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April 5, 2021

Many Notaries taking an entire year off for Covid-19

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There are many Notaries taking an indefinitely long hiatus due to Covid-19. When people stay home to hide out from big bad Covid-19, they are treating this disease like a snowstorm or cyclone. You stock up on food, water, hand sanitizer, and hunker down. When the storm leaves, you come out of your hole. It all makes perfect sense. But, a plandemic such as Covid can stay around for a long time. And with the media scaremongering everyone on a daily basis, many people just stop functioning.

Nobody requires you to plug into the MIF (media induced frenzy) style brainwashing. It is like volunteering to go to a communist reeducation camp that you can engage in remotely on your living room sofa. There are alternative sources of news as well as the lost art of what I call “common sense that is not so common these days.” Look around… Do you see a pandemic? If Sally’s husband who was 80 and had preexisting problems died — does that one person’s death prove that it is a pandemic? How many people you know have to get sick or die for it to be a pandemic? A few? In a pandemic, ambulances would be going and coming non-stop, hospitals would be permanently overflowing, and people would be afraid to leave the house. 1% of Americans would have died if this were a pandemic on a Spanish flu level. Most of the deaths recorded from Covid were fraudulently tabulated or from comorbidities making this a pandemic of deception.

I have spoken to many Notaries who just want to hunker down endlessly because they are afraid. Most keep their advertising with us, but they don’t want to work. How bizarre. If you still go to the store, 5% of the people there are infected, and yet you mysteriously don’t get sick. This has been going on for a year and yet you haven’t gotten sick. If this disease is as bad as they say, how come you aren’t dead? And then we go rushing for an untested vaccine with severe side effects for many. So, are you more in danger from the vaccine or from the disease or from your own insanity and paranoia? Hmmm.

My suggestions as always are:
1. Take vitamin D
2. Shitake and Maitake mushrooms for the immune system
3. Garlic, and lots of veggies, especially cruciferous veggies (look that up)
4. Sunshine and lots of socializing and having fun.

Staying home in terror compromises your immune system which makes you 5x as vulnerable to get infectious diseases. So, everything you are doing to be “safe” is actually the most dangerous thing you can do. It seems safer to take my holistic supplements recommended and try to live a normal, natural, and healthy life!


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