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September 27, 2018

If you accuse us of asking California questions, be specific

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Many Notaries accuse us of asking California questions on our quizzes. Once in a while we do. But, put your money where you mouth is and be specific about what the question was and when it was asked.

I have also been accused of asking questions that are ambiguous or where there are more than one answer. Some of my questions have a really good answer and a mediocre answer which might be also correct. Is it so difficult to find the better of two correct answers?

I ask this type of “confusing” question to see how intimately you know your notary knowledge. If you understand the logic of my questions, and have intimacy of knowledge, the questions are easy and make sense. I believe the problem is that few Notaries really know their notary law.

How can you be a Notary when you cannot describe even a single Notary act? It baffles me. Hmmm.


September 26, 2018

How do you train an army of Notaries?

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Other sites do not care about the quality of their Notaries. They just list Notaries and let nature take its course. I care very much about the quality of Notaries while the Notaries generally claim to be amazing Notaries, and then fail my test and argue about how the questions are not any good. The fact is that it is dangerous to the Notary to be a bad Notary. There are lots of ways to get in trouble. If you don’t know your loan documents well, that is a small issue, but not having solid Notary practices can get you in legal trouble.

So, with 6000 Notaries on my site, how can I possibly train them all? I actually have been training people by phone and email. But, very few are thankful because they don’t value knowledge and prudency. If I charged for my help, hardly anyone would take me up on it. Hmmm. Training 6000 people one by one is almost impossible. However, I can screen them and I did. It was exhausting and I will never do anything like that again. If I screen people in the future, it will be a lot quicker and perhaps only two or three questions instead of four to ten.

In the mean time, I am putting fun and free courses on the blog. I created a loan signing course a few years back called the 30 point course. That was popular. Then I created Notary Public 101 which is about best practices and is not state specific, but really helps people understand the nuts and bolts of what they do every day. Finally, I just created Notary Marketing 102. That is a great way to learn the art of getting lots of business — isn’t that what we all want?

So, I could train an army of Notaries one by one, but that is too tiring. For now, I will just publish free learning materials and sell courses and hope that some of it sinks in. Maybe I should do some mock quizzes on the blog too just so people get the hang of right answers vs. wrong.


September 22, 2018

A new Notary shampoo calle Affirma

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How come my hair is so shiny when I go to Notary appointments? My secret? I use Affirma, and I swear by it. You can get Affirma at any Secretary of State beauty shop in the nation. Also, using Affirma can make you a better Notary, or so I’ve heard. Just lather up and rinse before your Notary appointments and you will be able to answer any question. Reading up from your handbook doesn’t hurt either.


September 13, 2018

It’s only temporary

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Everything in life is temporary. Buddhists claim that life is like a cloud, its shape is always morphing. A young lady’s heart is also like a cloud — one minute she likes you and the next minute she doesn’t. Hmm. Life itself is temporary, and so is certification.

If you lose your certification because you failed a quiz, you can still study and take the quiz again. If you are certified, that is also temporary as you might fail the next quiz. If you are removed from 123notary for not logging in, that too is temporary as we are happy to put you back once you have proven yourself to be alive.

Now that I have weeded down the certified members from 1600 to 540, I want to elite certify some. That will involve them studying which I cannot force them to do. But, that is once again temporary. So, if you are feeling sad, it is only temporary. If you are feeling happy, also temporary. If you are feeling temporary, that too is temporary. The only thing constant is change.

I went to the corner store to buy a paper. I handed the guy and asked for change. Little did I know he was a Buddhist monk. He said that change comes from within. I told him that I’m not leaving until that change comes — whether from his cash register or from within.


September 12, 2018

He wanted to sue 123notary for $60

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 10:13 am

This client was absolutely unbelievable. He failed my quiz, and would not login and maintain his listing. He finally got temporarily removed for failure to know how to be a notary and failure to maintain his listing. However, rather than resolve the issue with me, he got really mad and hired an Attorney.

The client wanted $60 back when he had spent only $59. He also had only one month and a few days left which was worth $6. I told him that his time left was worth $6, not $60 and that I would give him two months if he would drop the law suit. I told him not to renew with us unless he could pass my Notary quiz.

