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July 23, 2016

The 90 days no payment list of signing companies

We’ve created all types of lists of signing companies over the years. But, here is a brand new idea. There are fast pays, 30 day pays, slow pays which might be 45-75 days, and then really slow pays. This list includes signing companies that were reported by Notaries on our forum to be at least 90 days late on paying at least one particular invoice. I wonder if they will pay at all. If you don’t like being paid late, read the reviews before you work for any signing company. Slow payers or no payers need to pay you up front with Paypal otherwise you are on your own, buddy!

Notaries have reported that the following signing companies have not paid them for more than around 90 days in at least one incident. The views reported in this article are NOT the views of, but the views of some of the Notaries on our forum.

A1 Title
“They have never paid me for work I did for them in February 2015!”

ASAP Notary
“Update!!!!!!! Eric has disconnected his fax number. ”

Mortgage Connect, LP
“I’m still trying to get paid for a 04/25, 06/09 closing.”

Mortgage Docs, LLC
“They are so off my list”

National Preferred Notary
“I did a closing (loan Mod) in 1/2016 and still have not been paid.”

North American Title
“I have emailed five times called 8 times and am told that the owner is from the “old school” and only hand writes his checks and they get shuffled down on his desk!”

Northstar Title Company, LLC
“Hooray.. they finally paid me when I sent them a copy of my letter to the BBB in Texas… Notaries aren’t slaves!!!”

Signing Wiz
“I have had an open invoice with Signing Wiz, LLC since November 4. They no longer answer my emails or return calls.”

The Signing Agents, LLC
“Did a signing for them in December and have not been paid after several phone calls and e-mails.”

TL Signing Service
“I have not gotten paid in over 8 months from this company.”

Traveling Signatures
“Did a job for them on Nov 4, 2015 – still no pay. Emailed them many times, no response”

US Notary Services
“Did a signing for them in August (2015). No responses to inquiries about payments.”


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April 30, 2012

April 2012 List of NEW signing companies

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We added a bunch of new signing companies to our list. Here they are!

Premier Lender Services
Two notaries claim that Premier Lender Services is one of their favorites! This company has purely positive reviews on our list of signing companies.

Old Republic Title
One notary has worked for them for a while and never had a problem. Another says that the packages are large, but okay. A third notary says they pay in about two weeks!

HG Litigation Services
Notaries say that the pay is fast, and the work is easy. Maybe I should quit my job and work for them!
Lots of fax backs according to the notaries. Fees are not the best either. Take it or leave it, right? No payment issues reported so far, since nobody has reported actually working for them!

Notary ASAP
One notary used to have good luck with these guys, but recently is having trouble getting paid.

Voyage Financial
The BBB gave this company an A. They got one vote of approval from a notary too. She said that the package was huge, but that they were okay to work for.

Big Sky Notaries
One notary has worked for this company for years and says his experience was overall quite good!

44 Settlement
One notary says they are nice to deal with! Another says they pay fast. But, I feel that something is not right about what we have recorded as the name of this company, because when I google it, nothing shows up!

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Armour Settlement Services

Statous Network, LLC

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April 9, 2012

March 2012 List of New Signing Companies

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Here are a few signing companies that have recently been added to our list of signing companies. They may have been around for a long time, but we only recently got any worthwhile information on them. This time around, I found that signing companies in general were getting mostly POSITIVE reviews which is wonderful. Also, the industry as a whole seems to be booming which is a life saver for all of us!

Field Pros
A notary got a DNA swab sample for this company and reports they didn’t get paid. This company specializes in medical collections and subcontracts mobile notary work as well. The company hides it’s real address on their website.

Atlas Title
Many notaries have had issues with this company. One got a W-9 after invoicing the company. Shouldn’t W-9’s be settled BEFORE work commences, or at least right after the initial job is done? Another notary got their fee cut after a small issue with a signature affidavit. A third notary had a communication issue or glitch involving an additional document that was needed at the signing. Read the forum post attached to the profile for details.

