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February 28, 2021

Depression & Paralysis are in the atmosphere & affects Notary business

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Some Notaries say they are super busy. But, many are just slowing down. I feel that depression, fear, and emotional paralysis are in the air in the first part of 2020, and perhaps the second part as well. The whole world basically shut down, and is trying to figure out how to reopen. California reopened and then shut bars and indoor restaurant seating down again. What a blow to our freedoms.

A feeling of sadness and helplessness afflict many. Alcoholism, child abuse, suicide are exponentially higher. Traffic in Los Angeles is at 25% in my area. But, I went to the San Fernando Valley and saw heavy traffic on the 101. This was the first traffic I had seen in months. I just wonder what will become of our economy if nobody is driving. The sky is a little too clear.

Carmen became less active and then suffered a devastating health set back which she can describe to you if she likes. I don’t know the details. I became lethargic because I had no energy. Three months without a massage, and I was juice fasting and hiking too much. My energy was depleted from many different angles. But, now I am building my energy back up and attacking my work. Instead of juice fasting I am doing intermittant fasting where I eat only 8 hours per day and fast the rest of the time. It is easy and leaves me less hungry even though I am having less calories than juice fasting.

I am going to Joshua Tree and Arizona tomorrow. I am writing this July 3rd, 2020 but it won’t be published until long after that just to get perspective.

So, that is how it is. It is critical to remain positive. Some do this by listening to music, walking, hiking, doing happy things, and most important — don’t listen to the news. It’s mostly fake, and will just depress you. Take a media break — as it is called.


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