of them.

In addition to getting enough fiber for colon health, you need foods that nourish the colon with good energy, natural chemicals, and moisture.

Aloe Vera — you can drink it or eat it. This has been used for centuries by eastern medicine as a way to help the colon get the moisture it needs. Just don’t over do it or it will have too much moisture.

Bananas — This good is shaped like a colon and helps keep the intestines healthy and moving. It is a natural preventive measure against constipation. But, if you are already constipated, it may or may not provide fast relief. A banana a day keeps the colonoscopy therapist away.

Apples – This food is good for colon, liver and for your body in general.

Mangos – Helps protect the lungs and colon. Yummy too with yogurt in a lassi.

Cabbage – This is a superfood for the colon along with other cruciferous vegetables. It provides nutrients to keep the colon healthy.

If you want to live to be 100, stay lean, keep a healthy colon and liver, and think happy thoughts. The sad thing is that most Notaries are over 50, and have horrible health problems like cancer, strokes, diabetes. It is important to maintain yourself in a daily manner, and that will reduce the risk of serious health complications. I am now walking two times per day for at least 40 minutes. I am feeling better and dropping a lot of weight too.


May 12, 2019

Part 2 of can you notarize a photograph (parental advisory suggested)

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A guy comes to a Notary and asks if the Notary can notarize a photo. The Notary says, “Sorry, I took that NNA Just say no course and the book says that I should say no to such a request.” So, the guy says, then what can we do? The Notary suggested getting a document drafted regarding the photo, attaching a Jurat, swearing under Oath, and attaching the photo by staple as evidence of the photo in question.

The signer was willing to do this. So, the Notary went to the signer’s house, saw the photo and said, “Oh, I didn’t realize this would be a nude photo.” The signer said, “Oh, does that make a difference? Someone posted this photo on the internet and we are trying to get it taken down.”

The Notary was wondering who posted it on the internet. Sounds like the caller… who sounded like the boyfriend did something that he later got in trouble for and had to send something to some internet provider company. Finally, the notary said, “Yes, I can notarize this nude photo, but only if you sign in the nude as well.” The signer reacted with complete shock and said, “What???” Then the notary said, “No, I’m just messing with you! ha ha ha ha, made you react!”


May 5, 2019

Freedom of expression vs. contracts limiting forum use

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These days our freedom of speech and press are being o-press-ed more than ever before in Western civilization. Our core values (no, not the ones about the inside of apples) are being challenged. The politically correct pounce on us if we say anything about race or gender no matter how equanimical we are. And any insult or even these days compliment we give is seen as having a double meaning and turns into a huge conflict.

It is no longer politically correct to call an articulate black person articulate. That is seen as patronizing. If they are white, they can be labeled as articulate, but not if they are black. So, what are you supposed to call an articulate black person? You just sit with your tongue in tongue prison. If you say something nice, you are likely treated like a racist scum, and if you say something critical then you are definitely treated like a racist scum whether your commentary is merited or not. There is no logic or reason in this behavior. It is insane. I bet Karl Marx would say, “This is too insane even for me with all of my leftist ideologies!”

In Germany if you criticize muslims in any way, you could have an arrest warrant issued against you.

But, now if you sign up with certain signing companies, they might have a contract stating that you can’t say anything about them in forums.

Personally, some of these company’s lives have been ruined by all the bashing so you gotta understand where they are coming from.

But, do you feel your freedom of expression is being squashed these days, or what?


May 4, 2019

The Notary Diet

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It is important for Notaries to be happy, healthy, and have a sense of identity. So I suggest, The Notary Diet. My idea for a Notary diet is to be having power foods all day long so you can endure long hours of driving and sluggish signers.


Put walnuts, sliced almonds, ground cocoa nibs (for antioxidants), and various types of berries (good for cleaning arteries) in your oatmeal along with a little brown sugar for taste. . This combination will give you minerals, brain food, and clean out your arteries too. Wine cleans arteries, but berries are a better way to do that in the morning especially if you have to drive.

