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July 10, 2021

The Notary Chip

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This is not the type of chip you eat with salsa. It is a chip that you implant in your brain. It will automatically connect you with what we call, “Universal Notary Consciousness” and it is for your benefit, and for your safety. You will be required by law to have this chip implanted by a doctor, otherwise you would be too risky to have a Notary commission.

This chip will have several functions, all of which are critical to our industry.

1. It will track whether you really meant it when you swore to support and defend the constitution. If you meant it, that is a problem because the constitution defends liberty and was specifically crafted to fight tyranny. If you believe in the constitution or America, you are a potential trouble maker.

California Notary Oath of Office Verbiage
Do you solemnly swear that you will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this State, and that you will discharge the duties of the office of Notary Public in and for said County to the best of your ability? When are you required by law to do Oaths?

2. It will track if you are thinking for yourself, as it can read thoughts. If you are, it will shut your thoughts down.

3. If you need thinking help from UNC or Universal Notary Consciousness, it will help you. That way, if you are in a difficult notarization, that involves giving someone a vaccine, the consciousness will tell you how to handle differences in opinion and help you find the “correct” ideology to promote. The main thing is to assure the signer that the vaccine is good for them and will make them stronger and better. It will help them think in new ways, and make new friends. And it is for the benefit of society to keep others safe from them. And that they would be a risk to society if they didn’t take the vaccine.

You might be thinking, what does being a Notary have to do with vaccinating people? The masks, social distancing, shutdowns, endless rules, vaccines, and social control are all about the same thing — controlling you, demeaning you, and eventually reducing the world population.

But, it will be very hard for people to succeed in their agenda if even 1% of the population stands up for themselves. People are so passive these days. Boys are taught not to be toxic and given drugs if they are. This all leads to a population of sheep who never stand for anything and can be sterilized, put out of work, or murdered through covert means.

The sad news is that Notary chip is already in you. It is called lamestream media and it tells you how to think, and most of the words that come out of your month about meaningful issues are verbatum from fake news — or from Fox news which preaches the opposite. But, few of us have our own thoughts.

So, if you think this article is “scary”, the article is not what you should be afraid about. Go outside your house, looking around, and tell me what you see — tell me what you see is not scary. Not a single person is coughing, not a single person is sick, yet 90% of society thinks we are in a pandemic. Is that not brainwashing? The Notary chip is already in you. Wake up!



  1. Your post is spot-on and cleverly written; definitely worth reading. Unfortunately, it’s true that boys are no longer allowed to be boys, and many folks have truly become sheep being led nowhere. Somewhere George Orwell is smiling and saying, “No one believed me.”

    Good job!

    (I haven’t decided a notary email, yet. I’m still trying to learn everything I reasonably can,)

    Comment by Pam M. — July 17, 2021 @ 12:35 am

  2. Dear Jeremy,

    Wonderfully written!

    In the 1990’s is when we really started to see
    “No checks and balances” in courts.

    We mother’s that lost custody of our children to ex husbands that had overseas accounts with corporation funds , paid judges and attorneys in overseas accounts, not to risk going to jail for tax evasion . Child support is determined by reviewing their personal and corporate IRS filings.

    We mother’s knew then this country had gone to hell If the courts were taking our children as just regular Mom’s, we knew it would get down to “sheep” or chips or whatever you want to call it!

    If I told you this story already,soo sorry to repeat,

    Now it is courts are corrupt
    Doctors and surgeons pays for status to choose them and soo many botched surgeries that 60 minutes did a show on it.
    Police cannot be trusted
    Money over doing what is in constitution!

    This country is printing
    “ funny money”
    And China has become so powerful that it refused any country to come research this so called pandemic
    I call it the start of germ warfare!

    I wish you would consider running for office in some capacity

    I don’t write as well as you and awaiting my 7th operation from a car accident in 2016.
    I cannot even pray anymore or tell friends since it is so absurd! I am still in pain or I would pass!

    Deborah Planet
    This was written just for Jeremy

    Comment by Deborah Planet — October 6, 2021 @ 8:03 pm

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