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January 26, 2011

Snapdocs is copying 123notary (in a few ways)

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I just found out that Snapdocs has ten basic questions they ask their members about loan signing. Those questions are nothing to compare with how thoroughly we test our higher level notaries. However, I was impressed at the quality of the Snapdocs questions. They were very practical and useful questions, and not very difficult either.

I heard that Snapdocs had had those questions from long time back. But, they seem to be emphasizing questions more, as I did not hear of them asking technical questions before. So, does that mean that Snapdocs is copying 123notary’s style? Does that mean they are learning from us? Is 123notary influencing how the industry does business? I am feeling that we are making an impact, although I cannot definitively say it is true.

I think if we at 123notary talk to the title companies and make a list of all the dangerous and foolish things that so many notaries do, the title companies will become a lot more hesitant to hire a Notary who does not have proven skills. We want to promote our certification, and now that we have cleaned it up, it represents a certain higher standard of knowledge.

I wonder how much Snapdocs will do to enforce or encourage a higher level of Notary knowledge. Few Notaries will try to get that distinction unless something changes in the industry and people start valuing education.


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