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July 30, 2021

What if the USA were divided into substates with constitition(s)?

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I like the idea of a country having semi-autonomous states. But, the problem is that people in the respective states are opposed to each other on political grounds. The urban areas tend to be left leaning and the remote areas tend to be more republican.

Having people who oppose each other in every part of America has led to tremendous conflict. I don’t think that the left can reeducate the right into “correct” thinking, and I don’t think that Republicans and Libertarians can convince the left to subscribe to the idea of basing opinions on facts and reasoning either. My solution is to have areas committed to particular ideologies.

Traditionally, Texas was a right leaning state. However, due to all of the migrations of West Coast people to other states (often for tech jobs) the state of Texas will eventually turn left. There are many states that are swing states whose political future is uncertain.

I think it might be easier to have parts of states (rather than entire states) with well defined boundaries define themselves into one of several categories. Far left, soft left, moderate, soft right, hard right, libertarian, green, lenient on drugs, lenient on felons, white is right, black is right, or uncategorized. This way people could choose to live in areas where others share their sensibilities in some basic ways. That would eliminate clash.

Additionally, it would make sense if these “areas” had constitutions that hardcode specific types of policies in a way that cannot be undone unless they got a 90% vote. The left leaning areas could mandate a minimum wage equal to exactly half of whatever the median income in that area was. The right leaning areas could have a ban on minimum wage and no rules for registering firearms. The green zones could require that a particular percentage of their energy come from particular sources, and that could be programmed to gradually evolve to a higher percentage over time. The “Black is Right” areas could cater to black business ownership. The white is right area could cater to creating better BBQ sauces. Additionally the left leaning areas could keep schools closed 11 months a year if God forbid there is a disease that only kills the elderly — that makes sense, right?

Using this system, although we still might disagree about Federal leadership, at least we would be somewhat on the same page with our neighbors. And if you don’t like the basic policies of one type of areas, rather than voting to change it, you could move to another area that supports your ideology. Perhaps over time there could be different variations on policies in the various states so you could get that perfect mix of policies in some particular place.

For me, I love Los Angeles, so even though politically it is opposite of what I believe in, at least the weather is good and there is great food and lots of activities. And the things I don’t like about Los Angeles are mostly nationwide problems. The only way to escape wokism is to move to Wyoming or South Dakota and there is not a whole lot going on there.

The Lakota people believe that tribal or clan decisions should have unanimous consent. That way you function as a people. Those who cannot go along with the group traditionally broke off and created their own bands. Although the Lakota clans fought with other tribes, they were on the same page with each other and survived as a nation for hundreds of years. One Lakota elder (the late) Russell Means thinks that the USA cannot survive as a nation because we have no culture, and we are all doing our own thing and have no common ideology. I think he has a point and that point has never been as well understood by myself until today.



  1. The 10th Amendment of the Constitution already covers this. I live in one of the “free” states because our governor stands by the US and State Constitution and enforces those lines. (Pretty funny to post this I have to confirm “I’m not a robot”.

    Comment by Noel — October 11, 2021 @ 7:26 pm

  2. Using the Lakota’s as an example doesn’t track here. As a partially indigenous person, I understand that you don’t always get what you want but you have to respect the leaders, the processes, and the oneness of the people. However, your piece is not about that. Rather, your piece is about if you don’t like the outcomes of the what the many want, then go make your own area and live where people will be like you so you can have oneness there at least. That’s NOT American!!! As a matter of fact, a lot of the problems we see now is based upon decades of people living in areas where the people believe the same things without adverse opinions. It’s this type of isolation of thought or “Group Think” that’s caused the polarization. As a result, you can’t use people who understand that oneness goes for all, (those who agree with you and those who don’t) as your example when you piece is about NOT following that oneness and leaving to make your own. With that in mind, maybe you all should just leave and by Iceland and make your own country. Then we could close up our boarders so none of you get to come back! LOL, Just kidding!!!

    Comment by Richard Jackson — October 12, 2021 @ 12:46 pm

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