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December 1, 2021

The coming Messiah

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I am feeling a shift in the energy. The angels had to do a cleaning of the world’s most darkest and depressing energies. From March 2020 to March 2021 is the time of the cleaning. I am writing this in December, 2020 but might not publish it until much later. At this time I am beginning to feel that the negative energy of Mordor is beginning to lighten up.

This bad energy affects my mood, my sleep, my performance in work, and my entire life. So, I am glad it is lightening up.

My current guru says that the Messiah will be known to the public in 2034. By that time he will have come of age enough to make regular speaking engagements. Perhaps that will be around the time of his Bar-Mitzvah. This means he will most likely be born in 2021 or 2022. I am not sure if the angels want him being conceived during this period of extreme darkness. That would seem to go against the program as the Messiah is a being of light — and light and darkness by definition do not mix well.

When the Messiah comes into full force, we will all feel the light force and times will be good assuming you are spiritually relatively pure. If you are an evil person, you probably will be bouncing off the walls going crazy. I’m looking forward to seeing that as I have been tortured by evil people emotionally for a long time.

I’m just worried. When the last Messiah came, people hated him and had him nailed to a cross. I can’t deal with this all over again. I want people to revere this new Messiah, as the Hebrews call him, “Mechiach ben David” which means the Messiah son of David. The last one was the son of Joseph just to keep the record straight. He will be born in Israel presumably to a community of 144,000 people, 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes. The angels know what tribe your male lineage is from going back indefinitely to the time of when humans lived in Uganda where we evolved out of Homo Erectus, Neanderthals, or whatever we evolved out of.

I hope everything is hunky dorey, and living on earth feels like living in heaven. But, I think there is much upheaval still to come for the next ten or so years. Meteors, mass deaths, persecutions, diseases, sea levels rising, war, rumors of war, and more. I’m okay with this (it’s not like I have a choice) just as long as we don’t have social distancing or masks — that’s where I personally draw the line.

After he comes, I hope everything is okay, and that people treat our Messiah right. But, this is a different age. This is the Messianic Age or the Age of Aquarius. It is supposed to be a time of light. So, once the angels get that darkness out, and they are working overtime doing this, then things will be better. The angels told my medium that they even worked on Facebook to get rid of the negativity. I think it is working. We have been getting lots of referrals from Facebook.

When the Messiah comes of age, I’ll need to ask him for two things.
1. Can you offer me a blessing and.
2. Can you like me on Facebook?
Just kidding, I don’t do Facebook. I used to do Twitter and got bored with it and quit. Maybe he can say “abrucha” on my mediation air chair. That would make more sense to ask for than the other things.


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