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October 27, 2016

Becoming a Mom-tary

Believe it or not, the secretary of state doesn’t have a handbook for becoming a Mom-tary. But, if you scare your clients a lot you might be more of a Mom-ster. If you behave like a mom to all you might be a Mom-tary Public. And if you never give out your secrets perhaps a Mum-tery. But, if you live in California, you could become a Mom-tary in Monterey (near the cannery).

Being a Notary is a good job for a mom because the work offers flexibility. On the other hand, being a mom is a full-time job and you never know when your baby will need your full attention.

You can’t cancel a signing because your baby is vomiting. You can’t cancel a signing because your baby hit his/her head. You can’t cancel a signing because your baby’s babysitter didn’t show up. And you can’t bring your two year old to a signing. Worse yet, the most unprofessional thing you can do if have your two year old screaming when you answer the phone. What typical moms do is to let their two year old scream during a critical business call, not apologize, and not go into a quieter room. The result is that they lose a lot of critical business. It’s unprofessional and grossly inconsiderate. Just because you like screaming doesn’t mean that others do.

Ideally, you should have another family member who is dependable watch your baby while you go out at night to do signings. But, I’ll leave that up to you. Being a mom is a full-time job, so unless you have part-time help, you cannot be a part-time Notary (or Mom-tary)


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November 18, 2015

Notaries Without Makeup

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Have you ever seen shows about celebrities without makeup?
Well now there is “Notaries without Makeup.” A reality show about what Notaries are really like behind the scenes.

Meet Sylvia.

SYLVIA: Hi, I’m Sylvia. Believe it or not, underneath this dazzling exterior, I’m just a regular person. I put my skirt on two legs at a time. Being a Notary may seem glamorous. At least if you’re Amish. But when you get down to it, it’s a lot of hard work. You have to show up for appointments, follow instructions, and deal with a lot of egos.

HOST: So, Sylvia, what was one of the worst moments you have had as a Notary?

SYLVIA: Since we Notaries are always judged by our appearances, the worst experience I had was when I had to refill my stamp’s ink, and it spilled all over my hand and my outfit. I was mortified. The blue ink clashed with my green blouse. Then, at another signing, I had to pretend the signer’s picture ID looked like him before he’d obviously aged from having to carry around such an ugly picture ID. Being a Notary is not all fun and games. There are a lot of hardships.

HOST: That was fascinating. So, what things about you are the same as say — an average person?

SYLVIA: When I get out of my glittering Notary outfit, and take off the professional makeup that I get done in the green room, I’m just a regular person. I go jogging. I have two cats and a small dog. I witness them doing their business on the front lawn. See? A notary’s work is never done. I bake cakes. I do all of the normal things that regular people with no lives do. The only real difference between me and others is that my life is incredibly exciting next to watching paint dry.

HOST: Well, that was very interesting talking to you. And we’ll be back next week with our next episode of “Notaries without Makeup!”


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