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December 4, 2020

Lassens Natural Food Market – guilty of three counts of discrimination violating Federal law

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On November 23rd, I visited Lassens Natural Food Market on 710 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036. I have been visiting that store for about a year to get fresh juice, and other health food items. I started going there because our local Whole Foods used to be a fun market where the music was so good that people would dance in the aisles. But, after Covid-19 came to be, they made that particular Whole Foods as similar as possible to a communist gulag (with lots of lines, plexiglass, bossing people around, and misery) and spent a lot of energy nagging their customers about face masks, where to stand, etc. I got so fed up, that I decided to get my juice and supplies somewhere else.

My friend recommended Lassens. They had juice until 8pm and were open Monday through Saturday which is a small problem because I love getting juice on Sundays. Lassens also harassed me on two previous occasions about pulling my face mask above my nose. But, they started out being much nicer. They harassed me once in May and then left me alone until November. I informed Lassens security that I had a heart condition and that it would be too difficult for me to breathe if I wore a face mask above my nose. I pulled it up temporarily the second time but not for long. The fact that I had trouble breathing and had a heart condition was not an acceptable excuse for the staff at Lassens.

But, on my last visit a female guest at Lassens harassed me about pulling my face mask above my nose. I explained I had a heart problem again. She also said that is no excuse and that I had to do it. She followed me to check out where the security guard started harassing me. The lady told me that the fact that I can’t go to any store without suffocating myself is no problem because after all, I could buy online. I am not sure how to get fresh juice online, but the lady didn’t care that I have no place good to deliver groceries and that I refuse to be banned from society without a long and endless fight. So, I told her “f*** you.” The security guard permanently banned me from the store because I said a single bad word to someone who harassed me not once, but was following me around the store to badger me — and when he was also harassing me. I was being ganged up on. So, I paid, picked up my juice and left. After I came home, I was very upset and looked up the law.

Says it is against Federal law to discriminate against someone with a disability. A heart problem that makes breathing difficult when someone puts something in front of your mouth and nose is a mild sort of disability. But, it is not so mild when you get lightheaded and short of breath which happens fast under this situation. Since their security guard was informed that I had a heart condition and trouble breathing with a mask, they knowingly discriminated against me.

Lassens violated Federal law by discriminating against me and telling me (with a heart disability) to either wear a face mask above my nose or leave (when I showed evidence of having trouble breathing). Their excuse for permanently banning me from the store was due to another reason which was petty. People have small tiffs all the time. Nobody gets banned from society for defending themselves from harassment — except at Lassens. Lassen’s stated reason for banning me seems to be a lie, but the discrimination happened on three occasions where they attempted to force me to suffocate myself — or leave. What a bunch of inhumane asses — and they are in the health food business. They are in business to keep me healthy yet try to force me to suffocate myself. Even Dr. Evil wouldn’t go to that extreme… or would he?

So, now I am corresponding with Attorneys and might start a criminal case against these people. I have never felt persecuted in America before, but now I do. If every store followed our executive mask order perfectly I would be banned from society indefinitely for a fake pandemic. I have already reported them to the ACLU, the Police and one Attorney. We’ll see where this leads. Probably nowhere. Perhaps I should protest outside their store and let them know what felons they are!


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