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April 18, 2021

Ooops! Errors that Notaries make that courses don’t cover

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Here are a few dumb mistakes Notaries make that courses might not address.

1. Missing signatures, dates or initials.

2. Sending the package back to the wrong Mortgage company.

3. Forgetting to send the package and finding it in your trunk three days after the fact only to find out that the borrower lost their lock as a result.

4. Forgetting to confirm the appointment and finding nobody home when you get to the destination.

5. Not making sure all signing parties are there only to find out that the wife is at work an hour away.

6. Not printing out the whole package.

7. Not having the correct printing or downloading software downloaded.

8. Telling the signer you will be there in 10 minutes and then showing up two hours later with some lame excuse

9. Answering all questions with a snow job trying to cover up the fact that you are new and know almost nothing. This just makes you look annoying in addition to being new. At least you could be a straight forward new person with dignity.

10. Not reading the directions sheet (if there is one) at the top of the package. You could get fired for that.

Common mistakes the borrowers make include letting their cat or dog scratch you or bite you. when they put their dog on the other side of a closed door, have you ever noticed that door always seems to open several minutes later only to create a scene? Some borrowers also read forever and didn’t go over the critical facts with their lenders. Other borrowers don’t have a table to sign on — and that is a serious issue.


April 17, 2021

Should Notaries get vaccinated?

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As essential workers, you might have an easier time in line to get vaccinated. Health care workers and first responders would take precident over a Notary, but Notaries might be in a subsequent category of professionals who would get preference in line.

Since Notaries deal with many people every day face to face there are arguments in favor of getting vaccinated. However, since you and the clients are wearing N-95 masks and the rate of transmission is low now, there are arguments against getting vaccinated.

The mainstream consensus on vaccines is dictated by whatever the media feeds us. Since less than 20% of Americans think for themselves and the rest give consent to the media and mainstream society to tell them how to think, when to think and what to think, most people will just blindly accept the idea of vaccination as it is “safe.”

However, here are my arguments against notaries getting vaccinated.

1. Mobile Notaries don’t come into contact with more than a handful of people per day. It is not like being a flight attendant or busy waitress who is face to face with 300 new people per day. A notary’s level of exposure is not much more than the average person, or perhaps less.

2. The RNA vaccine has only been tested for a few months. None of us know the long term effects it has on the human body. It was tested on animals and from what I’ve hard, the animals didn’t do too well. I thought we tested drugs and vaccines on animals, so if the results weren’t good, we could spare humans the bad luck. But, in the case of Covid, we do the opposite. Why? Probably because it is thought of as “safe.” So if half the world’s population ends up dead in some mysterious way, we will know that they died trying to be “safe” and that they are following “the science.”

3. Many people had serious side effects from the vaccine that were higher in proportion than to the risk of getting sick from the actual disease. Why take a 30% chance of having symptoms of a sickness when if you got the sickness only 2% show any type of symptoms. It makes absolutely no sense. It is kind of like choosing to be sick for your safety. It makes sense if you use Covid-Logic, but not if you use regular logic.

On a brighter note, I feel safer knowing that most of the people I come into contact with are vaccinated or at least had the chance to be. That means that if I were sick and didn’t know it, I don’t have to worry about killing them. What a relief. My doctors and massage practitioners are older people and the last thing I want to do is to endanger their health.

I cannot say if you should vaccinate or not. I will say that it is not natural, not adequately tested, the information is highly censored which is very suspicious, and the news media is very biased in their reporting on the vaccine issue. Their coverage doesn’t seem very credible to me. It seems like a big snow job. But, the choice is yours and there are arguments pro and con. For those of us who believe in God, being healthy the natural way seems a lot less disrespectful of our maker though. He gives us a vaccine the day we are born which generally works fine until you are about 80 assuming you maintain your health.

My official take is, that taking this vaccine is like spitting in God’s face and saying — the immune system you took billions of years to perfect…. we can do better than that with our know-it-all scientists who have been working on their vaccine for only a few months. But, they are scientists, so they must know what they are doing. Basically — human scientists know more than the entity who created the universe, at least according to those of us who took that vaccine or are planning to take it.


