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January 17, 2018

I can’t remember notary procedure because I am in a hospital

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I get excuses from people who don’t know how to be a Notary. The excuses are stupid. Here are a few.

Excuse: I can’t answer your question because today is a Sunday. I am not wearing my work hat on Sunday.
Commentary: If you can’t think clearly about Notary stuff on Sunday, I very much doubt your brain will magically function on Monday. I think you just don’t know what you are doing as a Notary period.

Excuse: I can’t answer your question because I am at a hospital.
Commentary: Many Notaries do hospital notarizations which are a lot more tricky and dangerous than regular office or home notarizations. If you can’t think in a hospital, how will you be able to think somewhere else. Does your brain change its shape the minute you leave?

Excuse: I can’t answer questions because I had a few drinks
Commentary: People who have had a few drinks pass my test all the time. You either know it or your don’t. In your case you don’t, or you lack confidence.

Excuse: You’re catching me off guard.
Commentary: When people call you from our directory, they will not call when you are expecting the call and they will have questions for you. So, being a mobile notary is all about being caught off guard. Try to be like a ninja who is always on his guard.

I think the real reason for the excuses is that:
1. People don’t want to be bothered. They want to pass themselves off as expert Notaries, yet they try to back out of answering even the simplest of questions.
2. Some people don’t like thinking when they feel under pressure. Guess what, if you are in front of a borrower, they might ask you a question under pressure, so learn how to answer questions. It’s not brain surgery.
3. Some people really don’t know how to answer simple Notary questions and just want to get out of it and use some bullshit excuse.

What bothers me is the dishonesty and evasiveness. I am no longer allowing people to have nonsense excuses. If you cannot answer Notary questions then you should not be a Notary. If you are in a signing, that is an excuse, but I keep notes about people who are always at a signing when I call them. At some point they have to answer up to me. No more games!


January 3, 2018

I’m too old to learn

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 12:27 pm

But, I’m too old to learn the elderly Notary said. To be a Notary you have to know how to do Notary work. So, old or not, you still have to learn.

Elderly people learn at half the speed of young people. However, confidence is the real problem. On a brighter note, learning opens up your mental neurons and is good for the physical apparatus known as your gray matter, and yes — gray matter matters, and so do gray lives although that’s a gray area.

The real problem is unwillingness. Most people just don’t want to read or learn. Learning is fun, easy, and just requires a little effort. It won’t kill you to study.

And how did some Notaries get through elementary school with this attitude that they will not crack a book. What is the future of America with so many people who are anti-learning. How will we compete with China? They like learning. They don’t know how to manage their economy but when they study, they study.

The bottom line is that you are never too old to learn. And that fact has been proven by the hit sond, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”


January 2, 2018

Dealing with Notaries who never pick up

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 10:45 am

I have actually many Notaries in high places who do not feel obligated to answer their phone. How do these people stay in business? I tried to test several of these people. I told them that I need to quiz them. They told me to call them but they never answer. I keep phone logs for people. We have many who did not answer five, six, or seven times in a row. Maybe we need a rule on 123notary that you have to answer at least two times out of ten, or I will just take you off the site.

Imagine if you were a Title Company and everybody on 123notary refused to ever pick up. Why would you use such a directory. I want Notaries who answer. I realize it is their freedom whether to answer or not, but they are ruining the integrity of my directory by not. That is not fair to me.

I realize I need to be realistic about standards on 123notary. What I’d like is for all Notaries to be experts at being a Notary, to always be polite, give straight answers to questions, follow directions and answer their phone professionally. What I get is arguing, childish and rude behavior, general incompetency about Notary procedure. I am amazed that anyone uses my directory based on the type of nonsense my clients put me through. Would it kill people to just act professional? The Notary profession is a profession, but the types of people in the business do not act as if it is.


December 31, 2017

A dream about the red van

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 10:06 am

I had a dream. I was driving, perhaps in Massachusetts going North through some very poor area. In my dreams I think there are certain areas I routinely go through that do not exist in real life.

