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May 31, 2019

Your number of loans signed just went down?

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When I do welcome calls, I will spend the better part of a day offering our newsletter to people and asking them how many loans they have signed. It is so hard for people to think about how many loans they have signed. Don’t they keep some sort of count? When I was a Notary people used to ask. Of course that was back in what I call the “Pre-Instagram Age.” That is a time not far after the horse and buggy went out of style.

When I ask people by phone how many loans they sign, although the answers are awkward, at least I feel I am getting an honest, but not necessarily accurate number. People are more comfortable telling me how many years they have been signing. But, if you signed one loan per year for ten years, that is equivalent to someone who signed ten loans per day in one day. Which experience is worth more and what does it all mean?

But, when I go through people’s profiles and look at their number of loans signed and it says 5000, and then I call them and ask them how many loans they have signed, the answer usually goes down. I ask because I assume they didn’t bother to update their numbers for a year or two… or six. But, I uncover lies, deception, and deceit when I ask this question. How did we go from 5000 loans down to 1500. Did you sign negative loans over the last six months?

Maybe I should keep track of who the liars are. Hmmm. That might be a longer list than I care to know about.

As always, keep your number of loans signed up to date and if possible — honest and accurate, or as accurate as humanly possible.

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  1. I have no idea what others have or have not done. When I started out in California, a lender called me because I was a notary, period. I did have experience buying and selling real estate, and the offered telephone assistance if I had questions, and then they sent my first package. I did this for three years prior to moving to New Mexico, where I decided to continue signings. There were very few experienced loan signers (if any) and I was immediately put to work. My experience looks like a Bell Curve. I did an average of 30-35 loans per month, and slowly I found myself signing (in those days smaller packages) to an average of 5 loans a day and sometimes working Saturdays and Sundays as well – during the mid 2,000’s.

    Before I knew it, I had signed over 5,000 loans, but I also had eight years experience. To this day I have done well over 10,000 loans quite easily, but my accuracy and dependability have kept me busy and paid better than others. My repeat business is still keeping pace with today’s loan market because I give them what they want. By the way, divide 10,000 by 18 years, and add my three in California for fun. The number of yearly loans signed is not unrealistic at all. And, I have the records to show every loan I have ever signed. Oh, and I still work for the first lender that called me – 21 years ago.

    Comment by Ralph Wedertz — July 7, 2019 @ 10:01 pm

  2. You must be really busy when you have time to canvas notaries as to how many loans they do..

    Comment by Jerry Jarvis — July 7, 2019 @ 11:42 pm

  3. When a Notary has 10 years as a signing agent Hey that is about 3500 days. If being a signing agent is your sole and primary job then the numbers make perfect sense. I have not seen any collegiate or State sponsored census on how many notaries are active after 6 months of receiving their commission, yet somehow I think the “Turnover Rate” of notaries is probably quite high. It is nice to have on a job resume’ and may help a boss or a company to have your commission. That is not working as a full time Notary.

    I have not been a notary that long and it took me 6 months to build a network and start a controllable business (still part time only 3 to 4 signings a week) Simply because I retired at 30 and had to do something or go stir crazy. We all have our war stories and Notary Journals. Mine is new and all electronic so no fibbing allowed. When I see the obvious exaggeration it bothers me because I would hate to see a peer in jail when a lawyer brings up their website or ad and says “You lied then and I say you are lying now”. – True Story.

    Notaries as you say I agree, should be Honest and Accurate as possible and always better under than over; always.

    Comment by Tim Schar — July 29, 2019 @ 4:53 pm

  4. Same here. Started in 1983.

    My record for one day is 14: yes, that was driving to people’s houses!!!!

    I usually just leave estimate at 10K+ but if I recalculated it would probably be closer to 20K.

    Comment by Mary — July 29, 2019 @ 5:36 pm

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