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October 29, 2019

Was the document lost by Pack N Ship or by Fedex?

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Back in 2012, a package was lost. A notary delivered it to a Pack N Ship place. Personally, I had a box of checks missing from a mail box place. I went straight to the police who couldn’t help. Perhaps they got thrown out. Not sure.

But, I digress. So, the Notary could not figure out whose fault it was — was it Pack N Ship or Fedex who lost the package. Hmmm. If there was Fedex paperwork for the package then there would be more to go on. Tracking numbers can tell a story of how far the package went in many cases.

So, the poor Notary had to go to his 100 year old signer all over again and sign again. What a pain. I bet that took forever.



  1. After almost 15 years….one package that I dropped in the drop box right in front of the UPS Hub….didn’t get to where it was going…evidently, the metal drop box had been broken into at this location and another in downtown location…so they got rid of the metal drop box…I no longer drop in those boxes as there is no way to obtain a receipt for dropping it off…..if a package gets lost it is now on them if you have a receipt for dropping the package off…it is inconvenient but no other way to make certain…..

    Comment by A.C. Dye — November 15, 2019 @ 6:07 pm

  2. I had a package scanned in at a FedEx location with the documents in the pack and the pack showed up at the title company with no documents says the person in the other side of the email. I felt as though the signing company was trying to pull one over me so I sent all the info to my wonderful friend whobhappend to be a lawyer and we sent a demand letter for payment. After receiving the demand letter it was stated that it was a mix up with another notary. Lol and I was promptly paid.

    Comment by Mobile Notary — November 15, 2019 @ 6:30 pm

  3. Hard to say. I suspect Pack N Ship. I stopped dropping at places like that. I never seem to get a straight answer from the ones I have stopped to drop at, AND I have seen at least one of them close up shop, not sure Why. I have not ever had a FedEx or UPS package dropped at: UPS Store, FedEx/Kinko’s or FedEx or UPS Distribution go missing in about 7 years. I DID find a small, letter sized FedEx package once. We have a LOT of drop boxes, pretty much all of them at government offices or banks in our area, and I do have confidence using them, never a package missed. You know how they have FedEx and UPS supplies? I sometimes get greedy and take ALL of the large, plastic envelopes and clear labels from supplies. Recently I get FedEx shipping envelopes home and take them out of my briefcase to put into the filing cabinet drawer in my office and I discover that there is a letter sized, cardboard FedEx package that didn’t make it into the box for shipment. It was labeled for about 2 weeks earlier, so I decided to put it in the box the next day. DH and I had a good laugh, wondering about the phone calls, tracking and anger about why this package never made it…and then it did…our of Nowhere.

    Comment by betty — November 15, 2019 @ 8:01 pm

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