I stopped to go to a cafe. I parked in a large parking lot. I went to the cafe which was mostly very poor looking white people. I asked someone if blacks were treated okay there, but I kept backing up in the cafe because I was uncomfortable that others would hear me. Then I saw some discheveled homeless looking guy with a huge beard lying on the floor with his long hair and a cat and two dogs sprawled out near the exit blocking the exit. I walked more or less on top of them to get out.

Then I could not find my car in the large parking lot. Where I had parked there was now a red van and my key opened the door. It had one of those doors that opened in parts, each part opening a different way. One part opening like a door, and the other flap opening pointing towards the back of the vehicle. I wanted to find my car so I walked around the parking lot but only found some 70’s looking blacks with afros and some white guys with long hair who looked like drug addicts. I felt uncomfortable and left.

The next day I went to the supermarket in Pacific Palisades and some crazy homeless people were talking loudly to themselves and anyone who walked by. I wonder if the dream was a premonition.


December 30, 2017

Why does it have to be so difficult?

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 10:12 am

It is like pulling teeth trying to get Notaries up to standards. I want Notaries to know how to keep a journal, thumbprints, fill out forms correctly, and ID people correctly. This is not rocket science and you are supposed to know this stuff anyway for your safety and the safety of society.

Title companies use 123notary to find Notaries. 123notary is better than the other directories. However, we still have a majority of highly stubborn and incompetent Notaries on our site. Frankly I am sick of the endless nonsense. Why is it so hard to get people to study and take a quiz and pass. I get so much arguing. It is like dealing with children. There is always a reason why I shouldn’t have to be tested because I really do know what I’m doing. People would rather argue for half an hour rather than take a two minute quiz and pass.

The fact is that people are hiding something. They are hiding the fact that they don’t have a clue what they are doing and have gotten away with it for the most part so far. This is horrifying and I’m taking a stand. I am no longer tolerating difficult people and stubborn behavior. You will be expected to measure up to a particular standard as a Notary so that we do not endanger the end users who use our site. I owe the users something and so do you. They are the ones who pay you so that you can afford to pay me. Without them, none of us get paid!


December 29, 2017

The Notary Union raises it’s rates and alienates its notaries!

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 11:05 am

Notaries who had joined the Notary Union did so to make their lives better. They were not getting enough work, and not getting paid enough. The union seemed like the only way. But, these Notaries were wrong.

A year after a few thousand Notaries joined the Notary and Signing Agent Union, the union started raising its fees to $600 per year. How were Notaries who were barely working going to afford $600 and also afford background screening and the yearly certification requirements from various agencies. It was just too much.

Additionally, the union set Notary prices so high at $100 per signing that many signing companies chose not to use the union. After all, most of the Notaries in the Union couldn’t even pass Jeremy’s easy test. How can Notaries who don’t follow directions, don’t communicate clearly and don’t even know the difference between an Affirmation and an Oath command such fees?

Notaries were dropping out of the union like flies (or like seals in an oil spill due to offshore drilling.) What was the solution? The problem is that most Notaries do not know how to handle situations and do not know Notary law that well either. The common excuse is that they know what they are doing if you put the documents in front of them. But, when I ask simple quesitons about what they are allowed or not allowed to do, the distinctions between what is legal, ethical, safe, or preferred by the Lender get blurred and this is very dangerous.

Meanwhile on 123notary, Elite Certified Notaries are getting monopoly on work. While the uncertified Notaries are not even trying to learn anything to pass this test. Unions won’t get you work — knowledge and the proof of knowledge will. Some people will pay more for skilled Notaries and those people use 123notary more than any other site. Pleasing them means taking your profession seriously and learning to communicate well.

Looking for shortcuts to success like market bending unions does not lead to success in the long run. It is temporary market manipulation and the long term results are evident in places like Ohio which is a burnt out shell of the once great American manufacturing empire.

In short — get ahead using knowlege and studying. Stop complaining and start mastering your trade. It’s not that hard.


