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January 6, 2015

Notarized Limited Power of Attorney

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If you need a Notarized Limited Power of Attorney, keep in mind that step one is getting your document drafted. That needs to be done under the supervision of an Attorney. Please don’t ask a notary to draft a legal document! Once drafting a Limited Power of Attorney is complete, then it is time to call a notary public.

Any notary public can notarize any type of document other than a vital record. Just call a notary, make sure your government issued photo-ID is ready, and have them notarize your signature on the Power of Attorney. And remember, not to ask the Notary any legal questions as it is illegal for them to give you any legal consultation! They are just the notary!

Good luck getting your Limited Power of Attorney Notarized!

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Notarized Power of Attorney


December 31, 2013

Where can I find someone to draft a Power of Attorney?

Where Can I Find Someone to Draft a Power of Attorney for Me?

The appropriate person to draft a Limited Power of Attorney or a Durable Power of Attorney is– an attorney! The best way to find an attorney is to ask someone you know who has been in a situation like yours and can recommend an attorney in your area. Another possible way to find an attorney is to look on the Internet. Websites such as can help you find a reputable attorney . Be sure you use a website where you can read reviews of the attorney from people who hired that attorney to draft a Power of Attorney or deal with similar issues you are facing. Also, you should call that attorney’s firm and see if they are pleasant and helpful, and will give you a free initial consultation on the phone. Use your instinct! If the law firm does not call you back or does not seem interested in your case– do not use that law firm. Google “Find an attorney in ________” and add your city and state. Then, search by the type of practice they do; usually attorneys who do Wills and Estate Planning will be the ones to call. In my experience, it is best to check several websites and call a number of attorneys. This project may take you several days, but it is the best way to find an attorney to draft a Power of Attorney. It is the same as choosing a notary: the ones with great reviews who answer the phone or call you back are the BEST!