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August 10, 2014

Michigan Notary drove out of state to visit these companies!

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This Michigan Notary is obviously very serious about business. His understanding about business is similar to mine. He understood that meeting people face to face improves a business relationship. People are more comfortable doing business with people they interact with regularly, especially if they have seen you in person once or a few times. If you have a choice of doing business with someone you have used before, but didn’t interact much with, and someone who you have seen in person, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with the one who “personally appeared before you?”

The unusual part is that this Michigan Notary Public Drove from Michigan to Pennsylvania, Virginia, and other states to see these signing companies. I have never heard of anyone driving so far just to see Title companies. People doing business on a larger scale might make long trips, but for this type of business that shows class!

Companies this notary visited include:
LSI, Service link, National Link, National Real Estate, and others.

The Michigan Notary told me that they don’t just hire him because of how personalized his service is, although that adds a great finishing touch. He gets hired because he is also very reliable and experienced at what he does. Documents get signed on time and delivered on time every time. He has signed over 10,000 loans, so he knows the drill.

I just thought I would share this story with you all since it is so endearing and so unusual!

The moral of the story is:
(1) Do quality, punctual work, and…
(2) Be personal. Get to know people. And if they see your pretty face in person, that is a huge plus!

(1) This notary is a people-person. He drove from Michigan to PA & VA to see his Title co. clients!
(2) If people see you in person, they’re more likely to rehire you than if they only know you by phone!


November 1, 2010

Michigan Notary Public odd rules and issues

Michigan Notary Public oddities and issues

Notary Bond
A prospective Michigan Notary must have a $10,000 bond. But, the odd part is that they must purchase and file this bond within 90 days prior to submitting their Michigan Notary commission application paperwork. This bond must be filed with their local county clerk and an oath of office must be administered as part of the procedure. There is a $10 fee to record the new Michigan Notary’s Oath.

The Michigan Notary’s term of office ends on their birthday. Their term is between six and seven years. It begins upon the date specified by the state, and ends on the Notary’s birthday roughly six and a half years later.
Here is the Michigan Notary code: A Notary public may reside in, move to, and perform notarial acts anywhere in this state from the date of appointment until the date of the Notary’s birthday occuring not less than six years and not more than seven years after the date of his or her appointment unless the appointment is cancelled.

Unique Forms
Michigan Notaries can use specialized forms for Notary acts that most other states don’t have. There is an acknowledgment for copartnership. There is another acknowledgment for limited partnership. There is also a corporate acknowledgment to notarize the president of a corporation. There is an acknowledgment for a limited liability company, an acknowledgment for a public officer, and an acknowledgment for a trustee, personal representative, corporation (for any agent or officer), partnership, or attorney in fact; public officer, trustee, or personal representative.

Maintenance of Records
A person, or the personal representative of a person who is deceased, who performed a notarial act, while commissioned as a Notary Public under this act shall maintain all the records of that notarial act for at least five years after the date of that notarial act.

Remote Places
Michigan notaries on the upper peninsula will find that there are only a handful of mobile notaries in this territory which spans hundreds of miles. Notaries in U.P. might be asked to travel more than one hundred miles on a regular basis. Lets hope you get paid for mileage.

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