December 28, 2017

The secret to happiness — is it all in your mind

Filed under: General Stories — admin @ 3:54 am

I was listening to a lecture from a Buddhist nun on youtube which incidentally is my source for knowledge about the universe as of 2017. She claimed that happiness derives from having a particular state of mind. This type of idea is rooted in Hindu ideology and is passed down like gospel.

However, I disagree. On Friday my state of mind was positive. I did all the things I wanted to do. I encountered a little traffic going to meditate but got there only a little late considering there was a bad accident on the 101 downtown. I had a good meal and tried a new restaurant as well. That evening I got lots of work done on my computer. My state of mind was positive, but I wasn’t happy. But, why?

Luckily I am smart enough not to listen to a bunch of dumb brainwashed Buddhists. What do they know? Happiness doesn’t come from the mind. It comes mainly from the heart.

Decisions should be made with the gut, especially when danger is involved (like dealing with the opposite gender.)
Happiness comes from the heart.
Consciousness comes from the soul and the brain.

What happened was my planets were all bad on Thurs and Friday. Really bad planetary combinations. I follow an astrologer who does my daily charts and has done so for a decade. She has 30 years experience. The result is that on good days, I get more done, feel better, and have better luck in general, although there are exceptions. On bad days, I might feel drained of energy. Good vs. Bad is not based on the kindergarden type of astrology you read in the newspaper where Leo’s need to watch their step (whatever that means.)

So, I felt horrible because my planets. My heart was also not feeling great. So, that evening I had some pasta with herbal pasta sauce which is mostly tomato. Tomatoes are super for the heart and can give you an improvement within hours as the fire element energy of the tomatoes sinks in. I am well versed in what foods represent what element. And what you eat affects your health in ways you can’t even imagine. And yes, it is complicated but interesting. So, don’t eat random foods. Eat what your body needs at a particular time. Trust your feelings.

But, for Notaries, I will make this suggestion which is based on what the Dalai Lama regularly says. If you think you life is horrible, you can feel better by comparing it to other people’s situation which could be worse.

Are you poor? People in foreign countries are a lot worse off. Even in Europe, gas is $9 per gallon and it costs $2 to park anywhere while in America it is generally free.

Are you single? Married people’s lives are horrible. All they do is argue and then fight with their kids.

Are you married? Think of how much better you are than single people who are lonely and have no stability in their relationships.

Are you black? Just think about what bad dancers white people are and you’ll feel better. Just say, “Thank God I’m not like that — I know how to shake it.”

Are you white? Just think about how much better off you are than the Chinese who can’t even use plural(s) correctly.

Are you a Notary? Just think about how much better of you are than non-Notaries. After all, your job is honorable and secures the integrity of million dollar transactions. Your job is the most important job in the whole wide world — assuming you do it correctly which is a lot to assume. But, Carmen will snap some sense into you if you talk to her so there is hope.

Happiness is partly derived from not wanting more than what you can have. Too many desires lead to misery. But, heart health matters a lot too. If you have a good state of mind, but your heart is not in good shape that is a problem. The heart is a very sensitive organ that can be hurt by a single harsh word or angry glance. Unfortunately, your heart health is only partly up to you, but highly sensitive to your external environment which includes the people you keep around you.

And last but not least, your planets affect your happiness, at least on a day to day level. So, try to have good planets and keep them in orbit.


December 27, 2017

The immigration debate; both sides are missing the point

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The standard points of view about immigration are as follows.

People who are pro immigration want more immigrants. Maybe their family came from somewhere else and want their extended family to relocate to the United States, etc.

People who are selective about immigration only want people who can fulfill certain economic roles in the United States that cannot be easily filled by the locals. People who are against extensive immigration want to limit people’s extended families from coming over.

Neither point of view makes any sense. When you let someone into your country to work in a system that doesn’t enforce laws, they will never leave. If that person jumped a fence or swam across a river to come here .They will stay indefinitely and bring their entire family over and create a huge presence. It is true that we have a labor shortage in many parts of the United States. But, the reality is that many parts of America are being taken over by people who share no cultural integration with society.

