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May 10, 2020

Notaries over 40 – a list of ten things that define your life

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I published another article called Notaries over 50. But, Notaries in their 40’s have issues too. Let’s look at those issues. Most Notaries are older people. That is why we do better on Facebook than Instagram, but that is a different issue. Notaries tend to be women, and tend to be in Real Estate or Lending. Roughly 90% of our Notaries are over 40. Here are some issues you might have in your 40’s if you are a Notary.

1. You burned out in your career and now you want a free-er lifestyle.

2. You are fine but your industry got burned out due to changes in interest rates or other uncontrollable events and decided to become a Notary.

3. Your kids graduated from High School, now you have some extra time and foolishly decided to become a Notary.

4. You got pregnant, and how you need a way to support your (illegitimate) children. oops. That is for Notaries in their 20’s — wrong article

5. Your friends either moved away, ignore you because they are devoted to their careers, or got married and focus on the family and never call you any more. Meanwhile your family is busy dying one by one and you feel more socially isolated than any other time in your life. God, being 40 something sucks!

6. You get a gallstone and seek help from a Chinese herbalist named Qiao. You can spell her name but not pronounce it unless you took high school Chinese and learned Pin Yin romanization.

7. You start getting dizzy for no reason and decide to drink more water.

8. You put more money in retirement than you spend having fun because having fun is no fun anymore now that all your friends have abandoned you.

9. You spend more time reading 123notary’s blog in hopes of enlightenment, entertainment and becoming a master of your craft.

10. You wish signing companies would pay you on time so you send threatening letters which works, but leaves you feeling empty inside thinking — why is life like this? Why can’t they just be decent human beings and pay me?

I hope you enjoyed my list of realistic things that happen as a Notary once you turn forty. Let me know if you have other things you would like to share. Perhaps I could use the comments to write another article.


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