Cross Mobile Notary Services, LLC
Three notaries were very happy about this company, and got paid in a relatively timely manner (by signing company standards). The BBB also approves of this company!

AFA Title
This is the same company as American Freedom Assurance. Some notaries report getting paid really quickly, while others are having serious trouble. MIXED REVIEWS here.

Atlantic Closings and Signing Services – FL
One notary had a difficult situation which was very smoothly resolved by the management. The notary was very pleased and is very zealous about working for this company again sometime soon!

SLL Services
One notary LOVES this company and swears by them. We have another notary who did a job that didn’t close — but, still got a trip fee. I think that is somewhat reasonable, but I don’t know what the agreement was (if any) about no close no pay, etc.

AP Notaries
One notary said they got paid in two weeks, and was paid generously. That is all we know so far!

A-1 Title Professional Services
One notary said, “… I do quite a but of business with this company. Fair pay, very professional, and usually pay within 30-40 days. I have had no problems.” We found this company’s site to be disfunctional after looking around on the internet. But, no negative reviews which is refreshing!

Universal Notary, Inc.
It was like pulling teeth to find the address for this company which was found through a 3rd party website. We know of three happy notaries who worked for this company who wish to get more work from this company!

Omega Title
One notary claims that they are okay! This is the only information we have so far!

Vista National
We have only one piece of information on this company. One notary worked for them, and got paid, although the pay was a little below their standards.

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November 23, 2011

Go straight to mobile search

The legend of

123notary wants to protect notaries from bad signing companies, and through our combined efforts with the notaries, we have put together a lot of information about signing companies. There is information in the signing agent section of the forum, and on our list of signing companies.

Be simultaneous created for the busy notary on the go. We understand that the economy is less than busy, and that jobs are not so plentiful these days. However, notaries who are getting work (the lucky half of the notaries) will be offered a job while driving in their car. The caller might be from an unknown signing company, and the notary who is anxious to accept the job, might not do enough wondering, who this company is. Fear no more…. with, you can look up the company WHILE you are talking to them.

The phone call
Hi, this is Doris from XYZ company in Delaware. We have a signing in Milwaukee. Are you in Milwaukee? The notary says, “Yes, I’m very near Milwaukee and I’m very familiar with all types of loans… How much are you offering for this job?”. Then Doris replies that they are offering $100 and that the notary must print a set of e-documents. Then the notary says, “Hi Doris, let me think about that, can you hold on a second?”… Meanwhile, the notary pulls over, goes into internet mode on his i-phone or android, and goes straight to He looks up XYZ company and finds that they have three glowing positive reviews based on forum posts from exhuberantly happy notaries. There are no negative reviews either. The notary says, “Doris, I just looked you up on and you have a good track record, YES, I’ll take the job. Then, they schedule the job for the next day, and all is well. But, what if XYZ company had not been so good?

Sorry, you have a bad track record!
If the notary had found that Doris’ company had many complaints, the notary would be doing a good deed towards his fellow man.. or (seal) as the case may be by saying, “Sorry Doris, your company has a bad track record on Somebody’s not paying their notaries. Sorry, I can’t take that job.” Notary Rotary also has a vast plethora of information about signing companies, and you can do your homework there too. But, the main thing is that we make it easy to do your homework in what people call “real-time”. You track-em while you chat-em. You look them up while talking to them. This is a new technologocal development.

Only 315 views a month?
The regular page is getting about 1900 views per month, which is okay. But, that page is only easy to use at a regular computer. I wouldn’t want to use it on an i-phone. This page is like a lifeline, and deserves more than 315 views. Please get in the habit of doing your homework before you accept the job.

Declining after the fact
This is a great way to get in trouble. If you accept a job, and then decline after the fact, you get in trouble. Notaries do this regularly. We get complaints of no-shows, last minute cancellations, and even doc-jacking done by notaries who are upset that they are working for a company that doesn’t pay. If you cancel a job, you need to give people at least 24 hours notice otherwise they might complain to us. Therefor, if you are going to do some background checking of the company, do it while you are talking to them, or immediately after.

