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June 14, 2021

If you get spam calls from 123notary, why bother me with that?

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Many people think that if they report spam calls that found them on 123notary, that I have a magic button to stop this behavior. There are scam calls too and many people get them. I don’t know who the bad guys are any more than you do. The fact they found you on my directory doesn’t make me any more guilty than you or some random stranger on the street.

I can’t do anything about this. Here is what you can do.

1. Block anyone who is a spammer or scammer calling you for any reason from any source of information.

2. Unlist yourself from public directories in general. It might be hard to get business that way, but it is at least an option.

3. Report the spammers to the FBI. But, don’t report us as guilty because we have no connection to these maniacs. Most of them are not even on American soil.

In short, there is nothing you can do that will lead to any positive conclusion with spammers other than to block them and avoid talking to them. If you reward them by talking to them they will just bother more people. If you reject them right off the bat and don’t give them a chance, then they will stop bothering others.

Some people get bothered by one or two spammers, and then get a legitimate call from me or a client — and they treat me like a spammer just because the last call was a spammer. You need to distinguish what is the difference between a regular call and a spam call.

1. A regular call will call for a purpose, speak grammatical English, not be agitated, or muffled in their tone.

2. A regular call will have administrative access to your account either directly, or will be able to get to me for access to passwords. A spam call will not have that access.

3. A regular call will not ask for money from a complete stranger unless we never talked before when your renewal is due. But, I normally send renewal emails a month or two before calling to make it easier.

If you are rude to me when I call, you will get written up. So, don’t assume someone is a spammer just because the last one was. This problem happens to me once a month and I don’t like false accusations, and I write people up. The reason I write people up for this is because if you treat me poorly, you will treat legitimate clients poorly who call from our directory and that is bad for the overall reputation of my directory with end users.


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