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July 21, 2020

How many loans can you sign in one day?

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Things are not busy like they were in 2004. But, it is fun to think about the old days. I think I once signed 11 in a day and that was a record. I started in the late morning and got home at 3am. I had to reschedule a lot of signings and had a few readers who messed my timeline for those down the line that evening. I don’t think I had time to eat either that day.

But, how many signings can you actually do in a day? How many have you actually done? Do any of you have a world record you would like to share? Leave your comments, we would all like to hear.



  1. 6

    Comment by Jerome M Zeiger — August 24, 2020 @ 5:05 pm

  2. How do you get the documents to sign 11 in one day?

    Comment by Barbara — August 24, 2020 @ 5:06 pm

  3. I can and have signed 10 loans in one day.

    Comment by Pamela Bruton — August 24, 2020 @ 5:06 pm

  4. I think 4 or 5 is my record, but I had to drive over 700 miles to do that.

    Comment by Elmer Brinkman — August 24, 2020 @ 5:18 pm

  5. 3 – 5 every day

    Comment by Robert Mahon — August 24, 2020 @ 6:27 pm

  6. It’s almost impossible to do more than 3 especially since I am at the mercy of waiting on docs and I’m an hour away from my home ofc so I cant accept a job and get home and print and review and drive to the signing these people that can do 5/7 a day I just don’t know how they do it let me know your tricks cuz I’m up to doing that many I’d love it

    Comment by Gayle — August 24, 2020 @ 6:33 pm

  7. I’m comfortable with4 to 5 but I have stretches myself 8/9 before. Pretty zombied out afterwards.

    Comment by Monica Shepard — August 24, 2020 @ 7:27 pm

  8. I did 12 on Friday last week…I also did 146 in July…Thxe
    I’ve been averaging 125 plus per month since April…

    Comment by Kent Froblom — August 24, 2020 @ 8:03 pm

  9. I have done at much as 7-8 in a day. It was a crazy day!!

    Comment by CHAR FONVILLE — December 16, 2020 @ 6:09 pm

  10. 3, and I Only take a 3td signing if I have all documents ahead of time. 9AM, 12PM, 3PM. ANY mistakes and you lose your profit having to drive back to fix it. I prefer to charge higher rates, fewer signings, sane $

    Comment by Betty — December 16, 2020 @ 6:22 pm

  11. Any notary that is doing over six to seven closings per day, is either rescheduling, working with a partner, or working in the title company. It is possible but there are to many things that can go wrong, most of the time. My record high was 7, but that was when lender’s sent document a day ahead. And I started out with documents in hands, and stayed out until I was done for the day. Those were the days.

    Comment by Patricia Dodd — December 16, 2020 @ 6:43 pm

  12. 6 comfortably

    Comment by Taza Rogers — December 16, 2020 @ 6:43 pm

  13. 3-5 a day. Anymore than 5 a day is exhausting.

    Comment by Kendra Olson — December 16, 2020 @ 7:02 pm

  14. 14 signings per day I’ve done this three times in the last 16 years
    I do 6 to 12 signings per day in South Orange county.

    Comment by W. Zinn — December 16, 2020 @ 7:15 pm

  15. This is a valuable topic. I’ve always wandered this. I can do four a day, but only if everything goes as planned – which is unlikely.

    Comment by Sarah T — December 16, 2020 @ 7:21 pm

  16. I’ve done 10 – 12 a day quite a few times BUT I do a lot of seller packages, which are small and quick. I do a lot of signings for investors and some times I’m doing 3 or 4 properties at one location. Also cash buyer packages which aren’t as big either. I don’t take more than 3 refi’s a day, unless they’re hybrids. I rarely travel more than 20 miles one way, so all my closings are pretty close.

    Comment by Betty K — December 16, 2020 @ 7:38 pm

  17. I must be terrible. I accepted and scheduled just 3 for one day and ended up bruising my rep because I had to cancel one. Why? Because that title company didnt send the docs until the day of, even though I accepted days earlier..I was already on the road by time they came.Even if I had them in time, 3 would be tops for me. But 7 it 8?.no way.

    Comment by KENNETH MOORE — December 16, 2020 @ 7:48 pm

  18. Unless you have Companies that send the docs ahead of time, the numbers sound very exaggerated. My record is 8 in on day, but two signings had 2 sets of docs each. So that was 6 clients. I spent the entire day out , money making day.m, but exhausting and I wouldn’t do this in a regular basis. Average 3-4 day, but docs are received ahead of time for that to happen.

    Comment by Karen Flores — December 16, 2020 @ 10:08 pm

  19. I can only do 6 per day. I’m older, so 6 is exhausting. But I can do 8 Amrock Hybrids a day without breathing hard.

    Comment by James Morgan — December 16, 2020 @ 11:08 pm

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