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March 12, 2018

Notary Marketing 102 — Negotiating Fees

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As a Notary, knowing what you are doing, having a good advertising presence, and being reliable all matter. But, if you don’t know how to negotiate fees, you will crumble in this low-ball world. Here are some of the best negotiating tips in the industry from our top players.


1. Let them name their price first
When bargaining, it is much better to let the other person bid first. You can always raise your ask price if they don’t offer enough. But, if they offer far too much, you would never get it if you asked first and asked too low.


2. Start with a high ask price
If you ask for $125 or $150, you can always go down on your price, especially if the job is close or fast. You can ask how many pages, fax backs, and notarizations are in the package. If the job is quick, then give them a quick price.


3. Never whine
If you whine about the condition of the industry or how low the fee was, people will think you are a low life. Professionals don’t whine. Professionals operate! So, if you are offered $60, ask for $85 and see what happens.


4. Decline the low-ball offers
If you spend all day working for peanuts, then when the good jobs come, you won’t have time. Decline bad offers so you are free for good offers.


5. Answer your phone
If you only offer when you are not in a signing and not driving or cooking or thinking, you will miss 80% of your calls. How can you negotiate a good fee if you don’t take the call in the first place?


6. Act professional
Try to impress them without trying to impress them. Most Notaries try to do a snow job and brag about how great they are. Seasoned operators don’t do this. Smart professionals will engage you in an intelligent conversation about the job, the industry and the state of the union. Ask them questions about the job, where it is, who it is for, what type of loan it is, and about their career and industry working in title or escrow. But, whatever you do, don’t talk about your zero percent error rate and how reliable and experienced you are — nobody can verify your claims and nobody wants to hear it.


7. Announce your name when you answer the phone.
Answer the stating your company name and personal name and never say, “Hullo?”. It sounds professional to announce yourself properly. If you have screaming kids in the background that sounds horribly unprofessional. Have a quiet place to answer the phone and if you are in a noisy place, try to go to a quieter place and apologize about the noise. Just because you don’t mind noise doesn’t mean the title company enjoys barking dog and screaming three year old.


8. Talk about real life
Sometimes I talk to Notaries who tell the Title company that you can call me to clean up the mess after you hire one of those $50 signers. Over half my work is clean up work. That sounds real to title companies unlike all the nonsense about how experienced and knowledgeable you are which just sounds like fluff. Tell real stories about how you handled complicated situations that others might have goofed. Mention that split signing where you did some complicated manouver on the Acknowledgment certificate and how you went out to sign the wife at 3am because she could only see you at that time due to her busy schedule as a nurse. This is impressive and much better than fluff.


9. Negotiate timing
You can offer a better rate if they get you late after rush hour. They might prefer to just offer you more and get the job booked.


10. Double book and get a bad review
You’ll get many bad reviews from this, but double booking makes sense. People cancel jobs all the time when they hire you, so why can’t you cancel a few jobs. If you book jobs tightly, generally at least one of the clients will cancel 20% of the time — at least. So, if you book a job for $60 and someone else offers you $150, you can ditch the first job and take the other. You will probably get a bad review that will last for three years, but you will have $90 extra in your pocket. It’s a dirty technique. Not recommended, but food for thought and great blog material.

11. Negotiating on SnapDocs
You need to know how to negotiate if you use SnapDocs. The majority of Notary work (not the majority of the high paying work though) comes from SnapDocs these days. Their technology wins the game although their fees for using their system are a little exorbitant. When given an offer on Snapdocs by text, you need to turn the situation around.

Let’s say you are offered $60 for a job. Text them back saying I have signed “x” amount of loans in my career and “x” amount being the Purchase that you are assigning. I will accept the job and get it signed within three hours, but my fee is $85. Do you want a seasoned pro or a screw up? References available upon request.

There are Notaries who prosper on SnapDocs. Just not that many. And the ones who do well merit doing well with their superior notary and business skills. Negotiating fees will not get you far if you are an unskilled Notary or beginner. You are competing against 12,000 other Notaries (estimate) on SnapDocs who also don’t know anything. So negotiate only when you have a bargaining position.


