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May 19, 2019

Testing Carmen on a bridge in 2003.

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Ah, another trip down memory lane. Notaries got very upset about my testing in 2017 and 2018. What they need to realize is that 123notary has been testing people from the very beginning, just not so frequently. Since there was so much hostility to my testing and so little appreciation from title companies, as of August 2018 I am cutting the testing to a minimum and doing it mainly by email.

But, back in 2003, I wanted to get Carmen certified. I am the kind of guy who just wants to get it done so I can move on to the next thing. but, Carmen wasn’t ready. She was driving over this huge long bridge down near the port of San Pedro. She was lost, confused, afraid, and not sure what to do once she got to the end of the bridge. Which way should she turn, where do we go now, where do we go now?

I was in a hurry to get Carmen certified, so I asked her a bunch of questions. She was a bit flustered, but she passed. Oh, what a relief. Sometimes when you just want to get the job done you have to just get it done. But, thinking back, next time I test someone on a bridge, I’ll give them the abridged version.

My philosophy is that if you know your stuff, you should be able to test anytime and anywhere – even in your sleep. But, I won’t call after 9pm unless you advertise as a 24 hour notary.

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May 13, 2019

Notaries over 50

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If you are a Notary over 50, it is time to get your colon tested for colon cancer. Eating kale and cabbage just doesn’t cut it anymore, but chopping the cabbage does chop it. What if you have a polyps? Those store fecal matter for long periods of time and that is toxic and can cause cancer.

If you don’t maintain your intestines properly, you might end up with what grammarians refer to as a semi-colon.

Also, don’t ignore daily colon health. Most Americans don’t get enough figure. Salads, veggie soups, and stir fries with cabbage should be part of your diet. Certain foods have fiber which you need. But, you also need foods that nurture the colon energetically and chemically. Here are my suggestions.


Psyllium Husks – this is a great source of fiber in capsules. It is not a substitute for a good diet, but will give you shapely bowel movements that are not at all gunky. This supplement can dehydrate you a little, so drink lots of water if you take these.

Blackberries – This is the food source with the highest grams of fiber per serving. They also are good for keeping your blood vessels cleaned out. Or try blackberry jam. This food has roughly 8 grams of fiber per serving.

Avocados – These are next in line for having almost 7 grams of fiber per serving and is considered a super food.

Nuts — Any type of nuts have good fiber and lots of other minerals. As with any other high calorie food, consume in moderation.

Veggies – Vegetables have fiber, but not as much as you might think, so you have to eat a lot of them.

In addition to getting enough fiber for colon health, you need foods that nourish the colon with good energy, natural chemicals, and moisture.

Aloe Vera — you can drink it or eat it. This has been used for centuries by eastern medicine as a way to help the colon get the moisture it needs. Just don’t over do it or it will have too much moisture.

Bananas — This good is shaped like a colon and helps keep the intestines healthy and moving. It is a natural preventive measure against constipation. But, if you are already constipated, it may or may not provide fast relief. A banana a day keeps the colonoscopy therapist away.

Apples – This food is good for colon, liver and for your body in general.

Mangos – Helps protect the lungs and colon. Yummy too with yogurt in a lassi.

Cabbage – This is a superfood for the colon along with other cruciferous vegetables. It provides nutrients to keep the colon healthy.

If you want to live to be 100, stay lean, keep a healthy colon and liver, and think happy thoughts. The sad thing is that most Notaries are over 50, and have horrible health problems like cancer, strokes, diabetes. It is important to maintain yourself in a daily manner, and that will reduce the risk of serious health complications. I am now walking two times per day for at least 40 minutes. I am feeling better and dropping a lot of weight too.

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May 12, 2019

Part 2 of can you notarize a photograph (parental advisory suggested)

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A guy comes to a Notary and asks if the Notary can notarize a photo. The Notary says, “Sorry, I took that NNA Just say no course and the book says that I should say no to such a request.” So, the guy says, then what can we do? The Notary suggested getting a document drafted regarding the photo, attaching a Jurat, swearing under Oath, and attaching the photo by staple as evidence of the photo in question.

