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March 28, 2021

Life after Covid-19 for Notaries

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People in Massachusetts always ask, ‘Is there life after Harvard?” That expression was from the old days when people had a good social life. Harvard folks were mostly upper class folks who didn’t apply themselves too much and enjoyed a good social life. Not anymore, or at least, not as much anymore.

But, what about life after Covid-19? What will it be like? How long will restrictions drag on? Will there be isolated cases? Right now many Notaries are cleaning up because half of the other Notaries refuse to leave their basements. I guess they will be voting for Biden not for his policies, but because they share a common lifestyle. Some Notaries don’t even know what city they’re in either. Looks like they have yet another thing in common.

It is likely that there will be many permanent business closures. Many restaurants are never coming back. I cry every time I pass Benjamin’s restaurant “Beverly Felafel.” He was the best and his food was the best… (sniffle). His gyros had the best lettuce, onions, tomato, sauce, and pita. Nobody else compares. And I met many nice people there too (wimper.) It’s not fair. He was a nice person and a pillar in our community. But, honestly, since he was in the Miracle Mile business with a Middle Eastern place, I think he should have used the term, “Miracle Nile” since he was from Egypt. Maybe if he reopens. I’ll mention that to him.

But, what if there are other restrictions that drag on until there is a vaccine? What if we keep having to wear N-95 masks indefinitely even when no new cases are being reported?

And what about the impending housing crash? Foreclosures can legally start September 1st, 2020. Many people are badly behind on their mortgages. Will the real estate market crash and most houses become worthless?

Another alarming trend is happening. People are leaving poorly managed cities such as San Francisco and New York and heading towards greener pastures in more remote locations such as Tahoe, or North Carolina or Florida. Perhaps housing values in the cities will plummet, but values will skyrocket in get-away spots where people feel safe raising their kids.

What is going on in the world sure is interesting, but it is not so nice to live through it. I’ll have stories to tell my … well not my, but other people’s grandchildren such as the riots that took place in my neighborhood where people burned cop cars and threw fireworks at people and threw stones at windows. All of this a five minute walk from my building. There were helicopters and sirens until about 1am. What a nightmare.

And what is there is a vaccine? Will you need to be notarized to say you got the vaccine or to say you want it or didn’t get it?

Basically, we live in an uncertain and very unpleasant world. I just want to be in nature honestly and distance myself from society by more than six feet. A lot more than six feet. Try 600 miles. It is unclear what will happen. I have some ideas in my head about what could happen. It is interesting to see things unravel. But, the real outcome will not be known until mid 2021 when the dust settles and settles hard.


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