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May 1, 2019

What Notaries don’t like about Snapdocs

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With so many people complaining about Snapdocs, how is it that they survive. Or perhaps with their heavy bills for programming and engineering services, they are not surviving. I heard a rumor that they wanted to sell out to the NNA. I also heard their offer was rejected by the NNA. Their sister site in Germany called DerSchnappenDokument seems to be a little more financially sound though. Here are some things people don’t like about Snapdocs.

1. Cattle Calls (moo)
Notaries complain relentlessly about cattle calls. If so many Notaries don’t like it, then why do they list on SnapDocs? But, it’s worse. Since few Notaries want to work for free, and few Notaries (other than how Kim Kardashian would be if she were a Notary checking her Twitter followers every two minutes) check their texts every minute, it is hard to get responses to cattle calls. After twenty minutes the calls are going out to people an hour away who definitely are not going to work for peanuts. So, a lot of Notaries are annoyed that most of their texts are for jobs that are too far away. What a poorly thought out system! Then, when you finally do answer a text, you find out that someone else cheaper already answered or that they don’t want you. I personally think that Notaries should wear a bell around their neck and have a diet consisting mainly of grass if they want to continue this nonsense.

2. Thin Margins
Snapdocs charges companies to use their platform. Prices change over time and change based on your arrangement with them. Last I heard it was between $5 to $14 per job depending on which features you used. If you used the billing and downloading software, you might pay more while sourcing a notary alone might be cheaper. I don’t know the details but this is what I have heard. The problem is that companies who use Snapdocs feel that they should deduct the SnapDocs fees from what they pay the Notary. So instead of $80, they might only pay $66 to cover their costs. What companies need to know is that SnapDocs offers technology, convenience, and time saving and that the company using it should pay for that as labor saving technology. You should pay the Notary what they are worth instead of trying to bargain them down to rock bottom.

3. Discrimination
SnapDocs is an impartial search and information platform. But, due to the prominent photos of Notaries on their site, those who use the site are more likely to discriminate. Other sites have photos too, but on signingagent.com, the photos are a lot smaller and not as clear, and on NotaryRotary you don’t see the photo until after you have clicked. Users would be tempted to select Notaries based on how they looked physically or racially more than what their skill level was or how they wrote about themselves. At 123notary, it is more about notes, reviews, and certifications — things of substance.


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  1. This is not true. Each company that is listed with Snapdocs has a fee they pay to the Notaries. The reply back is on a first come first serve basis. You as a notary cam accept or reject the fee.

    Comment by Clarke — June 17, 2019 @ 8:15 pm

  2. I use snap docs often for assignments that I don’t get directly from a title company and have begun to use it exclusively for non-snap docs assignment invoicing; in that respect it’s a great platform. I do find that companies do try to low ball you on the fee and I often counter with a fee of at least 100 dollars or more depending on location; I usually am assigned 60% of the time. It’s in black and white what the actual notary fee being paid is on the docs, I avoid companies that feel that they should share more that 15 or 20% of the overall fee.

    Comment by Eric Salas — June 17, 2019 @ 8:59 pm

  3. My biggest complaint is that we have to reply to these jobs within seconds or we lose the opportunity. We are mobile, meaning that we are driving most the time, so responding within seconds can be dangerous if the notary is on the road. I already got a ticket for trying to reply to Snapdocs while driving. I get a lot of business through Snapdocs and I appreciate the business, but I am frustrated with what the notary has to do to comply. I’ve written to them asking them to reconsider how this system works.

    Comment by Marit — June 17, 2019 @ 10:04 pm

  4. If you dont like Snapdocs, block them I for one like Snapdocs. If I dont want to see the offers from a certain company, I block them.I do not get very many compaines that start off, “I found you on 123Notary’.

    Comment by jackie — June 18, 2019 @ 12:48 am

  5. I personally think Snapdox platform is a good option FOR THEM. However, I still prefer the old way of getting jobs. The type of assignments blasted out to the world of notaries are not explained clearly and is most times very vague. I don’t know about you, but I want to know exactly what I’m accepting in order to set the appropriate fee that benefits me. Also, I noticed that about 90 percent of the assignments are really far from my service area, and the fees offered are much to low for my years of experience and skill level. I’m always wondering who are picking up these $30 – $40 jobs. How can you survive on that? That’s basically just printing cost and gas money. NotaryGo is the world’s worse with those ridiculously low rates. Obviously, they are doing well in finding notaries to work for pennies because they are one of the most popular signing companies on Snapdocs. Either way, Snapdocs is just not working for me. I remain on the platform because every now and then, I am lucky enough to pick up a decent assignment. I almost always have to send a note indicating the pay is to low and request my rate. You have to be really fast though because once the email blast goes out, the job is usually picked up within minutes. If anyone can suggest a more efficient way to get more notary work, please post it here.

    Comment by Joyce Mikle-Miller — June 19, 2019 @ 12:41 am

  6. Most offers are low ball. I agree to most comments that people have written above. It is dangerous to reply within seconds when we are mobile. Plus, they are taking half of our fee just for providing an online platform that does not share more info. Sometimes, I find out what that the job is more than what I expected and they asking for a lot more than what was sent in the initial text and the fee is too less. For example, a sellers package with first american Title in-office is only $50. Well what about travelling to the office and time. Seller’s package takes the same amount of time as refinance because most of the time the signers do not know how and what to fill in those tax withholding forms. I understand with snapdocs there is chnace of discrimination. Also, they have a system to make preferred and block and that cherishes discrimination even more for not getting orders. Snapdocs verifies all notaries but not the signing companies tht do business with snapdocs. Lat year I lost $600 with a signing company for whom I did signing and then after 30 days when I contacted them for payment via snapdocs found out that they went out of business. Snapdocs never notified me. Isn’t there responsibility if they verify notaries that they should verify and vet companies that are legit and also communicate with notaries when something like this happens ahead of time so that we get paid for all the hardwork we do in the field.