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November 22, 2011

Bounced Checks, Collection Agencies, FBI reports: Learn which companies are involved!

Bounced Checks, Collection Agencies, FBI reports…

For some of you, this is old information that you have already been following. However, many notaries do not have time to read everything that goes on on the forum, and this news about signing companies will be of interest and a convenience to them!  It is hard for me to keep up with what is going on on the forums on a daily basis, but I have noticed that a lot of bad things happened in September 2011.  There were a few loan signing companies that had a reasonable reputation that suddenly stopped paying notaries.  One or more companies was reported to be out of business.  I am going to summarize the more important events of the last month or two here. I will only mention the more noteworthy signing companies here.
All Service Notary & Signings
Sept 16 – A notary gives up on trying to collect their bill and hands it over to a collection agency. Additionally, this notary reports the signing company to a credit bureau!  Another notary reports trouble getting paid from this company.  A third notary says, that after a long time, they finally received their check — but, that was in early August. The situation looks like it has deteriorated since then.
CRES Closers
One notary says that they are the BEST to work for!  Another says they met his fee and that they were great to work for. A third notary claims that they sent payment super fast!  Wow, it is nice to hear good things about a signing company these days!
Equifax Settlement Services
One notary got paid, but says the company says that they will take THREE MONTHS to pay for jobs in the future because they have to wait until the loans fund.  Another notary discusses the letter they sent to the BBB about this company. A third notary discusses the difference in what this company offers different notaries for the same work.  One gets $85, while another is offered $125!
FASS – First American Signature Services
Notaries are complaining, but not about payment issues.  One notary was taken off the list because FASS found a less expensive notary.  Back in 2010, FASS took over service for a big Title company and dropped the notary who had been servicing the signings for that Title company.  Another notary feels that they were treated rudely after some sort of argument about “quality issues”.  Although there is a lot of complaining going on here, I don’t see any wrongdoing on the part of FASS. They are just shopping around to find the best notaries for them — and trying to get high quality service as well. America is a free country and nobody is obligated to keep the same notary for life.
Final Link
Three notaries have complained that this company doesn’t do a good job of getting back to people. Not returning calls, etc.
First Preference Signing
Four notaries all claim in unison that this is the best company that they have ever worked for. 
Harvard Abstract
Three notaries are claiming that this company is easy to work for and that they pay quickly.
HVR Notaries
Two notaries claim that this is a good company to work for.  One says, “They met my fee”, which is a very good sign these days with all the low balling.
Insured Closings
Notaries claim that there have been several reports of BOUNCED CHECKS from this company.  Watch out!
National Loan Closers
This company is reported to be asking for $25 to keep notaries on their list. This is causing a lot of disturbance in the notary world.  Notaries feel that companies should be paying them, and not vice versa. 
Nations Direct
We have gotten many complaints about low-balling and micromanagement. One notary’s signing was interrupted by a phone call, where she was asked if she was using a blue pen.  On the other hand, it is prudent for a signing company who uses many newer notaries to call and check up on people. Obviously, many of the notaries they hired screwed up and ruined many loans which is the reason for all of the babysitting.  Please try to look at things from the signing company’s perspective. They are trying to get the job done.  Also see: Nations Direct has been around for more than a decade!
Many notaries are claiming that this is one of the BEST signing companies they have ever worked for.

N3 Notary
A few notaries are complaining that company has badgered them too much during their signings. 

Pacific Document Services
Checks that they sent out have allegedly gotten LOST in the mail. One notary has filed an official complaint with the FBI to try to get this company shut down. Another notary received a check that BOUNCED.  This is one of the most serious cases I have seen all year!  The opinions expressed here are the opinions of particular notaries and not of
Safir Signing Agents
Multiple notaries are complaining about no-pay and SLOW-PAY.
Service Link
This company has lowered their fees, and we have had many complaints from notaries about LOW-BALLING from this company.
Superior Closings
The people that run this company have been functioning under four different business names over the course of time.  They are reported to be out of business now.
The Notary Biz
Many notaries are discussing whether or not this company is still in business.  One notary had a discussion with the owner who claimed that they were no longer in business.
The R&R Group
Several notaries are complaining about non-payment, and one is owed $375 by this company
Trans State Services
Many notaries are really happy with this company.  Good working conditions and timely pay!
Vital Signings
This company has a good payment record, but many notaries are complaining that there are too many steps involved in the signing process and a lot of babysitting.