Carmen and I take notary competency very seriously. If you don’t know your loan documents we don’t care that much although you really should know that too. But, legally, it is a liability not to know how to be a Notary. You can get sued, you can be pegged as a suspect by the FBI, or end up as a witness in court for weeks on end simply by being sloppy in your Notarial duties.


August 29, 2018

We are a notary directory and therefore should not discuss certain topics

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At 123notary, we are equal opportunity. We provide the same opportunities to all genders, races, nationalities, etc. Additionally, we write comedy blog articles and publish generally one per week since our readers like it.

The conflict is, do we have the right, or should we publish cultural humor? Is it inappropriate? The answer is that any humor is inappropriate on a government site or big business site. So, if we removed some humor, we would have to remove all humor. However, we are a small and informal business, and we like writing comedy because it pleases myself and the readers love to read it.

The irony is the the posts that get the most controversy and complaints are also the posts that are the most read — which is why I keep writing them.

The issue is that the amount of hatred I receive as a result of writing cultural satire (which is not racist at all and does not demean anyone), is a problem. Hatred has no place in our community. What I am writing is not hateful, was not written with an attitude of hate, and is not meant to upset anyone. The people who are upset and acting hateful to me do want to harm me, scare me, upset me, etc. There is no reasonable cause for the hateful backlash for harmless satire. All TV networks have the same type of humor on their prime time shows that are geared towards children. The same type of cultural humor is aired on TV. Do you bash all of the national networks because they have cultural satire, or do you only bash individuals who are helpless your mob type online lynching.

I think that there is a large community or collection of individuals out there, probably leftists, and definitely anti-white whether they are non-white or not. This collection of people strongly desires to abuse white men, or abuse people in general and is just looking for an opportunity to hurt someone. They choose to hurt me because they have been culturally programmed (happens a lot in America these days) to attack those who exercise their freedom of speech and attack those who cross what I call the “freedom of speech color line.”

If you are black, you can walk down the street using the “n” word frequently and nobody bats and eyelash.
But, if you are write and criticize the behavior of these particular black individuals there will be a lynch mob of anti-white racists waiting to spit all over you and falsely accuse you (the white person) of being a racist when you were complaining about behavior, and not race. Whites are routinely targeted for false accusations because the media has brainwashed us into thinking that white = racist, or that whites are the only people who might be racist. The fact is that whites of this generation walk around on their tiptoes trying hard not to say anything that could correctly or incorrectly be misconstrued as racist and still get routinely and systemically accused of being racist. The reality is that there are racists in all races, and that writing cultural comedy or making a harmless joke about race DOES NOT make you a racist, and the joke itself is cultural and NOT racist. And falsely accusing people who use their freedom of speech to say an opinion or abusing people for using their freedom of speech is an abuse of civil rights and freedom of speech. I feel my constitutional rights have been abused by those who hurl hatred at me for publishing harmless satire. If you like going around abusing people, that will come back to you. And I will not tolerate it.

If you don’t like something I write — nobody is forcing you to read it.


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August 23, 2018

Are we enemies? Many Notaries behave as if we were.

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 9:53 am

Many people who advertise with me behave as if we are enemies. Some want to bash me while others want to put me out of business for having policies that they personally disagree with. It is up to me what policies I have and not up to you. If you don’t like my policies, there are other sites to advertise on.

I am here to HELP you get more business. However, I require people to answer notary questions from time to time. If you become hateful or evasive when someone asks you notary questions, that means you are not a real notary, and should not have a commission and should not be listed with us.

I do not ask much of our Notaries. I ask them to prove to me they know what they are doing, login to their listing, add a notes section and be reasonably polite. That is not a lot to ask. Cooperation is key here. But, what should I do with those who just don’t cooperate or who are dangerous to the public?

In the long run I can not and will not list dangerous notaries. I’ll either teach them how to be safe, remove them for incompetency, or raise my prices so that fewer bad notaries want to advertise.

I’m trying to help good notaries get business without all the drama. So, I am raising my prices to keep the riff-raff out. I might have to raise them again if I keep having problems with discipline.