April 16, 2021

Trick questions — you already gave them a choice

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I have a trick question in one of my email quizzes. In the question, the affiant requests an Oath for a document about whether he likes Starbucks or not. It is a sort of a nonsense Oath, but goes over some critical knowledge about Oaths as silly as it sounds.

The answers have to do with the first words the Notary should say when administering the Oath. Some of the answers include:

1. You should ask if the signer wants an Oath or Affirmation
2. Do you swear or affirm that…

These particular answers (and there are about seven total answers to this question to see who really knows their stuff and who is guessing or fudging.) reveal a lot. The signer already request an Oath, so you have already fulfilled your obligation to let the signer choose what type of notarization they want. So you don’t have to ask again what type of Notary act they want. If you answered 1 or 2, you are being redundant and those answers are therefore not good answers. You should then say,

“Do you solemnly swear that you love Starbucks?”

They should raise their right hand and say, “yes” or “I do.”

The purpose of this question is to see who thinks straight and who does not. People who have illogical thinking are not the best people to hire. On the other hand, I recently learned that people who ignore emails are even riskier to hire because they are negligent by definition!


April 15, 2021

Notarizing at an insurrection!

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Paul the Notary navigated his way around a huge crowd on his way up the steps to the Capitol. He had never seen so many MAGA hats in his life. He had been hired to notarize Mark who called from within the Capitol building for a last minute emergency signing.

NOTARY: Hello, I’m here. Who needed a Notary?

RANDOM PERSON: Buddy, you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.

NOTARY: It’s not like I’m committing a capitol offense… well actually, bad choice of words, perhaps I am. I am on restricted Federal property — but, I didn’t see a sign, so that makes it okay.

BUBBA: Are you the Notary? We’ve been waiting for you.

NOTARY: Yeah. Who am I notarizing? Is it Confederate Flag guy over there, the guy running around with zip ties, or the guy with the painted face and the horns. Oh, goodie, I hope it’s the guy with the horns.

BUBBA: No, it’s Ramsey over here. He’s been shot and needs a Power of Attorney to authorize his sister to take care of his property.

NOTARY: Ouch. Is he going to get arrested in the middle of the notarization?

RAMSEY: Here, I am weak, but I can sign that journal.

NOTARY: Sign it in blood. Oh, wrong time for that joke.

RAMSEY: It’s okay, I always wanted to die this way.

NOTARY: So, if you die, would you die fighting for your country, or against your country… I’m having trouble figuring out who is who over here.

RAMSEY: We’re fighting for what our country stands for.

NOTARY: And the opposition can’t STAND that, right?

RAMSEY: Another joke. Basically, they sit for justice, we stand for it.

NOTARY: And you can’t SIT injustice.

RAMSEY: Right now I’m lying, but I’m not telling any untruths.

BUBBA: He lies about everything, but only when he is dead tired. Now, I’m doing it.

NOTARY: So you lied beside a Notary, but not to a Notary. Good thing you are not under Oath. You’ll have to sit up for your Oath so you are not lying. Please raise your right gun… I mean your right hand.

RAMSEY: Okay… Uh oh, gunshots. (bang… bang)

BUBBA: Better put your hand down otherwise you might lose it.

ONLOOKER: He won’t be needing it… at least not the way he is going.

NOTARY: Was that friendly fire or un (bang…. bang.) I better get down too. Put your hand out horizontally. Or should I say, LAY your hand out. Do you solemnly swear that the contents of this document are true and correct.

RAMSEY: Yes, but this document is intended to get an Acknowledged signature which doesn’t require an Oath.

NOTARY: Hmmm. Maybe you should be a Notary in a future life. You are correct. Okay. Here is my stamp. You better give this document to your document custodian.

BUBBA: I know his sister so I’ll take care of it.

NOTARY: So, if I say I support the constitution and love the flag, does that make me a white supremicist?

ONLOOKER: Only if you mean it!

BUBBA: Which flag, the American or the Confederate flag? These days they are considered to have the same implications. I was asked to take the American flag off my textbook at school because it was too, “controversial.”

(Later that day on MSNBC)

REPORTER: A white supremacist sympathizer Notary arrived at the Capitol to notarize a man committing treason.

BUBBA: I thought we were protesting against treason — I should start my own news outlet. Why do they always twist facts.