12. Stress Availability
As a Notary, there are a lot of others competing with you. If you are fast returning texts, answer your phone promptly and are available, you can get a lot more work. The other notaries are not so responsive. Let people know that you are available and can get the job done. That is a huge bargaining chip. And do so without sounding desperate.


13. Be Willing to Talk
Many Notaries are unwilling to talk to others while in a signing. If someone calls about business, give them 90 seconds before cutting them off. You don’t know if what they are calling about could help you or hurt you. Not giving them a chance to speak their mind will be very frustrating. Many Notaries answer their phone only to tell me that they cannot talk. This is like opening your door only to slam it in someone’s face. It is better to answer and talk or don’t answer. Set a limit ahead of time. By being responsive and friendly, you will attract more business. If you think the job you are at is the only job, you are sacrificing your next job which might become a repeat client.


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March 25, 2010

Recurring popular tweets

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(1) Iphone 7 Siri to be more advanced. Voice changes depending on quality of signing company calling you

New Notary Apps for the iPhone 7 that you’ve never dreamed of!

(2) Tight schedules are part of being a notary. But, don’t make it too tight or u’ll start feeling tightness in your chest!

(3) How can you survive in any business if you don’t carry yourself like a pro?

(4) You need to keep meticulous records to determine whose at fault if there’s a mistake!

(5) Most of the notaries complaining that they can’t make money are notaries who didn’t do their homework.

(6) To handle an Elite Signer you have to be an Elite Notary. Now you are going way beyond competent to reaching beyond perfection –

(7) Notary Heaven Section 263: That’s where we put good notaries who didn’t make their child support payments.

Witnessing the intake forms for Notary Heaven

(8) At The Notary Hotel: they didn’t observe the don’t disturb sign while I was reading the Settlement Statement!

Welcome to the Notary Hotel

(9) Al: “If it weren’t for us signing services, notaries wouldn’t work!” Carmen thinking: “Is this guy serious?”

Who really needs who?

(10) Notary: “I’m not the mistress, I’m the notary!” Wife: “Then why were u driving late last night w/ur lights off?”

(11) Mint… and Meant to be – when her passion for ice cream & a notary aligned.

(12) The notary has this big clamp, and if you’re not good, he’ll clamp you with it, and it will hurt!

Honey, I notarized the kids (don’t try this at home)

(13) Real Estate Brokers need to get real! You don’t know ur loan docs as well as you think you do!

Does Real Estate experience help as a notary?

(14) Clearly stating how far you’ll travel is very good for your business

10 quick changes to your notes that double your calls!

(15) Most notaries on our site not certified by us have roughly half the loan signing knowledge.

(16) If others create obstacles for you, then create policies for dealing with these problems instead of complaining. Winners find solutions.

He made $35,000 a month his first year in business?

(17) A great conversation on the phone often attracts jobs and good reviews, which attracts more jobs. Always answering the phone helps!

A great attitude gets the most jobs

(18) The TSA will be involved in notary signings. It will be illegal to bring sharp objects to signings.

(19) The Notary takes $10 million in drug money to the Title company by accident.

The Notary, The Mafia & The Fedex Drop Box

(20) Kids play “cowboys and Indians.” No child on record has been caught playing “notary publics and document holders.”

Tomorrow’s Notary Publics

(21) Not getting paid on time? It’s because u didn’t look within to research these dead-beat companies.

(22) The notary asked, “Can I get an Alaskan moose with Russian dressing. They’re our next door neighbors!”

My date with Jeremy

(23) If customers come 2u, let’em know if they don’t show up on time, they’ll only have 3 minutes grace period. –

The Starbucks notary wises up!

(24) A creaking noise; a sudden thump; This was a notary signing that would raise the dead. #victorianmansion

(25) The rock climbing notary admitted that many of his friends were addicted to cracks.

(26) Vampire Notary: “I like your ID picture. You have nice rosy cheeks, you must have good circulation, do you work out?”

Vampire Notaries: 24 hour service

(27) Notary topics: Hand-written docs, Blanks in docs, seal over wording, loose certificates, overseas docs.

Signing agent best practices: 63 points

(28) A man in prison was refinancing his home to get money to hire Attorneys. What was he in prison for?

(29) 1 borrower felt she was being cheated, whipped out a rifle and said, “Oh no you don’t!”