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August 22, 2018

A Notary caught some frauds who stole credit info while at a hotel.

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 10:04 am

I don’t know the whole story on this case. But, this is what my notes indicate. A Notary Public did a job for some people who were at a hotel. The Notary somehow found out that they had committed some type of fraud or stolen credit information from someone. The Notary reported the crime immediately and the police were able to find the bad guys still at the hotel an hour later.

Here is another story about the police and Jeremy.
I was making a left turn on a left turn arrow. A truck was coming up the road that I was trying to turn into. But, he was driving the wrong way on my side of the road preventing the car ahead of me from making the turn. The truck was doing a delivery to Erewon Health Food Store. It has a Maine license plate. The truck was only moving a few miles per hour, but created a small but dangerous back up. The car ahead of me could have moved up a little, but was too afraid to, and I was stuck in the intersection.

Finally after waiting for close to forty seconds, the car finally moved, and I could finally go. The minute I started to slowly move, a pedestrian jumped in front of me perhaps because the light had changed and he got a walk signal. He yelled at me to watch where I was going. I was watching straight ahead the entire time. He was not watching where he was going, because jumping in from of a car that was blocked and needs to get out of an intersection for safety reasons is not a good idea. Since he jumped in front of me from my blind spot (more than 45-55% to my right, there is no way I would see him unless I was watching where he came out of nowhere rather than watching where I was going.

So, I parked, wrote down the license plate of the truck, called 911, and 911 put me on hold. I called back in a minutes and was put on hold. I called a third time, was transferred to Los Angeles Police Department and offered them the plate number but they didn’t even want it. They said they had to catch the guy in action. I told them he was parked on the wrong side of the street which proves that he must have driven on the wrong side of the road, and intends to do it again while leaving his spot. Additionally, it is illegal to park facing the wrong direction. As usual, when there is danger, LAPD doesn’t give a damn and won’t lift a finger. What a negligent department. I might have to report the lady who answered the phone because she was useless.

The moral of the story is:
If you are blocked in traffic, assume that a rude pedestrian will cut you off in a dangerous and obnoxious way and then blame you for not watching where you are going.


August 16, 2018

Good Cop Bad Cop

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 10:03 am

I feel like we are playing good cop bad cop at 123notary. Carmen did a great job tutoring about one hundred people so they could take their recertification or notary quiz with Jeremy. Carmen helped everyone while Jeremy (that’s me) scrutinized everyone. But, I think we are making the world a better place. Because, Notaries are endangering themselves if they don’t know how to do basic Notary work. It is dangerous to not know your basics, and none of our Notaries know all of their most basic information even about Notary acts.

Basically, we’ll let you off the hook if you inform on your supplier. Ooops, forgot, your state government is your supplier so to speak. Maybe they are not doing their job by not making sure you have basic Notary knowledge.


August 9, 2018

I heard that a particular Illinois Notary got kicked off the Notary Rotary forum

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I will not mention personal names, but will mention state names. This Notary has been bashing people for years. She signed up with us after not being listed for years. She got temporarily removed for not logging in for a long time and then reinstated. But, she got kicked off the Notary Rotary forum. I don’t think Harry has too many rules, and doesn’t kick people off on a whim either. He has a reputation of being very easy to deal with. I haven’t kicked anyone off my forum for a decade, so this sounds like big news to me.

Basically, the lynch mob of Notaries who hangs around on forums bashing everyone reminds me of the kids in the smoking section of school. They bash all the teachers, the principal, are rude all the time, and do nothing of value. How can states be so foolish to commission such derelicts into positions of integrity like being a Notary.

I really feel the states need to take being a Notary more seriously and commission people who are decent, serious, logical, and have proven that they will do a good job in this profession rather than causing trouble all the time. I feel that the state notary divisions are basically to blame for this horrifying behavior.

If I seem short tempered sometimes, it is because I am tired of dealing with Notaries who don’t know how to be Notaries, who cannot communicate clearly to save their lives and who are generally disrespectful. It wares Carmen and me down to deal with headaches every day.

You guys are supposed to be respectable professionals who know their trade and act with integrity. This is rarely the case. My suggestion is clean it up.

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