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October 13, 2011

Best Notary Supplies

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Best Notary Supplies 
There are many companies out there to get notary supplies from.  Unfortunately, local stationary stores seem to either not have any notary supplies, or not have very high quality notary supplies.  Getting a mediocre notary journal is not the same as having a very beautiful and thoughtfully designed one — I know the difference, but do you?
There are various ways of going about finding the best notary supply company for you.  You can google notary supply companies in your area or state.  Or, just contact the National Notary Association.  When I was a notary, I used their supplies for my entire career, and was always very impressed with the quality and wide variety of products they carried. But, there are others, and those others might be closer to you, or may cater to your state more.
National Notary Association
Located in Chatsworth, CA, they can help you become a notary in any state.  They can help you with live classes in California and have materials for many other states as well.  They carry a variety of seals, stamps, embossers, journals, notary carry all bags, notary law primers for roughly 30 states, errors and omissions insurance, bonds, acknowledgment pads, jurat pads, and many other types of notary certificate pads for all states.

Read our review of the National Notary Association
Pennsylvania Association of Notaries
National Notary Association caters to the whole USA, but there are a few other good companies as well.  Pennsylvania Association of Notaries is very well reputed.  They can help you become a notary, renew your notary commission, or even find a notary public in Pennvsylvania. Bonds, Insurance, Resources, Classifieds, and more — they do it all!.
Signing Agent E&O
I have not heard of this before…or perhaps I heard of it once and forgot about it.  Regular Errors and Omissions insurance doesn’t cover for errors made during a loan signing unless it pertains to a notarized document. Most documents in a loan signing are not notarized!  Additionally, the late return of a notarized document can ruin a loan, but isn’t a notary error — it is a signing agent error!
American Association of Notaries
This is another well reputed notary supply company.  They carry most types of notary supplies and for very reasonable prices.
If you want to search for more companies, use google and look up using a state keyword and then the term “notary supplies”. That is one way to find the best notary supply company around!

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