The signer was willing to do this. So, the Notary went to the signer’s house, saw the photo and said, “Oh, I didn’t realize this would be a nude photo.” The signer said, “Oh, does that make a difference? Someone posted this photo on the internet and we are trying to get it taken down.”

The Notary was wondering who posted it on the internet. Sounds like the caller… who sounded like the boyfriend did something that he later got in trouble for and had to send something to some internet provider company. Finally, the notary said, “Yes, I can notarize this nude photo, but only if you sign in the nude as well.” The signer reacted with complete shock and said, “What???” Then the notary said, “No, I’m just messing with you! ha ha ha ha, made you react!”

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May 5, 2019

Freedom of expression vs. contracts limiting forum use

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These days our freedom of speech and press are being o-press-ed more than ever before in Western civilization. Our core values (no, not the ones about the inside of apples) are being challenged. The politically correct pounce on us if we say anything about race or gender no matter how equanimical we are. And any insult or even these days compliment we give is seen as having a double meaning and turns into a huge conflict.

It is no longer politically correct to call an articulate black person articulate. That is seen as patronizing. If they are white, they can be labeled as articulate, but not if they are black. So, what are you supposed to call an articulate black person? You just sit with your tongue in tongue prison. If you say something nice, you are likely treated like a racist scum, and if you say something critical then you are definitely treated like a racist scum whether your commentary is merited or not. There is no logic or reason in this behavior. It is insane. I bet Karl Marx would say, “This is too insane even for me with all of my leftist ideologies!”

In Germany if you criticize muslims in any way, you could have an arrest warrant issued against you.

But, now if you sign up with certain signing companies, they might have a contract stating that you can’t say anything about them in forums.

Personally, some of these company’s lives have been ruined by all the bashing so you gotta understand where they are coming from.

But, do you feel your freedom of expression is being squashed these days, or what?

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April 6, 2019

Testimonial from Suzanne Nolan

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Thanks Jeremy. No other notary signing companies provide information like you do to it’s group. 123Notary is far above the best! No one has or does what you do for your notaries. I just wanted to thank you!! Glad to be associated with you and on your list. It has provided me with a great extra income for a lot of years but now the sharks are out cutting fees to us to fill their pockets!!


April 4, 2019

What is the significance of a complaint?

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I was having a discussion with Carmen today. Carmen sees that a complaint from a Notary is a huge problem. I explained to Carmen that a complaint is only as valuable as the person it came from.

I got a recommendation from a food critic about which restaurants are good. I went to those restaurants and when I ordered the prescribed dishes I found them to be good. When I diverged from the recommended dishes, it was hit or miss. But, I got some food recommendations from some regular white people about Chinese and Mexican food. “Oh, this is great Chinese food, I always go there.” I learned that the minute a non-connoisseur give me culinary advice, it rarely turns out good. the Mexican food was some of the worst I’ve ever had. Ironically the best Mex I’ve had was in a Navajo area. Hmmm. Part of the good part was the green chili which is indiginous to the area.

A complaint from a title company is serious. Title companies are our bread and butter. They hire Notaries from our site. If they stopped hiring our notaries, the notaries would stop hiring us.

A complaint from a high quality notary is something I would take seriously. A high quality notary attracts good title companies to our site.

But, a complaint from a Notary who is an “F” student is scaring good companies away from using our site. Whatever they are upset about is probably that I apply standards to them, and “F” students cannot stand standards because they know they will not measure up. If we catered only to “F” students on 123notary, we would attract those types of people who have bad attitudes and like to complain, yet do not attract quality users to the site. Therefore I prefer to focus on catering to those whose patronage represents our business model — one of quality Notaries and quality users.

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April 2, 2019

Many people who hire notaries don’t think about quality = dangerous

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Many people who hire Notaries don’t know anything about the dangers of an uninformed Notary. A careless Notary can ruin appointments by not confirming properly. They can fill in notary forms wrong. They can omit Oaths, or get into other peril by not knowing how to handle situations.

123notary puts a lot of effort into breeding Notaries into being the best that they can be with Notary Public 101 on the blog. However, those that hire Notaries typically don’t know the difference. This is dangerous and can result in a lot of trouble. When you hire Notaries, trouble doesn’t come all at once. It might not come for a while. But, if the notary identifies someone incorrectly and that comes back to you, it could be catastrophic. If Notary doesn’t drop the package in a timely manner, that is also a potential huge problem.