REPORTER: But, the Notary was not wearing a MAGA hat or holding a flag. Looks like these supremacists are hiding under the radar these days. It’s hard to identify them without any distinguishing markings. They look just like regular people without the red hats and the flags.

NOTARY: I’m just doing my job. I am neither for these people or against them. I don’t even know what they were doing, what they thought they were doing, or what they planned (if they planned at all) to do. Do we have to distort every single fact that we talk about?

BUBBA: On their network that is an essential part of their business model.

NOTARY: Does anyone else need a Notary? I need to make a little more out of this trip to pay for my parking. I had to pay a mint for parking, walk over half a mile and risk my life to get here.

SALLY: Do you do Oaths?

NOTARY: Funny you should ask. Please raise your right hand, oh, and that will be $10 please, but hold the ten in your left hand. The other left hand… there you go…


April 14, 2021

Signing Agent questions answered

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Here are some basic questions that people have with quick answers.

1. Should I start a notary website?
Quick Answer: No!
Commentary: It’s very expensive and time consuming. Probably not unless you’re really serious.

2. Should I sign up on Notary directories?
Quick Answer: Yes!
123notary, NotaryRotary, Snapdocs, and NotaryCafe are the best, but they are all different and attract very different clientele and varying amounts of business. 123notary gets more title work, while Snapdocs gets a high quantity of low ballers.

3. Do I need to understand the documents I notarize
Quick Answer: No!
Commentary: Your job is to fill out forms correctly and identify people correctly. The document doesn’t need to even be in English in most states. But, the signer should understand it.

4. Does 123notary have quizzes with yes/no answers
Quick Answer: No!
Commentary: We prefer multiple choice or open ended questions

5. Should I get certified?
Quick Answer: Yes!
Commentary: Notary2Pro has the best teaching. 123notary’s has the highest testing standards. LSS is the most up to date as to the current market conditions. NNA is the most widespread but their graduates do the worst on my test. We like the NNA in most ways, but not in terms of their testing standards.

6. Should I backdate?
Quick Answer: No!

7. Should I read Notary Blogs?
Quick Answer: Yes!
Commentary: Read your state notary manual and take some courses as well.

8. Should I put care into maintaining my notary profile?
Quick Answer: Yes!

9. Should I sell my van and buy an expensive high spot on 123notary?
Quick Answer: Yes!
Commentary: We prefer to wait until you have signed at least 500 loans, have a good notes section and a few reviews or 123notary certification before you invest big bucks in a high placed listing. That way you will be likely to get a good ROI and be happy with our service.

10. Can I notarize a photograph?
Quick Answer: No
Commentary: Notaries notarize signatures on documents. Even if a photo had a signature, there is no document making any type of statement.

A final note — you also cannot notarize your cat unless it is an oral statement of meao!


April 13, 2021

The “It can be more but not less” rule

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Don’t learn this rule. It is interpreted backwards as often as it is interpreted correctly, or scrambled completely.

BAD RULE: “It can be more but not less” rule.
APPLICATION: You can SIGN more but not less…
QUESTION: More but not less than WHAT?
More but not less than what it says on the ID or the document?

This stupid quick rule does not elaborate what you can sign more than and also misses a very critical point. If you cannot prove the name on the document using a photo ID, then you are taking a huge risk as a Notary.

Different states have different standards for identification. Georgia requires you to look at the ID but doesn’t mention whether the ID should match (might be outdated information, but that was what I read a few years ago.) California requires the name on the document to be proven based on the ID and also requires thumbprints for powers of attorney and deeds affecting real property (smart move.) But, regardless of the state, taking precautions and keeping thorough records can keep you out of court and shorten the length of investigations.

BAD RULE: “You can always sign more.”
Don’t use rules that leave ambiguities otherwise you will miss critical points due to an omission in the logical process.

JEREMY’S RULE: “The ID must prove the name on the document.”
Interpretation: The name on the ID can be matching and identical or matching but longer than the name typed in the signature section of the document. Additionally, the name you put in the Acknowledgment section should be provable based on the ID. It is possible to put a shorter name on the Acknowledgement than the name signed or printed on the document.

