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January 20, 2021

Have you ever done an “in car signing?”

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These days, everyone is afraid of Covid Covid, and nothing but the Covid. There are no longer any other dangers in life. Gaining weight because gyms are closed? No longer a danger. Cancer? No longer a threat, at least not one we discuss. Heart Attacks? If it happens, we’ll claim it happened because of Covid. Covid is also the official new cure for old age. Since it kills almost exclusively the elderly, it is an alternative to dying of old age.

Due to the excessive paranoia, many Notaries are forced to do “in car” signings. Contrary to the idea of Title companies and Attorneys doing “in house” signings, this is the new thing.

Have you ever done one of these? Can you concentrate and do a good job in your car? I did “on trunk” signings. Those are annoying, but if you can’t find parking or afraid of the borrower’s house, you might have to.

Tell us your experience with in car signings. And once more, forget about Comedians in cars getting coffee, now there is Notaries in cars doing signings.


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