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March 10, 2021

A Notary in Lake Tahoe is cleaning up

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The Notary business has been picking up. But, the hot new destination is Lake Tahoe. People are fleeing from lawless San Francisco headed by London Breed and flocking towards Tahoe. I guess this is what happens when San Francisco is run by London — It’s like colonization all over again.

People are selling homes and getting multiple offers within hours of posting their MLS online. It is a seller’s market and houses are selling for much more than normal. Perhaps if San Francisco ever goes back to normal people will stop evacuating.

Meanwhile in Florida, business is booming with the New Yorkers seeking refuge. It seems that most New Yorkers with salaries above $100K have left the city — perhaps for good. Some have 2nd homes in Connecticut, Jersey, Vermont, but Florida is one of the most popular destinations.

Cuomo was on TV saying, “Come back come back come back — we’ll have drinks, it’s on me… come back.” But, in NY they are having plain clothed policemen at the train stations taking people’s information coming into the city to enforce unconstitutional quarantines. If you want people to come back, why do you make it like a prison sentence to do so? I will never visit New York again, at least not for the next ten years. What a nightmare.

So, if you are a Notary in a destination city, you can make bank right now. It is nice to see Notaries doing well finally.


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