Cranberries and pumpkin seeds are good for the prostate, so you can have a “he breakfast” with these natural ingredients added to your oatmeal or on the side. Then have a banana for your colon.

Green tea & Coffee are both good for you and have phytonutrients. But, green tea is better for phyting cancer! Just don’t drink too much as it is high in stimulants and may trigger palpitations and a phyte or phlyte reaction. I think they should call the nutrients PhytoOrPhlytoNutrients to be honest.


Start with a apple for your liver and colon, then mango for your lungs. You can read about the attributes of these amazing and delicious foods online. Have less processed foods and stick to these proven winners so you stay healthy and avoid cancer and strokes.

Avocados are a natural super food. Lentils and rice are a great way to have energy to last the day. You need that during signings. Seeds and lentils have six times as much nutrition as regular beans or nuts believe it or not.

A sandwich with some meat and veggies is good too for protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber in each bite.


Eggs have amazing nutrition. They have everything a chick needs to endure weeks in captivity. In fact, eggs have a lot of the nutrition that is almost impossible to get in other foods such as E, Q10, B12, and K2. You need all of these, but how do you get them, especially if you are a chicken fetus? Then have soups with celery, cabbage, kale, barley, potatoes, herbs and spices. This will be very good for your colon. If you want protein, salmon is a very healthy source of it.

Remember that spices can be very good for your circulation, liver and general health as they have a lot of phytonutrients which are critical to combating cancer and staying healthy.

Lentils are a superfood. Lentils have six times the nutrition as beans ounce per ounce and the same general type of nutrition.
Seeds have six times the nutrition as nuts and similar types of nutrients as in nuts.

I hope you like my ideas for staying healthy. You can look up super foods on Google and learn the ropes for staying healthy. I have super foods daily and they are really good for you. Exercising and having a healthy lifestyle is important too.

Most Americans do not walk around enough. Dr. Mercola is a natural doctor and recommends walking nine miles a day in addition to going to the gym. He and other doctors inspired me to do more walking. I have been doing two walks a day, each for almost an hour and the weight is coming off. Walking and swimming are the best type of exercises for human beings. They are safe, pleasant and matching how God created us — just as long as you don’t get run over by a crazy six year old on a bike who is riding on the side walk. Yes, it happened to me and I gave the father a dirty look.


The supplements I recommend are:

Grape Seed Extract — good for general circulation, eyes, toes, anti-cancer, brain health, scavenger anti-oxidant, and more.

Q10 — This occurs naturally in eggs and liver, but you can get effective Q10 in a supplement too. Great for rebuilding the tissue in your heart and arteries. I take this regularly.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin – Most people experience eye degeneration. Me too. But, by exercising and having greens and these supplements, believe it or not, my left eye is getting a lot better.

Psyllium Husks — This is a fiber supplement that will clean up your colon, give you healthy looking bowel movements and protect you from colon cancer.

Salmon Oil — This is a great way to clean up your blood from triglycerides the natural way along with diet and exercise. Or have a few ounces of salmon a few times a week. Make sure the salmon lived in a clean environment so you don’t get too many toxins.

Hawthorne Root — Great for general circulation

Milk Thistle & Dandilion — Amazing for rebuilding your liver’s cells. If you eat an American diet you need this.

B12 — If you are low in energy, there might be various causes. B12 complex can fill in one of the blanks.

Eggs — I treat eggs like vitamin pills. It has all the nutrients that are hard to find in regular foods.

Almonds – High in vitamin E.

Olive Oil — Also high in vitamin E and healthy in other ways.

Aloe — Good for moisturizing your colon.

Mulberry Juice – Great for cleaning up your arteries. In my experience it is more effective than any other berry and perhaps even better than wine.

Pumpkin Seeds — Good for the prostate.

Cranberry Juice — Also good for the prostate.

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