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January 22, 2011

How to write an email to ask for a review

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It is so important to have reviews on your notary profile. Most notaries don’t have a single review, but the people high on the list typically have a few. Notaries are shy and don’t always know how to ask for a review. Here are my tips.

(1) Don’t ask anyone for a review unless they compliment you on what a great Notary you are, and perhaps how thankful they are. If they mention how you are so much better than those other notaries, that is a good sign. If they like your service — ask for a review. Otherwise, don’t waste your breath.

(2) If they like your service ask them, “Would you mind writing a one sentence review about my service on It’s easy.” If they say sure, then tell them, “I can show you how to do it, or I can send you an email.”

(3) Next, you need to write down their email. Remember, that asking verbally and then following up with an email is a good combined approach. Doing one without the other is much less effective. I call it the old 1-2.

(4) Writing the email.

Dear Samantha,
I am so glad you enjoyed my Notary work. I enjoyed working for you too, and hope that I will hear from you in the future. I’m only a phone call away. If you would like to write a review about me, just click on this link, and fill out your name, email, company name, and write a quick sentence or two.

(5) I put the link to Carmen’s review page. But, if you look at your personal page on, right above your NAME, you will find the link that says, “Write a review about (your name)” Just cut and paste that link into an email and you are set.

(6) Problems.
I get emails once a week claiming that their client wrote a review about them, but that I am at fault for not publishing it. If I am in town, I publish reviews daily. I get a huge SEO benefit from each review so trust me — I have no reason not to publish your review. If I am out of town, you might have to wait five days or so until I get to a computer. I work very hard and need to leave town to clear my head in the mountains or desert. Sometimes people say they wrote a review when they didn’t. There is no proof here.


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