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December 21, 2018

Genetically Modified Notaries

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I complained so long about how Notaries would not login to their listing or take tests without complaining, I had to call in a genetic researcher. After several months of petri dishes, lab samples and extensive studies, it was concluded that the problem with Notaries derives from a gene — a single gene.

The name of the gene is the “avoidance gene” which has been labeled as CCR63psa which is in the third chromosome. It is the same gene that is often activated in eighth graders who don’t want to do their homework or obey mommy and daddy.

I was relieved when I found out what the solution was. A simple stem cell injection could reduce the problem. Additionally, the bacteria activated by having regular bowls of miso soup effectually “turn off” the avoidance gene.

The deeper issue is, how do you get people with avoidance problems to get stem cell injections or have miso soup? If they are too lazy to login to their listing, they are probably also too lazy to take action to prevent the avoidance problem. It’s like a catch 22.

In any case, I care about the problem and have been reading up on fermented foods like miso as well. In fact, I went to a Japanese restaurant yesterday and asked if they had soup. They said no. I said, “Me so out-a-here!”

Another issue is that eating genetically modified or highly processed foods is also bad for health which tends to lead to lethargy. So, 123notary recommends fresh fruits and vegetables, fermented foods, eggs from time to time, an ounce of nuts per day, and a reasonable amount of salmon and meat as well. Eating well and spending an hour or more per day walking or working out can help you defeat lethargy with the unfortunate caveat that it requires effort and intention. Hmmm. Maybe we better do involuntary stem cell transfers to solve the problem!


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