(30) The guy had a female mannequin in his living room. He said he had it there because he felt alone.

(31) The Attorney General investigated the Lender & the 3 notaries involved & busted Susie for fraud.

(32) A Notary accepted a job, then cancelled right before the signing when she learned the signing co. had a bad payment record.

California notaries with complaints

(33) Once I put a FedEx in the drop box that never got delivered. FedEx found it a week later still in the box!

Don’t put the Fedex in the drop box!

(34) When you call people back, don’t expect them to know who you are — announce your name right away!

(35) Everything you need to know about journals, but were afraid to ask.

Everything you need to know about journals

5+ tweets

(36) If a signing company calls with bad reviews, Siri’s tone of voice will sound suicidal using this new app.

New Notary Apps for the iPhone 7 that you’ve never dreamed of!

(37) Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how willing you are to make amends for them that determine your success w/clients.

(38) iPhone 7 Notary to go app tells you if neighbors or kids are too close to your car

New Notary Apps for the iPhone 7 that you’ve never dreamed of!

(39) Hmm. It says here on your Akashic records that you were a good notary. You never backdated.

Witnessing the intake forms for Notary Heaven

(40) After being tested out on seven different signing agents, the iPhone 7 provides Siri with badly needed automated therapy.

New Notary Apps for the iPhone 7 that you’ve never dreamed of!

(41) The notary heaven clerk noted that his commission seal expired after he did.

Witnessing the intake forms for Notary Heaven

(42) At The Notary Hotel, Showtime & HBO are free, but the Signing Channel costs $40 (not including fax backs)

Welcome to the Notary Hotel

(43) Notary purgatory: For all of eternity, dead notaries get clients who sign differently on each page.

Witnessing the intake forms for Notary Heaven

(44) Check out the digital signature rooms at The Notary Hotel

Welcome to the Notary Hotel

(45) The only reason Title/Escrow use signing services is that it is “convenient” for them!

Who really needs who?

(46) Who really needs who? Do notaries need signing services? Do Title co’s need signing services?

Who really needs who?

(47) The wife had postponed the signing from 7:30 to 9:30pm so she would know where her husband was at that nightly hour.

(48) I cut up an ink pad and made a cardboard box that read “notarized” backwards like a mirror image.

Honey, I notarized the kids (don’t try this at home)

(49) After we were done w/the “signing of silence,” I saw a car driving slow w/their lights turned off. #mistress

(50) Frank: “Honey, I notarized the kids.” Molly: “What do you mean?” Frank: “I’ll explain later, don’t call the police!”

Honey, I notarized the kids (don’t try this at home)

(51) Wife: “Are you the notary or the mistress?” Notary: “I’m the notary, the mistress isn’t coming until later on (I guess)”

(52) The number of years you’ve been in business isn’t as important as the number of loans.

10 quick changes to your notes that double your calls!

(53) Needless to say, it was the most awkward Wisconsin notary signing in the world.

(54) 123notary certified notaries get 78% more clicks and 2.5x the business as 123notary uncertified notaries in similar positions!

(55) Not getting Title co clients? See if your notes section conveys ur the type of notary they’re looking for.

(56) Running 123notary is more like babysitting than you think, “Did you update your listing? Did you update your notes? Did you renew yet?”

My date with Jeremy

(57) After the signing w/Vampire Notary, the 4 of them enjoyed a sip of Sangria (the Italian word for BLOOD)

Vampire Notaries: 24 hour service

(58) “FedEx?” I said. “Why FedEx?” “That’s where my dates always end–at a FedEx drop box.”

My date with Jeremy

(59) The day after the signing w/the Vampire Notaries the wife asked: “Fred, what are those strange marks on your neck?”

Vampire Notaries: 24 hour service

(60) Running 123notary is like a cross between babysitting & a marriage. A bunch of situations that never end!

My date with Jeremy

(61) Don’t go to houses that smell bad #mobilenotary

Signing agent best practices: 63 points

(62) People who are so emotional & irrational aren’t always capable of using weapons responsibly, especially at a signing!

(63) Notary contracts, fees at the door, background screening signing co’s, call Title if not paid on time.

Signing agent best practices: 63 points

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