    Comment by Dev Patel — June 19, 2019 @ 3:38 pm

  7. I’ve responded before so forgive me…It isn’t Snapdocs that contacts me for the job …it is the signing company that contacts me…Most already know my fee…but if they offer a lower one I counter…most of the time they accept…what’s great about the system is that signing company has all my documentation…and I access the docs, etc through the Snapdocs website….I close out the signing on the Snapdocws website and since it is through Snapdocs…they have all my payment information for direct deposit of my fee…I haven’t experienced any problems and have referred some companies to snapdocs simply because I prefer everything on that one website. As I mentioned before…all the problems may be an area thing…I am on the west coast and the convenience of it all on one website even though all the signing companies are different makes it so easy and you can see all the completed orders with one stroke. Hopefully, whatever problems are experienced can be addressed…you can contact Snapdocs direct and possibly address those problems…Good Luck everyone …whatever we all can do to make our assignments go smoother the better for all of us!

    Comment by A.C. Dye — December 16, 2019 @ 5:54 pm

  8. To the very low ball offer company I put them in spam, and block them in the phone. For the decent but not good enough one, keep it. Many time they are desperate and call me, I will give them my price and most of time they take it. For the faraway place I am not really want to go, I give them a ridiculous price and surprisingly they take it most of time. So for the reasonable but low one always counter. For the company who pay well give extremely good service so they keep calling you back. Once you have enough of those company you don’t need to work for those low ball offers! We should have our price stand firm and have our time worthwhile. We should show them our integrity and dignity not the street dog chase after bones!

    Comment by Iris Fung — February 15, 2020 @ 3:11 pm

  9. Who refers to Snapdocs? If an individual calls me and the meeting is farther than my
    max mileage , I suggest they search by zip code at several sites I know will accommodate that query. [123Notary is one of them] Am I wasting my time,? It’s surprising how often I get referrals from those folks for their clients or friends who do live in my driving range.

    Lowball cattle calls repel me, too. Like most of you , my colleagues, I counter with my fee schedule [adding my extra charge for fax back, even if they don’t mention it first]*
    Only if I have the time to answer.

    As was said elsewhere on this site, be thoughtful about the things that use your time on a signing offer. Factor in your auto costs [or your mileage ], plus maintenance and insurance. Professional fees? Oh, yes.
    And.. put yourself on an hourly rate.**
    You know how long it takes to review and prepare a package for signing. You know how long the round trip drive will take.
    How about supplies [paper and toner] and maintenance or replacement of your machines. A bit of focus in areas like this will help you set your own, customized fee schedule.
    I’m grateful for the private customers who call. From one of the hospitals or care centers, an attorney out of town with clients here, even a bank or title company on occasion. If you have time, paying calls on these places is something a lot of us do.

    My wish is for all of us to stand together against the push to drive us into the lowball ditch. Strength and Health!

    Comment by DONNA J.R. CONNE — April 27, 2020 @ 7:18 pm

  10. I am so sorry to disagree by my experience with Snapdocs is nothing but positive….the fees I get are my fees with the company hiring me…if not acceptable I let them know and they adjust….everything is so convenient with Snapdocs…docs, payment…all in one place….again I can only speak for myself and I have been doing business with them for years and years….

    Comment by ANN DYE — December 25, 2020 @ 9:14 pm

  11. Will you stand together????
    Do not take refinances or purchases for $75 or not less than $100
    With 2 sets, paper, toner, gas, your time, go to Fed ex or UPS and then taxes, you won’t make any money.
    Signing services take your fees for just a call and uploading docs!!
    Then you see on the paperwork that they have taken just as much as you are paid!!!!

    Stand up and say no or request more money!!

    Comment by DeborahPlanet — December 25, 2020 @ 9:24 pm

  12. I am new and already don’t care for Snapdocs, but how to I get work in a rural area outside of the platform?

    Comment by Dawn Mimnaugh — December 25, 2020 @ 9:46 pm

  13. You’ve been bashing SnapDocs for years. Perhaps it’s time to move on. I get top paying gigs through Snap, I negotiate fees as I have a high ranking, their platform is straightforward and simple to use, you CAN call if you have any issues, contrary to one of your recent articles, and I get paid more quickly than by signing companies. Overall, SnapDocs is my best source of signings.

    Comment by AngelaC — December 26, 2020 @ 9:50 pm

  14. I have been using Snapdocs and like it. I also have a set response to all jobs in my area. I live in a huge rural area and my fees go from 125- >400 depending on mileage. When I am contacted I respond with a fee that is appropriate. Most are city people and have no idea that a rural person may have to drive for 2 hours and still be in their area. I just explain my circumstances and get from 30%- 50% of the jobs. If it is not a fair fee then do not take it. My fees are based on a standard 350 day wage for 9 hours with equipment and a vehicle. I figure I make half of what I charge, rest goes to expenses. If somebody is working for less they will not be a competitor for very long.

    Comment by Luckylogger — December 27, 2020 @ 3:28 am

  15. Snap Docs has been very successful in “Reducing Notary Fees”.
    All of the “Newbies” are like guppies in the pond and “Snap” at the worm.
    Experienced “Certified Signing Agents” are more discerning and are are aware of the “unspoken requirements”.
    Stay Strong… Scan backs require 2 trips and extra time accordingly, charge accordingly.
    And they always require “IMMEDIATE FAXBACKS”. REALLY???
    Snapdocs does not run my Business.

    Comment by Dennis Brooks — December 30, 2020 @ 1:06 am

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