If the ID says John Smith
But, the document printed name says John W Smith
You could notarize this person as John Smith even if the person signs John W Smith.
Would the title company get mad at you? Would the county recorder record the notarization? Not sure, but at least you would not be breaking notary law by notarizing this way!

JEREMY’S RULE #2: “You can sign more than how the name is printed in the signature section, but not less.”
COMMENT: This is a more elaborate and thorough version of the more but not less rule. If you memorize incomplete rules, you will make logic mistakes and could end up in court as a consequence. It doesn’t happen often, but it could eventually. Why take chances and why be a bad notary? Understand all of the aspects of notarization and yes — it is a lot more complicated than you thought and requires intricate thinking.


April 12, 2021

10 things you need to know as a Signing Agent

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Most people are confused when they begin their career as a Notary signing agent. They don’t know what they need to learn or do, or how to get clients. Those in the business for many years have the opposite problem. They think they know everything while they know very little — at least when I test them. Here is what I think Notaries should learn and how to learn it.

1. Be a good Notary. What does that entail?
You need to know the rules for each notary act and how to fill out forms. You also need to know how to administer Oaths correctly and few Notaries do this well or take it seriously. You can lose your commission if a judge finds out you didn’t give an Oath on any particular Affidavit, Jurat or sworn statement that you notarized. It is easy to learn how to do this, but few make it their business to know their job. Read your state’s notary manual regularly. You can also read blogs from NNA, 123notary or other Notary agencies. But, your state notary division is gospel, and the agencies are sometimes wrong — so treat their information as commentary. Keeping a journal is also imperative, because when you are in court, and 15% of serious Notaries end up before a judge sooner or later, your journal is your only evidence. The more thoroughly you keep your journal, the happier the judge will be with you. If you identify someone incorrectly or carelessly you might be empowering an imposter to steal a house from someone or commit fraud. We teach all of these points on our blog on Notary Public 101.

Summary of point 1.
Understanding All applicable Notary Acts, Identification procedures, Journal procedure, and Oaths are the bedrock of being a good Notary.

2. Understand The Right to Cancel
Residential owner occupied Refinances typically have a Right to Rescind document. Understanding how to date this document properly is not rocket science, but experienced Notaries flake and goof and get the dates wrong when I test them on a regular basis. It is not rocket sciencem, and no, the NASA website doesn’t cover this, it is a matter of counting to three and not counting Sundays or Federal Holidays.

3. Understand FAQ’s about loan signing.
When is my first payment due?
Where is my rate, APR?
Do I have a prepayment penalty and where is it?
Where are my closing costs and fees itemized?
Do I have to send a check or other documents not included in the package?
How long can I read my borrower’s copies before rescinding
How do I cancel my loan?

Many Notaries feel that they need to be experts at all of the documents. As a general rule, you should know the difference between the Correction Agreement LPOA and a Compliance Agreement, although there are so many variations in these documents that they are all different and you have to read each one — but, being familiar and knowledgeable about these document variations pays off as this is a FAQ that people are concerned about. Most loan signing courses go over this information and you should memorize this as people at signings will ask about it.

4. Understanding Reverse Mortgages, TRID, Helocs, Purchases, etc.
LSS’s course seems to do the best job teaching these types of loans (or documents) that are new in popularity over the last few years. Most signing courses were written ten or twenty years ago when Reverse Mortgages either didn’t exist or were not a popular item. Since as a Notary, you are not allowed to explain the terms of a person’s loan, but only allowed to help signers find information within the loan, it is NOT critical to understand these loans or documents, but make you look good if you did. So consider point four to be a plus, but not a necessity.

5. Explain or don’t explain
In our various blog courses we go over point by point what a Notary should explain or not explain. The 30 point course discusses this in detail. This is critical because otherwise you might get yourself in trouble talking about what you have no business of talking about. Or you might talk about something you know nothing about. Or, you might not answer a question which you should know the answer and express the answer about. Boy, this is complicated.

6. How to find new clients
There are many ways. We write about this in the marketing section of our blog, but you might have to scroll.