Although we need labor in the United States, the bigger issue is the long term effects of immigration. When a person comes in legally or otherwise, they normally have children or import their children. Then, their children have children, etc. If those families are intrinsically nice families, that that will be a favorable outcome. If those families are criminals or hate America, or hate Americans, it would be very negative for them to be around.

When you let an immigrant into the United States because they know how to do a particular job, you are not only letting them in, but their children, children’s children, and children’s children’s children and so on and so on and so on (sounds like an Amway distritributorship.) If you let in one guy because he knows how to fix jet engines, but his family is horrible, in the long run we all lose. But, if you let in some really wonderful person who does not know how to do any special job, he might be more likely to have wonderful children.

Immigration is like a marriage. If you marry someone who is a horrible person just because he makes a good living, or is part of your religious sect, in the long run you lose even though your short term goals will have been met. If you marry someone who makes a passable living but who will love you and be a good partner in the long run, your family will probably be better off. With marriage you are stuck with that person until death do you part. With immigration you are stuck with that immigrant’s children and descendents who might be model citizens or gansta’s. Do the math!

My solution
It is more sensible to have two types of immigration. Those who move here to become part of society, and another type for those who fulfill some short-term economic necessity for the United States like knowing how to do neuro-surgery. For those who are economic in nature, having a separate economic zone would be a great way for us to get services of foreign nationals where the nationals could live in their own cultural areas. Having tens of millions of people live in our society who want nothing to do with our society in the long run creates frictions and doesn’t seem worth it. For those who wish to live in our society, they should embrace it and accept us –otherwise the entire United States will end up like Los Angeles where nobody will talk to you unless you are from their country! I’m exaggerating, but it is very much like this a lot of the time with many of the residents here. Food for thought!


December 8, 2017

The Notary Police

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Have you ever been pulled over by the Notary police? The problem is that there is no such thing. But, if there were, then there would be one more thing to gripe about. Can you imagine if there were Notary police? If you gave an Oath the wrong way or forgot all together, you might get a citation — I swear it. And if your seal was smudgy you might get a warning. What if you identified someone incorrectly because the ID did not match? You might have to spend the night getting booked at the Notary jail.

I think that the Secretary of State should pretend to be a customer and see how many things you do wrong and then book you. That is my idea of what the Notary police should be like. California used to audit people’s journals. That was the one type of Notary procedural checks and balance that they had. I am not sure they are still doing that.

I do a little Notary policing to make sure people know their basics. The sad part is that only 5% of our Notaries on 123notary are up to my standards for minimal Notary knowledge acceptability. That is really sad. But, what can I do? I can’t force people to learn who refuse to know their job (yet brag about how great they are because of how many years they have been doing their job probably incorrectly.)

In the mean time — licensed and commission certificate please. Keep both hands on your seal.


December 7, 2017

You’re putting me on! No, I PUT you on!

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I put hundreds of new listings on 123notary every month. I call them and they don’t know they are listed on 123notary. They say, “I’m not on 123notary, you’re putting me on!” Then, I inform them that I put them on. The sad thing is that 95% of these people don’t know how to be Notaries, so I have to put them off by taking them off. But, don’t be put off by that. They can always study and learn to be a real Notary. It’s not rocket science. NNA has a Notary essentials course that is quite popular.

The problem is that now I am testing people on certificates. If you don’t fill out certificates correctly, you can put a loan on hold. Therefore, that type of knowledge has to be mandatory which means I have to remove most free listings from the site. On the other hand, having a few mandatory questions makes my life easy because I don’t have to ask ten questions which is time consuming. I can just start with one, and you get that wrong, and I remove you — easy!

Notaries need to be aware of the dangers they can cause by filling in a certificate incorrectly.

In any case, some of the better people I put on, get elite certified right away and get promoted to the top of the site if they are any good. This is how we have always found our winners. Free listings turn into top level listings and sometimes ten years later they will still be there.

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