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March 14, 2018

Notary Marketing 102 – Promoting Yourself

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As a Notary Signing Agent there are various types of marketing you need to understand. Getting new clients is important and the first sixty seconds you talk to them can make you or break you. However, interacting with existing clients matters too. Here are some rules and principles of dealing with existing clients:


1. Get on the lists of as many signing companies as possible
If you are a beginner, 123notary lists many signing companies on our list of signing companies. We also have lists of companies that hire new signers on our blog. They might not pay well, but you can develop some experience working for them. Signing companies will want proof of E&O insurance, background checks, certifications, and a lot of forms to fill out. So get used to supplying information and filling out applications in mass.


2. Get on the lists of title companies too
I’m not sure if title companies will hire beginners, but once you have experience, you can call local title companies one by one and get on their list.


3. Do good work
Obviously as a Notary if you want repeat clients, you need to do good work. You need to be responsive before the job, during and after to ensure good service. You need to get docs delivered on time and answer your phone and email until the rescission date — you are still on call.


4. Keep in touch
If you don’t hear from a company for a month, let them know you are available and willing. Ask them if they have a job in your area today. Keeping in touch keeps you on the front burner of people’s minds.


5. Do a few lower paying jobs for them
If you want to get in with a client, onto the top of their list, working for less is one way to do it. People are tired of Notaries trying to get paid a fair wage (gouging them in their opinion). They want people who stop whining and start working. So, from time to time, it might make sense to do a few not that far jobs for a little less to grease the wheels. After all, there is not that much work out there. I guess that is not what you wanted to hear.


6. Giving small gifts
If you give small gifts or cards to existing clients, that sometimes helps a lot. It gives people a good feeling and gets you remembered. Small food items, cards, gifts, chocolate, 21 year-old Scotch (only if they are really special), etc. I remember that Julie gave me two coupons for one hour free massages over the last two years. I reciprocated by being her loyal client and I gave her a gift too of a Chinese cupping set which is for reducing blood stagnation. The Olympics athletes are using cupping now too. It leaves purple marks on your body for a few days and is great for circulation.


After you finish a job, it is important to send a text or phone call letting them know the tracking number, and where you dropped the package. Good follow up is as important as good work. It shows you are on top of things and care. The minute you have a fancy client and you slack off on the followup, that is a red flag and could cost you.



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