7. How to background screen clients
Not all clients are pleasant or pay on time. Use the 123notary or Notary Rotary forum to see which companies are worth working for. Please be informed that in the last two years there has been a drastic decline in forum commentary on our forum and on NotaryRotary’s, although theirs is much more well trafficked than ours. There is less quantity of reliable information about the various signing companies. But, still do your research.

8. How to collect from clients
Some people don’t pay on time, so you have to know how to keep records, how to bill people, and how to threaten them the right way if they keep you waiting for payment. We go over this in our courses.

9. Where to learn about general information
You should read the various blogs out there. NNA and 123notary have interesting blogs where you can learn and source information from antiquated entries on particular topics.

10. How to handle tricky situations
In Notary Public 101 we go over many sticky situations and explain how to think about them and how to handle them. Understanding this content makes you a more confident, trustworthy and safe Notary! It’s like a vaccine made out of knowledge!

Further Reading
As a general rule, I recommend getting certified by various entities, not just one. I recommend Notary Public 101 and the 30 Point Course in our blog as well as reading our blog articles about marketing and notarial issues in particular. LSS offers a very practical course that is more sensitive to what is going on in the industry now. Notary2Pro seems to churn out the best trained Notaries of any certification. 123notary has the hardest certification test and passing it will prove yourself better than the other certifications.


April 11, 2021

Lockdowns increase Covid-19 deaths according to this analysis

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It is hard to know if being “safe” with a million Covid restrictions really lowers the death count. The way people count Covid deaths is completely corrupt as people dying in motorcycle deaths or cancer are routinely marked as Covid-19 deaths. But, putting rampant fraud and meaningless statistics aside, let’s compare meaningless statistics across different environments. I am going to compare deaths per million after 11 months of virus across states with different weather and policies. Since I don’t know the policies of all states, I will pick states that I have some idea about. I am leaving NY out of the comparison because the human density there affects transmission and it is much greater than any other state leading to a much more unfair comparison. My source includes Worldometer statistics.

Minimal Restriction States – average 1450 (deaths per million)
Florida 1152
South Dakota 1891
Alabama 1301

Medium Restriction States – average 1336
Arizona 1617
Texas 1178
Georgia 1214

Maximum Restriction States – average 1569
California 905
Michigan 1495
New Jersey 2338

The irony is that the death rate in the states that did not behave in a “safe” way were actually lower than ones who were fanatic in artificial ways of creating safety although the averages were all within 20% of each other which is a negligible difference.

It is possible that the “safety” restrictions had no impact on safety over the course of a year. It is also possible that all the restrictions enacted to stay “safe” involved shutdowns, induced paranoia, and that these unpleasant realities led people to become DEPRESSED. According to “science” or “The Science,” people who are depressed experience a weakened immune system and that increases your chance of dying from Covid-19.

So, one could argue that lockdowns increase depression which increases an impaired immune system which increase Covid-19 deaths. Lockdowns caused Covid-19 deaths rather than detering or preventing them. Interesting.

Additionally lockdowns have cause a 135 million increase in human starvation worldwide as well as long term economic fallout which could cause a lot more death. These deaths could be caused by homlessness as a result of evictions due to long term unemployment as well as an inability for many to get medical care due to long term economic hardship as well as starvation within the United States which will probably be the lesser of the major future causes of death.

So, but violating other people’s human and constitutional rights in the name of “safety” we are causing more death than Hitler, Stalin, Paul Pot (Khmer Rouge), and Mao combined. How charming. I hope all of you leftists who enjoy imposing your stupid restrictions on others are proud of yourselves!


April 10, 2021

123notary – are doing well because the other half aren’t functioning?

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Many Notaries in August, 2020 were doing really well in business. Calls are up, people are purchasing, refinancing, and more. The market is booming partly due to lower interest rates. Another reason things are booming is that businesses aren’t borrowing much and the lenders have to lend to someone. Perhaps they have lightened their post 2008 restrictions on who can borrow and with what credit score.

The other reason things are booming is that half of the Notaries are older and afraid of Covid19. They are hiding in their basements while the working half are cleaning up. Such a great opportunity.

Personally, I feel that we should let nature take its course and not do anything to disrupt the flow of nature no matter how gruesome it is, even if the numbers weren’t completely faked and paid for by the bribes of pharmaceutical companies. We can’t all be imposter Bidens and hide in our basement with a facemask dangling from our right ear.

