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January 17, 2015

Polite Signing Companies who are pleasant to work for

Notaries are always complaining about how badly signing companies treat them. It’s just like working at a chicken plucking factory in the 1800’s — “Get back to work or we’ll doc today’s pay!” We have lists that we publish of good signing companies, and there are many. But, we have never published a list of polite signing companies. I feel that it is high time that notaries get treated a little better, so here goes! We included quotes from appreciative notaries on the forum.


“I LOVE working with everyone at ASAP”

I have done closings for ASAP Pro Notary for almost 6 months. “Everyone” has been very professional, easy to work with, someone is always available to answer questions and the best part of all…pay is timely.


Concierge Notary

“Great communication, fair and QUICK pay, and she’s such a pleasure to work with!”

“This is the best company I have ever worked with, period!”


Door to Door

“Lori and Mike are great to work with and pay very quickly. Great folks.”
“They’ve been great to work with. No problems.”


Express Signatures

“Once I got two checks for the same signing and called and told them and shredded it. Chris, the bookkeeper was very nice about that as was the owner, Gary, who called and thanked me personally. Gary has two experienced notaries who work for him and they have helped in the cases the BO has questions and/or we have questions. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.”


Homefront Escrow

“Chris and Jessica in escrow are a pleasure to deal with and make my job a ton easier.”
“Yes, I work for them. A great company, fees and payment!”


Inscribing Pursuits Escrow

“Super nice people.. and hope to do business with them again!”
“Rikki is wonderful. If all companies were the same.”


Kelley’s Mobile Notary

“I’ve worked with them a few times, and they’re clear and friendly. Also, they are prompt with their payments. ”


Lewis Notary Service

“Awesome Company! I did a time share signing with them. Great customer Service and pleasant to work for. Pay within 2 weeks. Would work for them again anytime.”

“Did a timeshare presentation as notary. Paid promptly. Professional and friendly”


Performance Title

“Great company – THE best out there. If they say it was an error, you can believe they’re not just talking – they’ll make it right. Excellent company – wish they had more work in my area”

“I have worked with them for about 2 years and highly recommend them.”


Right Now Notary

“Definitely a great company to work with! Pay fair and on-time, great communication, and professional employees. I am always happy when they call me with an assignment…wish they had more work in my area.”

“Right Now Notary is a good company to work for.
Easy website to download documents and confirm signing details.
Fair payment, payment received in a decent length of time (30 days), and would definitely work for them anytime work is offered without question.”


Safe Signings

“I really enjoy working with Safe Signings! They are professional, pay a fair and reasonable fee for services provided and most importantly – they pay in a timely manner!!”

“This is a very professional, true to their word company. they are pleasant and pay as promised. No hassles at all.”

“The VERY best signing company on the planet! ”


The Doc Signers, Inc.

“Excellent pay, no hand holding. Paid via PayPal SAME DAY! A pleasure to work with. Wish all signing companies were this awesome!”

“Great experience working for The Doc Signers, Inc. They are for real! They really make you feel appreciated”


Timios Title

“Timios is one of my favorites… I am in a rural area they always agree to my fee and have been getting paid unless then 15 days”

“Timios Title has to be one of my all-time FAVORITE companies to work with!!!! They are always very friendly…Always pay a fair fee and docs are always on time!! The have always paid promptly as well!! I absolutely love them!!!”

“Timios is a great example of a 5 star company. Very professional, docs and payment on time. I love working with them.”


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