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December 17, 2018

Beginner Notaries 103 — Marketing Your Services

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Chapter 3: Marketing Your Services
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123notary created a popular marketing course called Notary Marketing 102. I highly recommend you read this course from beginning to end. To summarize marketing for newer Notaries, you have to be aware of several things you must do.

1. You need to make your listing on 123notary look complete. This means a thoroughly filled out notes section. Read articles in the “your notes section” category on our blog to learn the secrets. Find a way to get your clients to give you a few reviews. It is easier to get reviews from individuals than signing companies, especially if you email them a link. If you can pas our certification test that would really help too. People hiring notaries want “familiarity with the documents” and our certification test tests document knowledge among other things.

2. You need to have a basic knowledge of loan documents as I mentioned in the first point. Selling yourself without knowing anything will be counter productive.

3. You should really have a good sense of good Notary etiquette. This point is generally overlooked, but it is important if you want to get on the good side of companies.

4. You need to reach out to dozens of signing and title companies. It is not uncommon to get on the list of 200 companies.

5. You need to keep in touch with these companies too.

6. Please understand that companies have their favorite Notaries in each area, and when their favorite Notary loses their good graces with the company, they might need someone new. Companies do not like the idea of hiring someone new, especially if that person lacks experience and knowledge. So, you have to be willing to help them in a jam and jump when they say jump. If you do a good job and are nice, perhaps they will use you again. Try to think of how the hiring party thinks.

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