I go for long walks in Los Angeles daily and have not seen one person coughing up blood, or turning blue walking down the street. I have not even seen anyone sneeze since 2019. It has been the healthiest I have ever seen America.

So, how long will things boom? It is hard to say. With business devastated, they might continue to be devastated for years to come and we might all become rich. We’ll find out. On the other hand, if there is a housing crash, nobody will have any equity to draw on which is another take on the issue. We’ll have to wait and find out. I’m tempted to say that I’m optimistic (for once), but I’m really more perplexed than anything else.


April 9, 2021

Biden; Pipelines; The Economy; and Jobs (or the lack of them)

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I guess I’m getting used to President Biden now. I am less put off when he speaks, forgets what he is talking about, or trips and falls. I think that he is not trying as hard. His voice doesn’t put so much emphasis on his keywords like “DIG-nity”, and “UN-ity.” He is saying these words in a less affected tone of voice which is pleasant. He is being more himself now rather than doing play acting which is refreshing. I never liked operettas anyway, although the songs are nice. But, the silver lining in the Biden presidency is that Kamala is a cool and stylish person and hopefully will designate masala dosa to being our new national dish, or at least our national top ethnic dish — high in protein and not lacking in taste especially if you use the “gun powder” seasoning — and yes, it’s spicy.

Biden put many pipeline people out of work. I am pro-environment, but putting people out of work doesn’t “work” for me. I prefer the idea of starting a solar program and putting those pipeline guys to work doing something OTHER than fossil fuel related. But, now we have less energy production, and dangerous countries like Venezuela, Russia, and Bahrain (It’s near Iran & Saudi Arabia) are going to benefit from Biden’s energy move – at least for now. But, I heard that we would have more solar jobs down the pipeline — bad analogy, but a good thought. The bottom line is that less Americans will have job, and the other Americans will have to pay more for imported energy resources. Sounds like a lose lose.

Minimum Wage
The economic departments know that when you raise minimum wage, you get higher unemployment. You don’t need a PhD to figure this out. If you price a product too expensive so that people can’t afford it, they won’t buy it. Beginner workers, or workers with drug problems or who are questionable, or just not that good will be a lot more likely to be unemployed. But, Biden and America don’t seem upset about this… yet. But, once unemployment hits 20%, even Trump haters will be scratching their heads. Some workers are worth $3 per hour, so they will be permanently unemployed even if minimum wage is $3.10. These people turn to selling drugs, robbing, and loafing as there are no other alternatives. Many people are in this situation already, but society ignores them.

Biden wants many freelancers to be classified as employees. It will be a lot more paperwork and risk for signing companies to hire notaries as employees. They might have to play social security tax, unemployment, and other taxes on Notaries. It might get a lot more expensive to hire notaires, and notaries might be unemployed. 123notary might lose half its members. The future looks dreary. On the other hand, perhaps Biden won’t make any executive orders about this, or perhaps the courts won’t allow it.

Already in California, many people who worked freelance have left the state because they can’t get hired due to the AB5 bill which classifies many freelancers as people who must be defined as employees.

Although I care deeply about the environment, I think that it would be better if Biden can offer incentives for companies to develop solar infrastructure. But, this industry is so weak in the USA. China leads the world in solar, so Biden might just be helping his friends in China sell solar panels to us. Creating a boat to jump to energy-wise seems a lot smarter than sinking our existing fossil fuel boat prematurely. We’ll find out the hard way. A carbon tax would be a good place to begin.

But, in general, life would be so much better and profitable for almost all parties if the government would just shut up and back off. Now you know what I put my parents through — hint, hint!

I really like the idea of a solar pipeline. I’m not sure how that would work though.Maybe batteries charged by windmills could go on a conveyor belt through a pipeline. I wonder what Native Americans would say about that type of pipeline — I don’t think it would leak which is a huge improvement over the old kind.

Biden is not being realistic about solar energy. It will take time to develop a mature solar program. It has to start in a healthy way, grow, and become efficient. Currently there are no huge solar companies in the USA, only tiny ones. Coming up for a way to nourish the fast growth of free-market green companies is my goal. Maybe America will come to its senses and start talking about that.

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