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May 19, 2020

Removing shoes to please Asian or Hindu signers. Good idea?

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I read a story in Notary Cafe about a Signing Agent who obliged a signer (perhaps Asian as this is their custom in many Asian countries) by taking off their shoes upon request. The Notary inadvertently stepped on a sliver of glass and bled profusely getting her socks all bloody. The limped out of the signing and had to go to urgent care and get three stitches.

I was part of a Hindu meditation group for years and they would bug or nag-tagonize (new word) the hell out of you if you didn’t remove shoes. But, it can be dangerous to remove shoes. I got so sick of the nagging I started yelling at people nag. Nagging seems to be a basic reflex for people from particular cultures and being forcefully dominant towards them is the only way to get them to stop.

You might get some bacteria that could cause serious foot diseases.
There is a story from Yogananda, the Hindi guru that asked people to wear shoes rather than removing them. One American girl who felt it necessary to follow Hindu tradition removed her shoes anyway and got a bad foot disease as a consequence.

You might also step on something or bang your toe on something resulting in an injury.

The narrow minded folks who want to force or coerce you to remove shoes don’t give a damn about your safety or comfort, they only care about their national or religious customs which come before human dignity and all else. Think twice before you endanger yourself to please some nit-picky folks who only care about cleanliness and tradition – there are bigger things at stake.

So, leave your comments below. Remove shoes or don’t remove shoes — and why.


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