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January 5, 2020

Snapdocs losing business to zigsig, and signingorder.com

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When Snapdocs got popular back in 2015, I thought that was bad news
for us. However, there are other businesses copying Snapdocs’ style
which is bad news for Snapdocs. Fortunately for me, 123notary’s style
of running our directory is less high-tech, and more based on me
having knowledge of the business. Someone can buy into a notary
business or directory, but they cannot buy the knowledge of notary
work or directory analytics that I have. Or so I think…

Copying Snapdocs’ style sounds expensive, but if you have the
programming budget and the technical knowledge you can do it. It looks
like multiple agencies are doing their own version of Snapdocs.

So far, nobody has created anything at all similar to 123notary, at
least based on the behind the scenes working of our directory. Maybe
the angels are protecting me.

I personally do not know anything about those competing with Snapdocs.
I only know what their affect on our business has been. Queries for
lower paying jobs are down on 123notary as a result of Snapdocs. I
don’t know how long they will last, but with the new competition it
will be a lot harder for them. High placed listing sales are also
down, but that is more due to the depressed market of 2014 to
mid-2019. Now things are picking up a bit in late 2019. Perhaps it
will stay busy. The mortgage rate predictions of the experts suggest


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