(1) Here is a list of companies that bounced checks, had FBI reports, or were notorious late payers to notaries!


November 7, 2011

November NEW Signing Companies

November NEW Notary Signing Companies
Here is our November list of new signing companies.
This list is much shorter than our September list. For some reason, there were just much fewer new signing companies out there that we could add to our list.  The signing companies we are listing are not necessarily “new”, however, they are all new additions to our list of 400+ signing companies that has been in existance for several years now.  Some of the companies on this list got relatively good reviews, while others got complaints, so be sure to click on the names and read the what the notaries on the forum had to say about each company!  Also, please visit our vote on signing companies section of the forum and comment on some of the companies there that have never been commented on before!
Armour Settlement Services
Client First Settlement
ComplyTraq (field inspections)
Convenient Settlement Service
First Service Title
My Doc Signer
Lewis Notary Service
Priority Notary
Single Source Select
Specialized Notary Service
Timios Title (Timios, Inc)
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October 1, 2011

Oct 2011 Most Active Signing Companies

Signing companies come and go as we know.  We keep updating our list of signing companies twice a year.  New ones keep sprouting up in this dismal economy.  Some have specialties that are popular now like reverse mortgages, loan modification, etc.  Although some of the oldies but goodies are still around, I thought that it might be better to write something about signing companies that are doing a lot of work in 2011. This post will be a sort of list of active signing companies.  The only indication I have of knowing if a signing company is active is if there are comments about it on the forum. All of the companies below were written about in the last six months and had at least a few comments about them.

Disclaimer: Not all of these companies are still in business, and we are not claiming that these companies on the list are pleasant to work for.  We merely claim that they were commented about several times recently.

So, here they are:
All Service Notary & Signings

Altisource Portfolio Solutions

American Freedom Assurance

Avenue 365


Cfacts Title

Chase Title

Cogent Closing Service

Commonwealth Signature Services

CRES Closers

D & T Signing Services

Dynamic Field Solutions


EZ Signing Services


Final Link

Finity Title

First Preference Signing

Genuine Title, LLC

Global Discoveries, Ltd.

Good 2 Go Notary Services

Greenbelt Real Estate Services

Harvard Abstract

HVR Notaries

Insured Closings

MDA Lending Solutions

Mortgage Connect

National Loan Closers

National Notary Ink

Nations Direct

Pacific Document Services

Proficiency Signings

N3 Notary


Safir Signing Agents

Service Link

Settlement Corp

Skye Closings

Socal Signings

Speedy Closing and Title Services

Superior Closings

Teriel Closing Solutions

The Notary Biz

The R&R Group

Time Share Relief

Trans State Services, Inc.

Transunion Settlement Solutions

Trusted Enrollment Agent

UST Global

Vital Signings

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September 21, 2011

September NEW Signing Companies

Here are a few new signing companies that hire signing agents.  A few of these have been around for a long time, while many have not hired notaries until fairly recently.  I found these company names by browsing around various notary forums.
 24 Hour Escrow Notaries
Absolute Title Agency
All American Abstract

BNN Services

Capstone Title

CBC Settlement Funding 

CDS Signing Services

Central title 

Convenient Settlement Services

CRES Closers

Dynamic Docs

East West Settlement 

EMX Notary Services
Field Choice, LLC
Five Online (Five Brothers)

Global Discoveries

HVR Mobile Notaries

Mobile Signing Solutions 

Nationwide Signing Service

On Call On Site Closings 

Powerlink Settlement Services

Reliable Land Title
Right Now Notary

Safe Signings Escrow

Sierra Field Services

Structured Asset Funding
The Closing Group
Veritas Title, Ltd.

