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January 17, 2013

From 3 jobs per week to 3 jobs per day!

I posted an entry on our forum to see if people were getting more work recently. Based on my calls around the country, some notaries are really getting a lot of business. We got a response to that post, but not the type of response I was expecting.

Brandon stated that he WAS getting 3 jobs per week.

THEN, he took the certification test and then started getting 3 jobs PER DAY!

What a difference.

For those of you who think that the 123notary certification test is not that well designed, or for those of you who think that you don’t NEED to take it — think again. Getting work depends on the credibility you get with the signing companies for passing our test. If you are going to be on OUR directory, then think about passing OUR test. Conversely, if you want to advertise on and not with us, then get certified by the NNA.

When I was a notary I didn’t do all of the whining that the notaries these days do. I got certified by FIVE agencies and learned a little something extra from each preperation book and test.

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