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January 31, 2012

What is Signature by X or by Mark?

What is a signature by X — What is a Signature by mark?
Please check your state notary rules to see what is allowed in your state.  Many states allow for people to sign by x, or sign by mark. This procedure is generally only for very frail and elderly people who are bedridden.  We have a number of posts about this topic, and we invite you to view these posts to learn about the details regarding how to get a notary for a bedridden signer, and what the procedure is.
Please see these posts for details:
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A tale of four notaries in hospitals – http://blog.123notary.com/?p=463
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Please note that you need 2 subscribing witnesses for a signature by mark.  Also, the signer of the X needs to be able to sign the X without someone moving their arm for them which is sometimes a challenge.  This type of signing normally happens in a hospital room or nursing home where the signer is bedridden.



  1. Could you give me an acknowledgement for a person who signs with an X

    Comment by Nancy Impellizzeri — April 27, 2017 @ 10:48 pm

  2. Although you didn’t touch on it, we All make mistakes. My solution is to always have a 2nd copy of any documents that are signed/notarized. You only have to print out signed pages. I have to be recertified every 4 years and it is very easy to write down the wrong expiration year right after recertification. Yes, I can strike out, initial and date and change it, but it is much better to start over with a clean copy. I have smeared my stamp before on an uneven surface and I know that the vendor/title won’t accept it, so I start over with a clean copy. (Gosh, we always have a great table and terrific lighting at all of our signings.)
    Something else…I prep my notarized documents by filling in the state, county, name of signer(s) according to that document and any other information needed prior to signing by the signer or myself. The document is meaningless if it is not signed by the signer and signed and stamped by me and if the document never gets signed I pack it up with me and destroy it. I have made far fewer mistakes this way. It helps me to be familiar with the document package. We get the razz ma tazz from vendors and title that we are supposed to KNOW their document packages and train to know Their document packages. Requirements change and I don’t have any banks, vendors or title companies paying me to be on retainer. I caught the Signatory attestation on the 4506-T the very first time I saw it. Even when I ask I don’t always get a straight answer regarding signing/dating the Demographic Information Addendum and page 1 of the 1003 for a single borrower, yet I am Wrong if I don’t have it and they want it signed/dated. I print 2, have 1 signed and send both along IF I cannot get an answer. Should we take a survey of how many x NSA’s couldn’t reach anybody at the signing table for help? I Ask about ink color and Demographic information and the 1003 WHEN I get the signing.
    The 1st time I go through the PDF I create a Notepad file where I write down all notarized documents, (how many pages)–(ex.)24/110, the page number and total pages in the PDF. This file has shipping information (FedEx/UPS#/snail mail &$), name, date and location, agreed $, and Order/ID# and I record this in my outgoing mail log that I keep on my computer and copy/paste it on the DAY that I have shipped it. Stupid to lie to yourSELF if you say that you shipped one day but didn’t. I print out my “John Doe Shipping Information, mo-day-year, appt time”, take it with me to the closing (I delete my fee before I print it) so that I won’t miss an entry in my journal. If I have to find any of the documents during a closing I have a page number for it and it makes it easier to find in the signer’s copy, too.
    After printing documents I go through them page by page bc printers can double pull and miss a page, so that ALL of the pages make it to the signing. By the time I leave for a signing I have gone through the documents 4x, maybe 5x and if something looks unusual to ME I have probably caught it. I also go through the documents after signing to check for anything missed, AND I go through them again in my car or I find a place to park not too far away to check. MANY of my signings are an hour or more away drive and I don’t make money driving there twice. So much of this has come about bc of errors I have made and some were easy to make, like the legal sized document in one particular package that had the initial lines practically embedded in the middle of the full page of verbage. It was a local signing and I didn’t catch it until I got home. I also had to do a complete resign in the correct color and you usually Have to ask Black or Blue. Many times the answer comes with the attitude, “Doesn’t everybody do it my way?” As an Independent Contractor that’s ok, but I arm myself so that I can provide the service that they expect from me.

    Comment by betty — March 18, 2019 @ 3:57 pm

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