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October 11, 2019

Misogynistic Notary

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There once was a mean Notary who hated women. He wanted all women out of the Notary profession, not because they weren’t biologically suited to the job — but, because he loathed them so.

He constantly wrote letters to the Secretary of State urging them to make life harder for female Notary applicants, but with no luck. The vast majority of Notaries are women and this bothered Frank, our sexist friend. Don’t you love people like Frank? How refreshing.

Every time he went to a husband and wife signing, he ignored the wife and spoke only to the husband. Some of the traditional Saudi signers appreciated that, but the others thought he was mean.. and sexist. The feminists bothered him regularly, but he regarded that as an opportunity to antagonize them back for all the years of abuse he had taken. He was a menace to society.

Finally it all ended when his back hurt. He had to go to someone who specialized in body work who hated women — yes, a misogyny therapist. The specialist started with a foot massage and then legs, arms and back.

And then after that massage, our friend Frank felt relaxed. He walked outside and his eyes met with Martha’s as she was passing by. They fell in love, and then Frank no longer hated women. From that day further… he hated Notaries instead.

Sorry, reads like a bad junior high creative writing assignment gone wrong. I just thought it would be a fun topic to write about.

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