XP Notary Closings

Please give your commentary on any of these companies in the forum or in our blog commentary section.


August 5, 2011

55 New Signing Companies

Filed under: New Signing Companies — Tags: — admin @ 6:37 am

We added about 55 new signing companies to our vote on signing companies section a few days ago.  Several of these companies have already been commented on in the forum.  Below are a few of the newer companies.

24 Hour Escrow Notary, LLC

Associates Title

Altisource Portfolio Solutions

BNN Services

Commonwealth Signature Services

DMW Business Solutions

Dynamic Docs

East West Settlement

Equity National Title and Closing Services

Global Financial Funding

Interstate Notary Network

JVI Solutions

Loan Depot

Mortgage Connect LP

Nationwide Closing Connection

Northpoint Title

Preferred Choice Escrow

Priority Notary Services

Priority Notary, Inc.

Spectrum Field Services

Texas Litigation Services

Uptown Title, LLC

United Debt Services


We value your participation on the forum, because a string of information about a particular company is very helpful to other notaries. All they need to do is to use the search function, look up a company name, and then find quick and helpful information about that company. Additionally, it is your comments, and commentary on NR’s forum that help me put the votes on the listings mentioned in our list of signing companies which has 400+ companies.


July 6, 2011

Good companies gone bad

Unfortunately, over the last few years, it has been hard to find decent companies to work for.  Personally, if I were still a notary public, I would only work for about 20% of the signing companies out there and watch them like a hawk for payment.  I would keep a database on each one to see what their average wait time was and of any problems.  I would have the best data collection system in the industry.  But, the problem is that companies that we have known and trusted for years, sometimes go bad.  In this industry, everyone seems to go bad.  Signing companies are like milk.  If you keep the refridgerated, they still go bad — it just takes longer. There still are a few decent companies around, but you can count them on two or three hands only. 
I started noticing this trend in 2006
Companies with a solid payment record would suddenly become very slow payers.  Perhaps they were experiencing financial problems.  Personally, I think that if you are in a signing business, you should save your money, so you can pay your expenses on time. Any type of business involves cash flow, and keeping on top of cash flow means saving money.  I heard rumors that many of these signing company owners would drive the best SUV vehicles, have swanky homes, but not have money to pay the notaries.  Their priorities were their short term objects, and not maintaining their business.  The bottom line is that 95% of those companies that behaved like this no longer have businesses — and karmically that makes perfect sense to me.  Back in 2006, this trend began.  companies who always paid on time started slipping.  This trend continued, and is still continuing to this day five years leater.
Settling the score in 2008
This was the year when more signing companies went out of business than any other year.  2007 was the year when America started experiencing a financial disaster, but in 2008, that was the year that the bottom fell out, and companies folded.  Good companies started stringing their trusting notaries along for payment.  What I learned is that you can’t even trust companies with good payment records, because the minute they experience financial issues, the notary is the one who gets paid last. I have no idea why signing companies are almost all like this.  Is there a common gene that all signing companies have that causes this?  Maybe we should do some gene mapping to find the no-pay gene.
The depth of the crisis in 2011
By 2008, roughly 80% of signing companies that were around in 2005 had folded (educated guess).  But, by late 2010, the numbers had escalated to about 93%.  I know this because very few of our 400 signing companies on file are being gossiped about by the notaries.  There are a few new companies sprouting up in the doldrums to my surprise though.
A few companies that went from good reviews to bad
Here are a few companies that used to have good reviews or at least passable, that started getting a lot of really bad reviews lately. Please keep in mind that reviews are based on notary feedback and are NOT based on the opinions of 123notary or the people who work here.
American Freedom Assurance
Chase Title
Dynamic Field Solutions
Genuine Title
Insured Closings
Notaries Express
The Notary Biz
Pacific Document Services

(1) Signing companies are like milk, even if you keep them refrigerated, they still eventually go bad!
(2) Many signing companies started out paying people on time, but these ones eventually started paying late!
(3) It is common for signing companies to pay on time, but then start paying late the minute they have financial problems.

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