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January 3, 2011

If you were hiring a Notary, what would you look for?

Most Notaries are missing the point. They know how good they are or how good they think they are. However, they do not understand the perspective of someone looking for a Notary. A skilled shopper has dealt with thousands of Notaries and can cut through the fluff in your profile faster than you can say backdate. The point is not how good you think you are, but creating the right impression so that pro Title companies think that you are the right type of Notary.

I heave dealt with 40,000 Notaries in my career. I see right through the fluff. The minute someone describes themself as professional or reliable, the only thought that goes through my head is that this person has nothing of value to say, so they substitute baseless adjectives for real information. A Notary who is “all that” would have something of substance to say about themselves. They would describe the types of loans they know how to sign and have something worthwhile about how they do their job.

What I hate most is how Notaries spend three paragraphs telling you how all client information will be held confidential and the integrity of the signing is of utmost importance. This tells me nothing except that you know how to waste space telling me a bunch of fluff. Obviously the information is confidential unless you are an identity thief. But, the identity thief is not going to advertise that they are going to sell your client’s information, are they? So, stick to useful facts.

If I can read three paragraphs of your writing and immediately tell that you are a person with experience and knowledge, I might just call you. The ones who write the fluff will not get called unless they have some certifications from agencies that I have faith in — like my own!

The people who browse 123notary are looking for:

1. Current reviews — not reviews from 2011

2. A well written notes section — not a notes section with lots of fluff and self-aggrandizing adjectives

3. General Facts. Facts about what you know how to do, where you go, who you are a member of, equipment, etc.

4. Well organized information. You might have all the facts, but if they are in a jumble, nobody wants to read that.

5. No mistakes — if you make spelling or grammar mistakes, that is proof to me that you will make mistakes on a signing — and don’t try to talk your way out of that. It is a proven fact!

6. Uniqueness — if you can say something interesting and classy about yourself that others cannot say, that counts for you. People are tired of reading what looks like copied and pasted notes sections that look generic. Most notes sections could be true of thousands of Notaries on any directory. So, by being refreshingly unique in a fun and cool way, you attract others.

7. 123notary.com certification — people who use our site want OUR certification, NOT NNA’s. It doesn’t hurt to have NNA”s, but everyone else has it, so it won’t make you stand out. Only the cream of the crop can pass our test, so it proves yourself.

8. High Placement — high placement isn’t free, and browsers know that. If you put your money where it counts, people will respect how serious and dedicated you are. So, spend some money and get a good spot on 123notary if you take your business seriously.


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  1. While /what would you look for/ is a great question – one should also consider /what they look at/.

    I am referring to the first 150 characters of your notes section. THAT IS WHAT THEY SEE when the page for your area is displayed. They might glance down the page, do you have something there that is “eye catching” or just the routine stuff?

    Comment by Kenneth Edelstein — October 3, 2016 @ 9:32 pm

  2. As a Chaplain, I am compelled to answer your statements of human endeavors. As a Notary public covering two states, i visit hospitals, hospices, rehab centers for those who cannot travel. I work for them but empower these individuals by acknowledging their plight and reassure them I work for you not your family members. They tell what they want and i follow their wishes. There is more to being a Notary public than Stamp and embosser. It is sitting with people holding their hands and asking them what they want and not allowing outside forces to sway or limit their capacity.
    This what a NOTARY PUBLIC does, He/she are the vanguards for those who can be taken advantage of.

    Chaplain Nicholas Lake

    Comment by Chaplain Nicholas Lake — October 29, 2016 @ 11:44 pm

  3. Chaplain i couldn’t agree more! I work in a medical community so i perform many POA for dying people. I’ve had so many customers die days after i notarized for them. i don’t think people realize what a notary’s job actually involves. you have to be a spokesman for the sick and dying to make sure they are not being used or abused. thank you for your comment as i want to bring more light to how important a notary really is.

    Comment by eva — February 25, 2017 @ 8:53 pm

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