Just because those hiring you don’t know the difference doesn’t mean that you should not care about being a good Notary. The danger of being a careless and sloppy notary is not only for the borrower and the client, but also for the Notary. You can get in all types of trouble. So play it safe and keep studying your notary law, how to handle situations and your documents. Your few hours of study will make you look a lot more professional for the rest of your career.


March 28, 2019

A talk with a Corporate Executive turned Notary about the future of signing co’s.

Yesterday, (not yesterday based on when this article was published, but yesterday based on when it was written which is probably a few months before it got published) I had a great talk with a Notary in Florida. This guy was an ex corporate executive vice president who decided to become a Notary Public and do loan signings.

He left his career to do what we do? Why?
Now, the only thing that went through my mind was why would you leave your $300,000 per year (or possibly much more than that) to be a Notary? Notaries don’t get paid well. But, then he told me about all the jobs he does. He is also upset that the pay has gone down. But, he gets six to eleven jobs per day every days. So, he is making around $1000 per day of work which is about $24,000 per month and perhaps $300,000 per year. Actually, come to think of it, he left the high pressure life of executing making $300K per year to make $300K per year for a job with less pressure. Maybe that is not such a bad thing after all.

There won’t be signing companies in the future.
But, what he said about signing companies was interesting. He followed all of the mergers and acquisitions in the signing company business. He said that companies don’t normally merge unless they are not getting enough business. He also said that there was no need for their service as Title prefers to source Notaries directly. And with Snapdocs it is so easy to do that. With all of the competition out there, Snapdocs, and direct sourcing, he says there won’t be much of a niche for signing companies. If I heard that from a regular notary, I would take it with a grain of salt (perhaps Epsom salt), but from him with his business background I take it more seriously.

So, if there are less signing companies that means there will be more title work, higher wages, and less room for beginners. Will we really see this opposite swing in the industry? I have no idea. Interest rates will eventually have to fall. I am waiting for this so I can make more money.

My next worst nightmare is if Google creates self-signing loans (like self-driving cars.) Not sure how that would work technically, but the concept scares me.

After I was through talking to him I called a Notary service called, Gillette Notary Service — for a closer and smoother notarization every time. At Gillette, they don’t give discounts, instead they shave a tiny bit off the price. What do you expect. They also give you an after-notarization lotion with their company logo on it so you don’t forget them.

Jeremy’s Opinion
I think signing companies are here to stay. They have been around for a long time. They fill a niche. They typically do not hire very good Notaries, but nobody cares unless someone screws up. If they weren’t needed, they would have disappeared long time ago. It seems that they have already become a rare commodity and that this corporate notary’s opinion is more of a historical fact than a premonition. But, we’ll see. My last article about new signing companies had two or three dozen based on the last year. We used to have that many per month. My point proven! My main issue is maintaining a great directory and making sure that the serious Notaries get work. Quality is my main concern and after calling my top people tonight, I would say we have pretty good quality in the top rungs.

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March 26, 2019

Testimonial from Viki Konstan

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Thank you for your feedback. I strive on a daily basis to continually learn (including advanced learning) more about loan signing, general notary work and tricks of the trade.

I enjoy reading your blog posts, which I consider the best notary blog on the net.


A testimonial about us from Marcie

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I look forward to every email you send me. It’s like like a subscription to a favorite Magazine for me. I think your funny, honest, point on in your observation of our industry and your sarcasm cracks me up. I could go on and on but you probably get a 100 of these types of emails a day.
Thanks for making a dry kinda job enjoyable.
Marcie Charles

Here’s another one from the same lady
I can’t get enough of your posts and emails. Jeremy…. Please transfer all of this into a book, you are incredible… We need people like you who are NOT afraid to speak their mind. Thank you!!!

A third one from Marcie
I just want you to know that I’m a better notary because of you and ask if your vast knowledge…. If you only knew how much you have improved me as a mobile notary and signing agent. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Jeremy. What you do every day makes the rest of us who want to learn, want to improve, want to be the best we can be… It’s all thanks to you.

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